15-block slider

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OBJECT :   transfer the 1 and 3 blocks

Start Game                              End Game

If one were to consider each single block in a single move, there would be 182 steps to this solution. However, by combining pieces that are moving in the same direction in any particular move, one can shorten the number of moves, now resulting with a total number of 90.

In the following 90-step solution below, you'll notice the whole text solution is divided into 6 rows, with 15 steps to each row. When reading the steps, start at the top of the first row to the left [2 E F] -- top to bottom. Work with each row this way until you reach the last step at the bottom of the 6th row [3].

~ The actual sliding blocks are below this . . . for a comparison visual ~

( There is another challenge which I have not displayed:
to transfer the 1 and 3 blocks (as before), but with the remainding 13 blocks . . . . .
. . . . . in exactly the same positions as at the Start Game )

Good luck!