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Although you are able to access and download the  instructions  that accompany this puzzle on  PuzzleMaster's  website -- with Acrobat Reader -- unfortunately, their solution for this particular puzzle is totally confusing, to say the least.

I do give credit to Hanayama for good diagram layouts on a great majority of their solutions, but this one seems to have been missed on the drawing board for clarity.

So, in answer to this dilemma, I've created an in-depth, true-to-life picture solution page. Take your time and follow the pictures closely . You should be successful the first time going .

NOTE: All of the steps in this solution will be done by holding the gold piece in your right hand.

You'll notice that both pieces have internal notches -- the silver one has 4 . . . the gold one has 3. Their shapes are identical, but because the gold piece has one less notch than the silver piece, it's the gold piece that has to remain stationary in your right hand, while the silver piece is maneuvered throughout the solution.

NOTE: The word 'Turn' in the following text will mean . . . to turn the piece on a horizontal plane.

The words 'Tilt' and 'Lift' will mean . . . to turn the piece on a vertical plane.

<<< This is the starting order

Once you've pulled the gold piece away from the silver piece, >>>
hold the gold piece in your right hand

<<< Turn the silver piece . . . left 90

Lift the silver piece up towards you 90 >>>

<<< Turn the silver piece left 90

Tilt the silver piece down, left 90 >>>

<<< Turn the silver piece 90

Turn the silver piece another 90 >>>

<<< Exit the silver piece from the rear of the gold piece

Voila! >>>