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Chinese Puzzle Rings solutions :
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64 golden discs . . . 584 billion years to complete The Puzzle . . . 13 discs will take 2 hrs, 16min and 31 sec to complete The Great Temple of Creation

The TOWER of HANOI . . . aka ( The TOWER of BRAMAH )
(another place on the Web: "The Panama Cone Puzzle")

This puzzle was first published by Edouard Lucas, a French mathematician .    Under the name M. Claus,   he published,   in 1883,   the puzzle in his four volume book on recreational mathematics,   Recreations mathematiques .    Notice that Claus has the same letters as Lucas,   Claus is an anagram of Lucas .    It is thought that his use of the name "The Tower of Hanoi" was influenced by the French colonial interest in south east Asia .

Another story comes from yet another French mathematician, De Parville, in 1884 .

"In the great temple at Benares,   says he,   beneath the dome which marks the centre of the world,   rests a brass plate in which are fixed three diamond needles,   each a cubit high and as thick as the body of a bee.    On one of these needles,   at the creation,   God placed sixty-four discs of pure gold,   the largest disc resting on the brass plate,   and the others getting smaller and smaller up to the top one .

This is the Tower of Bramah .

Day and night unceasingly the priests transfer the discs from one diamond needle to another according to the fixed and immutable laws of Bramah,   which require that the priest on duty must not move more than one disc at a time and that he must place this disc on a needle so that there is no smaller disc below it .    When the sixty-four discs shall have been thus transferred from the needle on which at the creation God placed them to one of the other needles,   tower,   temple,   and Bramahns alike will crumble into dust, and with a thunderclap the world will vanish ."



Mandarin of the College of Li-Sou-Stian!

(From the box cover of the original Tower of Hanoi puzzle.)

According to  Puzzle Museum , this photograph illustrates a few of the different versions of this puzzle that have been sold commercially over the past 120 years.