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Cuckoo Nest

Another Stewart Coffin original made from six hexagonal birch bars with attached dowels, forming a symmetrical cluster .   A higher-level version is called Locked Nest (aka The Monster), with twelve bars instead of six .

Expanding Cube

. . . Stewart Coffin's creation . It was the first copy made .   By sheer gravity design, after initial connection, all the pieces close in towards the center .   One only needs to grasp the puzzle by two of its pieces to start all of them expanding until total disengagement is reached, thus making it a true coordinate-motion puzzle .

3pc Block

I have designed several styles from this original . . .  here

Star of David

A shape-changing puzzle from Stewart Coffin .
Six interlocking, dissimilar pieces of Honduras Mahogany which assemble different ways to form various geometrical figures having an axis of symmetry .   The assembled puzzle has the shape of a symmetrical column with the Star of David as cross-sectional end faces .

Different assembly combinations yield the different shapes .
You can view the solution  here

PinHole   . . . from Stewart Coffin .
So called because the locking mechanism are wooden dowels that set into their complimentary holes .


Made from Hydrastone - a combination of US Gypsum "industrial strength" Portland cement and plaster .
Two-Dimensional combinatorial hexagon puzzle .


Pentangle's version is called 'Wookey Hole' .
Made of Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood & Padauk .