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 Hall Of Spiral-Flex Chinese Puzzle Rings owners

The puzzle should start in this position when you hand it to someone else, assuming you have a devilish inclination of watching someone squirm in frustration .   This suggestively forces upon the person to start within that general area, and not the actual starting place .

However, if you're doing the puzzle for yourself, you must get the string to the center . . . . . this is the actual focal starting point .

Pass the string through the crisscrossing stems of the narrow loop .

Continue towards the focal center .

Pass the string through the left-hand eyelet loop at the focal center .

This brings the string within the center, between the two eyelets .

Now you're ready to start the solution !

Bring the string over to the left and behind the narrow loop .
(narrow loop is in front of large round loop)

Pass through area marked by the red circle shown in previous pic.
Go through the large left-hand round loop from front to back .

Pull the string over to the right side .

Continue pulling the string through where the two large loops cross each other, as shown by the circles .

Pass the string through this intersecting of the narrow loop and the right-hand large loop, as shown by the circle .

The string is now free at last !