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In real time this event borders between a magic/bar trick and a puzzle,and if executed perfectly, gives the illusion of matter going through matter .
For the illusion to gain the confidence and awe of the watcher, the trick demands that the action be swift, and with smooth follow-through .

For the purpose of gaining an inside look as to how the trick is done, it is best viewed (solved) in slow motion, which is what the following pictures will hope to accomplish .





In real time, the swiftness of the action blinds the eyes as to what is actually taking place:
. . . the subsequent opening, and then closing of the Left-Hand piece to allow the Right-Hand piece to gain separation from the other .

Once in a while, the LH piece will stay open after the execution of the trick .
Hey !   Stuff happens !
Just remember : the trick is to do it swiftly with smooth follow-through . . . not too fast . . . not too slow

 Happy PuzzleTricking!