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All titles are in alphabetical order

There are 102 solution links on this page
(including the 3 Chinese Puzzle Rings solutions)
(SKOR-MOR link leads to 6 solutions)

Also, a link to another source to a lot more solutions.

 4-band finger ring
( at Puzzle World )

 6 Tabbed Planks

 Alexis' Spiral Dilemma
( spring & ring )


 Balancing Nails

Kumiki style puzzle

 Bill's Baffling Burr
(pseudo-version of)

 Block Slider
( a.k.a. Ching-Foo -- Dad's Puzzler -- Ma's Puzzle -- The Moving Puzzle -- The Flying Puzzle -- George Washington Puzzle
Eskimo Pie -- The Starry Puzzler -- The Leech Puzzle -- Square Root -- Tit-Bits Teaser #5
Most have different configurations: plus or minus pieces, or varied piece combos


 C & U wire puzzle

 cast BAROQ

 cast CHAIN

 cast COIL



 cast DISK

 cast GALAXY

 cast H & H

 cast Harmony

 cast NEWS



 cast RADIX

 cast RING

 cast VIOLON

 cast VORTEX

(KRAZEE)  Checkerboard Puzzle
( Plas-Trix CO. Inc. Jamaica, N.Y.)

Chinese Puzzle Rings :   7 rings
 Binary Solutions     Photo Solutions     Schematic Solutions
( a.k.a. The Devil's Needle -- Patience -- Iron Irritation -- Computer Loops )
( K'niblin Pins -- Gangnails -- Catacombs -- Brain Game -- Dragon Lock
~~ Special 8 rings ~~

 Coated Burr . . . . . level 5

 Corn Puzzle
(Professor Brain's)

 Cowboy's Hobble

(a.k.a. "Super G" -- "Ball & Ring" -- "Triangle")

 CrissCross Cube



 Dad's Puzzler
( a.k.a. Pennant -- Leech Puzzle)

 Danzigs Dilemma

( a.k.a. Ox Yoke -- Wedding Vows -- Puzzletts Amigos -- Puzzletts Chaperone )
( Puzzletts Wicky -- Bridge The Gap -- Loop Puzzle -- Sleeper Stopper -- Zinger )

 Donkey solution
( a.k.a. L'Ane Rouge )

 Double S

 Double W

 Dovetail Burr

( a.k.a. MACE stellation )


( a.k.a. Demon Swirls )
3 pieces of colored polycarbonate plastic


 Extreme Torture (18 moves)
( a.k.a. Gordian's Knot)

 Extreme Torture (69 moves)
( a.k.a. Gordian's Knot)

 Framed Star

 Freedom's Ring

 Giant Pyramid

 Gordian Knot
( a.k.a. Loony Loop)

 HEART slider



 HollowBox Burr


( a.k.a. Handcuffs -- Puzzletts Shackles -- Self Restraint )

 Icosahedron 92
( representative of a Uranium atom)

( a version of Coated Burr )

 Imperial Wizard's Scale


 Japanese Plastic Crystal

 Knot Cross
( Kong Ming Lock Puzzle )

 L-Board Burr

 LiveCube's Double Bar

 Log Puzzle

 Luban Lock Ball

( a.k.a. Poison )

 Lunatic Lock

 Magic Chain
( a.k.a. Linda's Looney Links )

 Magic Square 16-cell

 Marian's P24 puzzle
made by Wm. F. Dreuke & Sons

 Multi-colored 3" plastic ball

'stick/log/crystal' cube

 No Nukes !
( a.k.a. the Titan Beast )

 Nuts & Bolt

 Panic Attack

 Peg Solitaire
33-peg board


 Red Donkey
(a.k.a. Daughter-In-The-Box [Japanese name: hakoiri musume] -- Psychotease Puzzle -- Hua Rong Dao -- Khun Chang Khun Phaen -- Forget-me-not -- L'Ane Rouge Puzzle [French name: Red Donkey] -- Square Root )

 Russian puzzle 1

 Russian puzzle 2

 Saddle The Horses

 Safety Pins
Matter through Matter


 Sheffield Steel 6BB

 SKOR-MOR Geo-Logic puzzles

 Sonneveld 9-pc Burr

( a.k.a. a squirrel's dilemma )

 S.S. Adams 15-block slider

 Star Molecule (Coin Transfer)

 Star of David


 Tangled Latches
( and several other tangled nails puzzles as well)

 Treble Clef


 Tubular Burr Box

 Whiting's Woe
( a.k.a. Plato's Plight -- Plato's Secret -- Philosopher's Stone )
( Philosopher's Knot -- Merlin's Stone -- Cobweb -- Knit Wit )


 ZigZag Knot

Solutions to a lot more puzzles can be viewed  here