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Although you are able to access and download the instructions that accompany this puzzle on  PuzzleMaster's  website -- with Acrobat Reader -- which is well done in a schematic format, I would like to give you folks the additional benefit of an in-depth, true-to-life picture solution page I've created .   I have thoroughly detailed the movements with good upclose views .   There are several groups of pictures that form a series of movements to capture the exact 'progressive' positions a piece will travel within its puzzle structure, so as not to misinterpret the maneuver being employed .

Take your time and follow the pictures closely .   You should be successful the first time going .

NOTE: Most of this puzzle will be done by holding the #1 piece in your left hand .   Further down this page you will notice that the #3 piece will take its place . . . . . until #2 piece is removed .

The pieces are easily identified by the stamped indentations on both sides of one end of each:
ie . . . one indentation for #1 piece -- two indentations for #2 piece, and three indentations for #3 piece .

This is the starting order : #1 piece on top -- #2 piece in the middle -- #3 piece on the bottom

Swing #3 piece away from you and up . . . . .

. . . . . as it works its way up behind piece #1                             you are now at an 'intersection' .         

      Work piece #3 through the 'intersection'   . . . . .   until it's completely free to hang on the bottom

Start angling piece #3 so that its stamped end works its way up
around the right side of the unstamped end of piece #1

NOTE: as #3 piece is traveling upwards, keep piece #2 angled to the right side . . .
this helps piece #3 to freely work its way upwards

When you reach the halfway point between both ends of piece #1 . . . . .

. . . . . switch ends of piece #3 -- plain end is now shifted over to where the stamped end was

Continue your rotation counter-clockwise so that the plain end of piece #3
will travel pass the stamped end of piece #1

NOTE: at this point, switch the angle of piece #2 so that it now faces to the left . . .
this will help piece #3 to freely continue it's rotation counter-clockwise

                Further continue the rotation . . . . .                                until piece #3 hangs at the bottom
                                                                                                               along with piece #2

Start rotating piece #2 . . . . .

. . . . . so that it will eventually be positioned into the 'intersection'

. . . . . and out through the backside, to fall back down and link with piece #3
You now have the link order as 1,3,2 (top to bottom)

NOTE: Up to this point, you have been working the puzzle while holding the #1 piece in your left hand . . .the next few pictures show holding #3 piece in your left hand (until #2 piece is removed)

If not already, position #1 piece to the right, so that you can fit its 'special slot'
within the 'special notch' of piece #3

             A larger space has been created                       start working piece #2 around the left side of piece #3

Continue traveling upwards . . .                             . . . until you reach the top

Shift the positions of the two ends of piece #2 . . . and turn it to work its way into the 'intersection'

. . . . . and out of the puzzle!

You are now left with only pieces #1 and #3

A closeup look at the fitting of the two 'special notches'              turn both pieces around so that you will be       
                                                                                                holding #1 piece in your left hand again .

Work piece #3 into the 'intersection'

. . . . . and out!