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Even though the folks at  PuzzleMaster  who did the illustration for the solution, did a very fine job indeed . . . because of the puzzle's inherent stylish curves and tricky shadowing effects -- to also mention some difficult moves along the way, I thought it would further help the solution's visual understanding by employing real photos and several more steps, and much more detailed text description .

I give the folks at PuzzleMaster a great deal of credit for their devoted efforts in the fabrication of all their illustrations for all their solutions .   Without them, I would not have had an easy understanding of how to have finally come this far .

Start position                                         Lift the bottom up to a 90 position . . . . .    
. . . notice the top piece has the keychain loop . . .

. . . . . then twist it 90 towards you

Take the end   90   towards the back   . . . .   the topmost side-bar has to come to the forefront, free from      
                   (away from you)                                                         behind the other's curve

Tilt the top curve of the bottom piece upwards                  pull upwards with the end of the bottom piece
                          to mesh with the top piece

~ This maneuver transfers the linking status from the top piece's bottom curve to its secondary curve ~

. . . . . to approximately a 100 angle, and then pull the end slightly downwards . . . and to the left

Slide bottom piece towards the back                      tilt slightly to the left to get to this position
                    (away from you)

 C O M M E N T S
Here is the critical juncture of your entire solution :

I don't know if all of the castBAROQ puzzles were made in one gigantic 'production run', or if many 'production runs' have been made since their introduction to the rest of the Hanayama cast members, but mine seems to be very snug at this point -- tight, even;   enough so that, a little force is required to continue past this juncture . . . as compared to most of the others that do not .

With your thumb, push the 'secondary' curve of the bottom piece so that it slides past the end of the top piece

Now turn the bottom piece slightly to the left, and then down towards you


Now, here it will seem like you're just going to reverse the preceding move . . . but instead of sliding all the way back, just go back halfway, and turn slightly to the right .

What you should accomplish here is :   to have the tip of the bottom piece's secondary curve clear past the top piece's main structure and 'start' to mesh with the secondary curve of the top piece .

The second picture above shows you what it looks like from the other (left) side .

Pull the end of the bottom piece downwards . . . . . until both pieces are meshed 'whole' with each other .

<<< With your thumb, at the area indicated by the yellow circle, 'push' the end of the bottom piece (towards the back), as this will enable your two pieces to be finally separated .

                      This picture shows the release >>>

The following six pictures show the sequences indicating the separation of the two pieces .




 C O M M E N T S
Congratulations !

Even though the pictures say a lot of themselves, it took a great deal of patience and determination to have reached this point .   Sometimes, trying to understand the text is a good percentage of the problem .