Phoenixville Obituaries - 2001

This page contains an alphabetical index of obituaries or funeral notices that appeared in The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA, during 2001. The format contains the following items which are separated by a semi-colon:

  2. FIRSTNAME - This field may also contain the middle initial, title (e.g., Jr, Sr, Dr, etc.), maiden name (in parenthesis), other surnames [in brackets], or nickname
  3. PLACE OF DEATH - When birthplaces are indicated, the format is:
  4. AGE - A zero indicates that the age was less than one year

These obituaries were originally indexed and submitted to The Obituary Daily Times. See their web site for more information on this effort.

Some additional notes:


ADAMS, Robert E;79;East Coventry PA;2001-4-9
ADKINS, Marie S (KULA);82;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-4
ALLISON, Carol E (MILLER);58;Philadelphia PA;2001-3-1
ALTMAN, Eric Richard;46;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-13
ALTMANN, Eric Richard;46;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-15
AMOLE, Sandra F (SIMS);53;Pottstown PA;2001-1-29
ANKEN, David E;58;Rome NY>Kimberton PA;2001-1-13
ARENA, Renee R (FIERRO);58;Norristown PA;2001-12-5
ARTERS, Sherry L (HOISHIK);50;Boca Raton FL;2001-6-27
ATKINSON, Darlene K (RAY);53;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-24


BACHKAI, Frank;92;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-22
BALLOGE, Joseph F;77;Towanencin Township PA;2001-1-30
BARTHA, Alexander;74;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-20
BARTO, Alex R;63;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-18
BAUER, Rosa M "Rose" (ALDERFER);85;Sanatoga PA;2001-7-23
BAUMAN, Kathryn V "Cappy" (HUTMAN);80;Manatawny PA;2001-5-4
BAUMAN, Leonard H Jr;68;Pottstown PA;2001-3-29
BAUMAN, Vitella (GEORGE);95;Sanatoga PA;2001-8-14
BAVER, Edith J (HOWELL);87;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-27
BEARD, Dorothy G (MILLER);88;Pottstown PA;2001-4-11
BECK, Doris H (RAGAN);77;Lock Haven PA;2001-1-4
BECK, Margret C (EDWARDS);85;East Coventry PA;2001-4-9
BECKER, Elizabeth Barbara (VOGEL);88;Pottstown PA;2001-3-8
BEENER, Glenn O;95;Honeybrook PA;2001-8-25
BEITLER, Rita (NEWETT);76;Pottstown PA;2001-6-12
BELL, Marguerite (BOSSERT);85;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-10
BENDER, William A III;83;Kimberton PA;2001-7-2
BENNETT, Anna (SHOEMAKER);72;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-5
BENNETT, Laura F "Mickey" (MISKIEWICZ);84;Spring City PA;2001-11-5
BERGER, Louis B Sr;93;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-7-30
BERMAN, Edith Miller;70;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-4
BERNARD, Joseph J;84;Brooklyn NY>Honeybrook PA;2001-3-12
BERNHARD, Edwrd L;86;Easton PA;2001-8-20
BERNSTIEL, John J;79;Norristown PA;2001-12-12
BERSTRESSER, Alan Roy Rev;39;Coatesville PA;2001-9-13
BICKEL, Josephine P (KRIER);76;Jeffersonville PA;2001-4-3
BIRD, George L Jr;71;Rochester NY>Wynnewood PA;2001-5-2
BLACKBURN, Lizzie E "Betty" (STETLER);75;Pottstown PA;2001-10-6
BLANK, Margaret (COULTER) [MILLER];89;Chester Springs PA;2001-12-24
BLEICH, Deborah Jean;47;Doylestown PA>Clyde NC;2001-9-28
BOAS, Pearl N (ASTHEIMER);85;Spring City PA;2001-2-23
BOHOVIC, Laura M (POLLOCK);80;Limerick PA;2001-11-3
BOLGER, Therese Ann (RIEFFEL);74;Kimberton PA;2001-3-20
BOULAY, Edward S;58;Philadelphia PA>Fort Pierce FL;2001-4-28
BOYER, Robert Anthony;56;Chester Springs PA;2001-7-13
BOZZELLI, Giovine "Jean" (PALMARICCIOTTI);82;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-17
BRADFORD, Marie P (BOETTGER);92;Honeybrook PA;2001-1-11
BRAGG, Curtis C;;Berea OH;2001-7-7
BREIDEGAM, Franklin L;81;Royersford PA;2001-8-14
BRENDLINGER, Curtis J;84;Topton PA;2001-6-14
BRENNEN, Ivan C;87;Reading PA;2001-9-7
BROWER, Everett H "Bud";84;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-15
BROWER, John E;77;Upper Providence PA;2001-3-15
BROWN, Ashly E;15;Paoli PA;2001-10-6
BROWN, Ashly E;15;Paoli PA;2001-10-8
BUCHANAN, Joyce B (EVANS);71;Lexinton NC>Phoenixville PA;2001-11-3
BUCHERT, Delvin L "Sharky";55;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-5
BUCKWALTER, Elizabeth H (HIESTAND);68;Claymont DE>Pottstown PA;2001-5-21
BUCKWALTER, Hildegarde D "Hilda";99;Royersford PA;2001-8-6
BUCKWALTER, Hildegarde D "Hilda" (OTTERSTETTER);99;Royersford PA;2001-8-7
BUFORD, Jean (DAVISON) [BARE];72;Philadelphia PA;2001-4-30
BULLICK, Carmella M (ALEXANDER);70;Royersford PA;2001-1-23
BUONO, Theresa (PALAIA);82;Bryn Mawr PA;2001-9-12
BURGER, Donald B;68;Lower Merion Township PA;2001-11-30
BURRIS, Russell J Sr;62;Cass WV>Phoenixville PA;2001-4-28
BURRIS, Russell J Sr;62;Cass WV>Phoenixville PA;2001-4-30
BURTT, O Reginald B "Rege";77;Pottstown PA;2001-8-16
BUSKI, Charles;65;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-30
BUTTERFIELD, Helen Marie (HENNESSEY);93;Royersford PA;2001-11-19
BYERS, Peter Christopher;75;Portsmouth VA>Phoenixville PA;2001-12-20
BYRNE, Joseph J;;Kimberton PA;2001-5-29
BYRNE, Joseph J;86;Kimberton PA;2001-5-30
BYRNE, Joseph J;86;Kimberton PA;2001-5-28


CAIN, Christine Marie;51;Melrose MA>West Chester PA;2001-3-17
CAIN-OSMUN, Mary A (McEVOY);99;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-18
CAMPBELL, Violet E "Polly" (BERGEMAN);88;Worcester PA;2001-5-17
CANNON-DANS, Peter Joseph;14;Smithtown NY>Coatesville PA;2001-10-25
CAPOFERRI, Albine M "Beanie";80;Pottstown PA;2001-11-10
CAPOFERRI, Americo J "Mickey";75;Pottstown PA;2001-5-4
CAPPER, Walter F Sr;72;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-20
CARD, Michele I (LEVIE);39;Trenton NJ>Philadelphia PA;2001-2-12
CAREY, Agnes E (DONNELLY);92;Sanatoga PA;2001-9-20
CARL, Grace V (CHRISTMAN);88;Kenilworth PA;2001-5-24
CARL, Grace V (CHRISTMAN);88;Kenilworth PA;2001-5-25
CARRINGTON, Gladys (PYKE) [NORTH];89;Dover ENG>Phoenixville PA;2001-11-28
CARROLL, Charles C;84;Paoli PA;2001-8-28
CARROLL, Eugenia (WALLER);;Coatesville PA;2001-12-6
CASAVECCHIA, Mario J;84;East Coventry Township PA;2001-7-16
CAUDILL, Marvin "Jim";70;Bypro NY>Coatesville PA;2001-1-1
CESCHAN, John J;74;Philadelphia PA>St Petersburg FL;2001-9-11
CESCHAN, John J;74;Philadelphia PA>St Petersburg FL;2001-9-20
CHALLINGSWORTH, Dorthea (MILLER);;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-7
CHAPMAN, Lucille V;90;Christiana DE;2001-1-13
CHAPPIE, Douglas A;61;Pottstown PA;2001-6-18
CHICCINO, Anthony C "Chic";32;Norristown PA;2001-7-12
CHITTICK, J Howard;83;Malvern PA;2001-6-12
CHRISTENSON, Gizella (NAGY);92;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-10
CHRISTMAN, Pauline E;77;Camden NJ>Upper Providence Township PA;2001-7-19
CHUDZICK, Irene M (SZIGETY);86;Peekskill NY>North Aurora IL;2001-6-27
CINCIRIPINO, Marie (PILLAR);83;Upper Providence PA;2001-10-27
CLARK, Dorothy E (HANNA);73;San Diego CA>West Chester PA;2001-8-23
CLARK, Ruth Edna (HENNING);75;East Vincent Township PA;2001-8-6
CLARKE, Frances A;88;Cherry Hill NJ;2001-7-19
CLARKE, Frances A;88;North Wales PA>Cherry Hill NJ;2001-7-20
CLARY, Marcia K (LEVENGOOD);56;East Coventry PA;2001-10-29
CLEVENGER, Donald B Sr;68;East Norriton PA;2001-11-6
CLEVENGER, Donald B Sr;68;East Norriton PA;2001-11-7
COATES, Mdeline (KEARTON);90;Croston ENG>Phoenixville PA;2001-5-23
COCCIA, Eileen K (FINNEGAN);48;Limerick Township PA;2001-12-1
COCKERHAM, Gilbert Garfield;78;Garden Grove LA>Paoli PA;2001-12-7
COLDEN, Francis X III;19;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-20
COLDEN, Francis X III;19;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-21
COLDEN, Mary (DUNNE);67;Royersford PA;2001-6-7
COLLINS, Margaret E;89;Pottstown PA;2001-2-24
COLLOPY, Christopher;75;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-1
COLLOPY, Rhea L (FLEMMING);70;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-6
COMO, Albert;79;Coatesville PA;2001-9-4
CONN, Margery (BALDWIN);81;Callicoon Center NY>Coatesville PA;2001-3-5
CONTESTABILE, Louis N;89;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-20
CONTESTABLE, Louis N;89;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-19
CONWAY, Edward J;85;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-20
COPENHAVER, William C;72;Pottstown PA;2001-4-9
COSTELLO, Anne M;90;Pottstown PA;2001-6-6
COX, Linda M (LEVEY);59;Worcester MA>Philadelphia PA;2001-11-7
CRANER, John F;78;Pottstown PA;2001-5-14
CRUZ, Vanessa (CALVO);25;Jersey City NJ>Phoenix AZ;2001-2-17
CULLEN, Marie T (YANNICK);83;King of Prussia PA;2001-1-17
CUNNINGHAM, Margaret (SCOTTIE);67;Phoenix AZ;2001-1-31
CZACKA, Anna M (CHAPAY);82;East Norriton PA;2001-1-30


DALTON, Lewis William;83;Spring City PA;2001-4-23
DANIELS, Pearl J;94;Chester Springs PA;2001-6-5
DAVIS, Annette M (MAYER);99;Honey Brook PA;2001-10-30
DAVIS, Dorothy (CORNISH);82;Paoli PA;2001-4-23
DAVIS, Margaret E (HALLMAN);89;Coventryville PA;2001-1-22
DAVIS, Robert H PhD;74;King of Prussia PA;2001-9-19
DAWES, George N II;65;Philadelphia PA;2001-11-15
DAY, Mildred L (STONER);80;Otisco IN>Phoenixville PA;2001-2-23
DEATER, Elmer D;82;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-1
DEATHERAGE, Doris P (FOREMAN);75;Royersford PA>Freehold NJ;2001-8-31
DEENEY, Donna (KELLY);73;Philadelphia PA;2001-12-10
DeFUSCO, Vincent;88;Pottstown PA;2001-9-18
DeSHONG, Kenneth W;41;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-14
DeSHONG, Kyle W;41;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-13
DeVITO, Anthony S;84;Jeffersonville PA;2001-11-2
DIDDEN, Clarence H Rev;90;Allentown PA;2001-12-10
DIEMER, Gertrude May (GRAF);99;East Coventry PA;2001-12-12
DiGATI, Joseph;77;ITA>Phoenixville PA;2001-1-5
DILLIPLANE, Craig S;19;Collegeville PA;2001-6-20
DIORIO, Gertrude F "Trudy" (TUXBURY);73;Sommerville MA>Paoli PA;2001-11-7
DiTIZIO, Edward A;53;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-20
DOCKERY, Lessie K (PULLIAM);61;Roxboro NC>Phoenixville PA;2001-4-14
DOLINGER, Kathryn (UMSTEAD);89;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-12
DOMIN, Margaret E (WILSON);81;Sanatoga PA;2001-2-28
DOMIN, Steve;85;Pottstown PA;2001-7-13
DOOLEY, Kevin Brian;40;Philadelphia PA>Ft Lauderdale FL;2001-5-30
DRAKE, Lawrence;83;Warrentown VA>Gladwyne PA;2001-9-5
DRENNAN, Bernice W (SHEPARD);72;Richmond VA>Phoenixville PA;2001-8-29
DREVYANKO, Mildred (HAMERICK);88;Wallingford PA;2001-12-5
DRUCKENMILLER, Calra B (SELL);83;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-17
DRUCKENMILLER, Miriam;91;Broomall PA;2001-7-4
DRUCKENMILLER, Ronald H;83;East Coventry PA;2001-3-31
DRUCKER, Frances (KATZ);85;Patterson NJ>Devon PA;2001-6-26
DUFFANY, Barbara A (DELLAQUILA);57;Ardmore PA;2001-7-21
DUFFY, Corinne;88;Pottstown PA;2001-1-23
DYRCZ, Frank W;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-2


EBERT, Norman J;73;Coatesville PA;2001-10-26
EBINGER, Agatha "Hattie" (AGNES);93;ROM>Phoenixville PA;2001-3-6
EDINGER, Arthur R;67;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-11
EDINGER, Florence M (QUAY);64;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-31
EDWARDS, Sharon L (LOUX);41;Quakertown PA;2001-12-21
EHNOT, George P "Iggy";76;Sellersville PA;2001-10-29
ENGLAND, Donna Faye (PLUMMER);42;Holt MO;2001-9-5
EPRIGHT, George G;66;Lakeville PA;2001-10-3
ERB, Richard W;19;Royersford PA;2001-12-11
ESBENSEN, Gertrude M "Trudy" (HINCHCLIFF);66;Norristown PA;2001-12-6
ETLEY, Elva M (HOPWOOD);92;Gap PA;2001-3-22
ETLEY, Elva M (HOPWOOD);82;Gap PA;2001-3-23
EVANS, Dale;88;Apple Valley CA;2001-2-8


FABRIZIO, Mary L (LISOWSKI);83;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-5
FAKETE, Iva M "Sis" (WIDDICOMBE);78;East Coventry PA;2001-4-10
FAKETE, William J Sr;94;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-2-10
FAMOUS, Dorothy M (ACKRILL);84;Schuylkill Township PA;2001-11-7
FAMOUS, George W Jr;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-28
FAULKNER, Harry P Sr;80;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-20
FECAK, Cecilia A (KULA);86;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-20
FECAK, Cecilia A (KULA);86;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-21
FEDCHAK, Carolyn Jane (McINTYRE);63;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-30
FEDORA, John;86;Astoria NY>Paoli PA;2001-5-10
FEDORSIC, John;81;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-7
FERKO, George F "Palsey";70;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-6
FERNANDEZ, Amelia (DIAZ);92;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-6-19
FERRARA, Margaret Alice (VARGO);74;Spring City PA;2001-6-1
FLASHER, Donald D;75;East Pikeland PA;2001-3-6
FORESTA, Kathryn J (TASCIONE);76;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-14
FORESTA, Kathryn J (TASCIONE);76;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-16
FORREST, Edythe W (WOOD);93;South Whitehall Township PA;2001-1-29
FORSTER, Isabel Fidelia (BIGLER);94;Lancaster City PA>Rockville MD;2001-10-27
FOX, John Robert "Bob";67;Boston MA>Phoenixville PA;2001-6-28
FRAKER, Richard Lynn "Dick";81;OH;2001-9-24
FREDERICK, Vincent R;82;Pottstown PA;2001-10-16
FREE, William L II;36;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-15
FREY, Robert F W;63;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-29
FRICK, Mary M (ROSENBERRY);100;East Coventry Township PA;2001-11-8
FRIDAY, Elizabeth (EDWARDS);71;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-3
FRIDAY, Elizabeth E (EDWARDS);73;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-4
FRY, Charles Leroy Jr "Chod";76;East Vincent PA;2001-2-19
FRYER, Dorothy (BELUCH);71;Phoenixville PA>Kissimmee FL;2001-9-18
FUELLING, Eleanor J (GEPHART);70;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-7-24
FUERMAN, Rhea S (FISHER);78;Philadelphia PA;2001-10-26
FULLER, Bobby E;70;Oxford GA>Phoenixville PA;2001-7-6
FULMER, Frank S;64;Spring City PA;2001-4-16


GADONAS, Valeria (ARAPAKIS);84;GRC>Phoenixville PA;2001-3-31
GADZICKI, John A "Dick";74;Bridgeport PA;2001-6-7
GALL, Helen (VOJCSIK);72;Philadelphia PA;2001-3-26
GARBACZ, Mary S (NARKIEWICZ);85;East Norriton PA;2001-3-24
GARRIS, Marion E (BAIRD);97;Lititz PA;2001-9-1
GAUGER, Martin J III;76;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-22
GAZZILLO, Catherine (MENNONA);78;New York NY>Kimberton PA;2001-9-29
GEETING, Donna M (LESH);52;Royersford PA;2001-11-15
GEHO, Girard N;57;Pottstown PA;2001-12-24
GENTRY, Emily Kathryn;15;Madison WI>Coatesville PA;2001-5-7
GEPHART, Donald P Sr;66;Pottstown PA;2001-9-15
GERE, Hilda M (WELDER);88;Topton PA;2001-11-3
GEYER, Hilda C (KIENZI);87;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-30
GIANGIULIO, Josephine E (CONTI);84;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-11
GOALIE, Rose (DiCICCO);95;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-19
GODRI, Mary Louise;53;Wynnewood PA;2001-6-15
GODSHALL, Ruth (YOUNGBLUD);85;Frederick PA;2001-1-10
GOLDBERG, Beatrice (JACOBSON);81;Brooklyn NY>Phoenixville PA;2001-8-22
GOLDEN, Mary Gale (CHEEK);68;Westerville OH>South Coventry PA;2001-8-29
GOLIE, Rose (DiCICCO);95;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-20
GOMBOS, Gustav;87;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-13
GOMBOS, Gustav;87;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-14
GOOD, Benjamin F Sr "Frank";73;Huntingdon PA;2001-8-13
GORACZKO, Walter Michael;85;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-16
GORDON, Nellie (ROWLAND);87;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-13
GORDON, Theresa M;74;Royersford PA;2001-10-9
GOTWALS, Ruth E (WOOD);87;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-14
GOUGH, Patricia A;67;Boyertown PA;2001-11-5
GRABOWSKY, Sophia (ZWIZANSKI);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-24
GRABOWSKY, Sophia (ZWIZANSKI);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-26
GRADY, Kenneth R;65;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-7
GRADY, Kenneth R;65;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-8
GRAHAM, Mary J (McCABE);83;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-20
GRAUER, Eileen S (SUPIOT);60;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-21
GRAUER, Eilen S (SUPIOT);60;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-19
GREENE, Anastasia Eleanor (BYCOSKY);83;Thompson Township PA;2001-12-25
GREGORY, Ruth F (MILLS);79;Elmira NY>Pottstown PA;2001-12-11
GRIFFIN, Richard J Rev;87;Darby PA;2001-3-21
GRIFFIN, Richard J Rev;87;Darby PA;2001-3-20
GRIFFITH, Elizabeth Jane (WINNICK);68;Glenmoore PA;2001-8-29
GRIFFITH, Elizabeth Jane (WINNICK);68;Glenmoore PA;2001-9-1
GRIFFITH, Elizabeth Jane (WINNICK);68;Glenmoore PA;2001-10-2
GRIFFITH, Robert E;89;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-18
GROOVER, Sara B (ADAMS);90;Pottstown PA;2001-8-6
GUBER, Dolores (KEIM);85;Sanatoga PA;2001-6-2
GUEST, Ruth A (HALDEMAN);67;East Nantmeal Township PA;2001-3-27
GUIDO, Dominic J;78;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-23
GULDIN, Carroll Jr "Jack";73;Oaks PA;2001-10-18
GUNTZ, James B;80;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-15


HAERER, Warren C;79;Elverson PA;2001-7-10
HALDEMAN, Edgar S;75;Pottstown PA;2001-4-13
HALL, D Joan (DIETER);69;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-11
HALLET, Margret J (MIKSKEWICZ);73;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-17
HALLMAN, Anna Marie (LISOWSKI);85;Kimberton PA;2001-3-3
HALLMAN, Catherine F;90;Sunbury PA;2001-9-1
HAMORSKI, Joseph J;75;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-29
HANSELL, Irene M (STEINMETZ);75;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-27
HARCLERODE, Florence E (COURTOT);87;Pottstown PA;2001-12-29
HARKIN, Dorothy V (LOCKHOFF) [CORY];83;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-2
HARKIN, Dorothy V (LOCKOFF) [CORY];83;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-3
HARN, James R;46;Philadelphia PA;2001-5-3
HARRISON, George;58;Liverpool ENG>Los Angeles CA;2001-12-1
HARROP, Edgar Jr;78;Phoenixville PA>Gallipolis OH;2001-10-19
HARTNETT, Alice M (IRVINE);89;Kimberton PA;2001-10-18
HAUSE, Horace;83;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-19
HAWES, Michele A (MASTRANGELO);45;Havertown PA;2001-9-28
HEADLY, Pearl N (CORSON);84;Bridgeton NJ>Phoenixville PA;2001-4-30
HEARN, George R;82;Erie PA>For Walton Beach FL;2001-5-4
HEASLEY, James E;72;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-13
HEFELFINGER, William E;65;Pottstown PA;2001-8-13
HEILNER, Butler N;77;Elizabeth NJ>Chester Springs PA;2001-6-22
HEIN, Rita T (WILSON);61;Schuylkill Township PA;2001-11-24
HELLWIG, Philip;91;Norristown PA;2001-4-18
HELVERSON, Martin A;55;Royersford PA;2001-4-17
HENNESSEY, Dorothy H (REIFF);89;Montgomeryville PA;2001-6-11
HENNESSEY, Maria A;100;Honey Brook PA;2001-6-13
HENZIE, Violet (COOCHNEER);86;Malvern PA;2001-4-16
HERITAGE, Alice M (RUSSELL);97;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-30
HIESTAND, Jessie L (FORESTER);97;Brooklyn NY>Schwenksville PA;2001-9-17
HIGHFIELD, Ronald;59;Ephrata PA;2001-11-19
HILTEBEITEL, Anna (BEPPERT);82;Philadelphia PA;2001-2-9
HIMES, Norma L (MILLER);65;Paoli PA;2001-12-17
HINKLE, Doris O (KELLER);71;Quakertown PA;2001-9-10
HIPPLE, Gladys M (YOCUM);86;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-16
HODGSON, Donald R;68;Cumru Township PA;2001-4-12
HOGATE, Elma L;73;Malvern PA;2001-9-14
HOLLENBACH, Phyllis F (BENFIELD);70;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-5
HOOFF, Laura (CLARK);93;Washington DC>West Chester PA;2001-9-14
HORNER, Florence M (LINDERMAN);94;Royersford PA;2001-7-21
HORNER, Mark W;65;Pottstown PA;2001-2-20
HORNING, Helen R (REBER);79;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-30
HORROCKS, Janet L;54;Royersford PA;2001-3-13
HORVATH, Barbara M (BERES);83;Mt Penn PA;2001-12-13
HOSTETTER, Lenus M Sr;86;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-23
HOUCK, Anna Mae (SMITH);75;Gap PA;2001-7-17
HOVANEC, Frank P "Duke";56;Pottstown PA;2001-6-2
HOWARD, Charles D "Skip";71;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-24
HOWE, Donald M "Reds";67;Philadelphia PA;2001-8-18
HRITZ, Mary V (CHERMAK);85;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-10
HRYSIO, Emilia (KACHMAR);78;UKR>North Coventry Township PA;2001-1-24
HUDSON, Mary M "Holly" (MASON);89;Paoli PA;2001-7-14
HUGHES, Betty V (KLIMCHO);88;Pottstown PA;2001-5-22
HULLIHAN, Thomas;38;Pottstown PA;2001-7-7
HUNSICKER, Durell P "Del";87;Pottstown PA;2001-8-8
HUNSICKER, Laura M (BROWNBACK);80;Collegeville PA;2001-2-5
HUNSICKER, Robert L;82;Royersford PA;2001-8-17
HUSTON, Michele A (EMRICH);39;Philadelphia PA;2001-2-3
HUSTON, Michele A (EMRICH);39;Philadelphia PA;2001-2-5
HUZZARD, Donald E;64;North Coventry Township PA;2001-11-14
HYOT, G Beatric (POTVIN);96;Nashua NH>South Coventry PA;2001-2-9


IREY, Dennis E;54;Pinellas Park FL;2001-8-1
IREY, Dennis E;54;Pinellas Park FL;2001-8-2


JANICKI, Antoinette A (TONI);65;King of Prussia PA;2001-1-24
JEITLES, Elizabeth (INCH);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-24
JOBE, Elizabeth E (ROSZA);84;Downingtown PA;2001-12-25
JOBSON, Roseanne A (CUNNINGHAM);76;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-7
JOHNSON, Richard Sr;62;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-19
JOHNSON, Sara M (HENSEL);83;Paoli PA;2001-9-25
JONES, Anna Mae (THOMPSON);74;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-29
JONES, Anna Mae (THOMPSON);74;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-30
JONES, Eileen A (O'NEILL);85;Belfast IRL>Abington MD;2001-1-24
JONES, Hilda A (GAMBLE);99;East Coventry Township PA;2001-10-15
JONES, James K "Buttons";47;Norristown PA;2001-6-15


KALAVIK, Mary A;90;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-14
KANE, Effie;80;Port Charlotte FL;2001-6-26
KANE, Joseph James Jr;73;Lebanon PA;2001-12-6
KANE, Loretta A (TURNER);91;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-6
KARMINSKI, Mary (HASCKO);95;King of Prussia PA;2001-5-2
KATZENMOYER, Richard David;62;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-16
KEATING, Edward J;84;Troy NY>Newburyport MA;2001-10-9
KEATLEY, Jean L (MASH);68;Mercer County WV>Philadelphia PA;2001-2-19
KEEBLER, William H II;52;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-21
KEEFER, Clarence W;83;Limerick PA;2001-6-22
KEHLER, Dale E Rev;83;Philadelphia PA;2001-5-31
KEHR, Don R;68;Fort Smith AR;2001-6-27
KELEMEN, Joseph B;83;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-3
KELEMEN, Joseph B;83;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-2
KELLER, Earl A Sr;93;Spring City PA;2001-6-26
KELLER, Mary H (HARTMAN);89;Edinburg IL>West Reading PA;2001-12-11
KELLMER, Charles W Rev;52;Hazleton PA;2001-2-9
KELLY, James J;78;Paoli PA;2001-12-25
KELLY, Mary J (ABRAHAM) [GREENWOOD];;Coatesville PA;2001-11-3
KELLY, Michael J;75;Kings NY>Linfield PA;2001-5-15
KENDRICK, David A;80;Roanoke Rapids NC>Spring City PA;2001-11-10
KEOTA, Michael Sr;72;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-5
KERCHNER, Lee L;67;Spring City PA;2001-12-15
KERSBERGEN, Thelma Mae (SHANTZ);91;Kenilworth PA;2001-1-22
KEYSER, Eva Westcott (JAMOSKY);92;Jersey City NJ>Sanatoga PA;2001-6-18
KEYSER, Mary A (LAVERTY);96;Pennsburg PA;2001-3-9
KEYSER, William M;48;Royersford PA;2001-6-4
KILROY, Joseph Edward Sr;61;Coatesville PA;2001-12-20
KING, Betty M (HANCHETT);71;Belmont NY>Royersford PA;2001-11-13
KIRKNER, Mary H;80;Pottstown PA;2001-4-25
KIRLAND, Marion E (KOHL);90;Pottstown PA;2001-2-12
KISH, Stephen;71;Norristown PA;2001-2-20
KNOX, Richard S;81;Spring City PA;2001-1-3
KOCH, Robert Russell Sr;87;Birdsboro PA>Overland Park KS;2001-3-14
KOCHU, Lori Ann;40;PA;2001-9-8
KOCHU, Lori Ann;40;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-11
KOCSI, Joseph W;70;East Norriton PA;2001-1-30
KOLB, Helen I (CLEMMER);91;Spring City PA;2001-8-1
KONIOW, Joseph F;77;Norristown PA;2001-1-26
KOTERBA, Frank;82;Clifton NJ>Ancortes WA;2001-3-1
KRAMER, Raymond;67;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-11
KRANTZ, Stella M (COSTELLO);;Pottstown PA;2001-3-26
KRASLEY, James A "Jim";38;Spring City PA;2001-2-9
KRILL, Angeline M "Angie" (SCIALLO);79;Kimberton PA;2001-6-26
KRYDER, Loretta V;88;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-17
KUCHARIK, Betty T (KELEMEN);69;King of Prussia PA;2001-8-20
KUCHARIK, Dennis P;69;Audubon PA;2001-7-17
KUHN, Dagmar S;44;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-16
KULCSAR, June E (KEHLER);63;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-24
KULESAR, June E (KEHLER);63;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-23
KULP, George H;82;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-3
KULP, June P (IRWIN);80;Pottstown PA;2001-1-8


LABA, George;47;Coatesville PA;2001-11-6
LaBANC, Helen (PROKOP);90;Upper Providence PA;2001-11-20
LAIRD, Shirley L (LEITNER);66;Pottsville PA;2001-6-15
LANCE, Irene (BARNHILL);93;Carter County KY>Winchester VA;2001-4-17
LANDIS, Roy S;76;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-21
LANGAN, William T "Bill";75;Pittston PA>Marathon FL;2001-12-20
LANGLEY, Dorothy E;84;Newtown Square PA;2001-3-10
LATSHA, Patricia M "Trish";40;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-22
LAVINE, S Sidney;86;Indianapolis IN;2001-5-3
LAWRENCE, Sophie I (GALLAGHER);73;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-9
LAWTON, M Powell PhD;77;Atlanta GA>Haverford PA;2001-2-2
LEIBY, Francis A Rev;86;Wernersville PA;2001-4-10
LEIGHTON, Martha T (STEINMETZ);83;Royersford PA>Rochester NY;2001-1-22
LENICK, Thomas Patrick;64;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-6
LEWIS, Samuel A "Bud";73;Oaks PA;2001-12-27
LEYRER, Kenneth Jay;55;Elkins Park PA;2001-9-17
LIGHT, Jacob W;0;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-18
LIGHTCAP, Sarah (WYNN);71;Royersford PA;2001-7-26
LIGHTFOOT, John J;73;Dillwyn VA>Phoenixville PA;2001-2-19
LOCKART, Mary I (McAFEE);96;South Coventry Township PA;2001-11-16
LONG, Earnest L "Butch";63;East Coventry Township PA;2001-11-13
LONG, John Kenneth;87;Latty OH>Upper Providence Township PA;2001-1-19
LONG, Margaret E (POLLOCK);86;Honey Brook PA;2001-10-20
LONG, Wayne G Sr;94;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-13
LOUX, Ellamae (CULP);76;Bryn Mawr PA;2001-8-30
LOVELAND, Lavinia A (BURK);91;Mt Holly NJ>Upper Providence PA;2001-9-11
LUTZ, Wayne Franklin;79;Kimberton PA;2001-3-16
LYNCH, Ann M;48;Norristown PA;2001-3-22
LYNCH, Charles;79;Halifax NC>Pottstown PA;2001-10-26
LYNCH, John L III;62;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-20


MACOLLY, Marie C;80;St Louis MO>Phoenixville PA;2001-2-21
MAGYAR, Nellie L (SIERZEGA);81;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-15
MANNING, Margaret "Peggy";59;Norristown PA;2001-7-4
MARCH, Leonard H;77;Coatesville PA;2001-3-3
MARGERUM, Dorothy Q;95;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-7
MARKUS, Frank Phillip Jr;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-13
MAROSEK, Anne C (SWICZSZ);97;NJ>Phoenixville PA;2001-11-19
MARSHALL, John L;81;Pottstown PA;2001-8-7
MARTIN, Alma C (CLARK);77;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-6
MARTYNIAK, Stefan;90;Rikiw UKR>Phoenixville PA;2001-6-26
MASSINGER, William Charles;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-31
MASTRANGELO, Katherine (BREITENBACH);82;Ridgewood NY>Downingtown PA;2001-1-23
MATTA, Richard M Sr "Zeke";74;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-31
MATTIS, Norman D;83;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-10
MAUGER, Helen K (LIGHTCAP);105;Harleysville PA;2001-4-23
MAYBERRY, Alice A;95;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-6-26
MAYOVER, Leon;88;Philadelphia PA>Christiana DE;2001-10-6
McANANY, Frank J;65;Wyndmoore PA;2001-10-13
McARTHUR, Dorothy J (MILLER);69;Pottstown PA;2001-12-27
McAVOY, Thomas Bell III;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-3
McAVOY, Thomas Bell III;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-5
McAVOY, Thomas Bell III;73;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-11
McBRIDE, Alice (EPPRECHT);82;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-1
McCANN, Joseph M;89;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-3
McCLASKEY, Paul L;91;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-4
McCLASKEY, Paul L;91;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-5
McCUSKER, Elizabeth Mary (FOY);89;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-21
McDANIEL, Jean D (BAIRD);73;Sanatoga PA;2001-7-26
McDONNELL, James Joseph;67;Midlothian VA;2001-5-31
McGINLEY, Grace I (KRAUSE);83;Royersford PA;2001-6-13
McINTYRE, Humphrey M;82;Oaks PA;2001-8-6
McKISSIC, Robert E Jr;45;Reading PA;2001-12-17
McMAHON, Nancy E (MYERS);60;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-12
McMASTER, Gerald T;86;Devon PA;2001-6-4
McNAMARA, Josephine R "Jo Ruth";87;King of Prussia PA;2001-2-19
MELCHIORRE, Enea M;72;Gessopalena ITA>Valley Forge PA;2001-8-9
MERCER, Annette J (SCARINGI);65;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-12
METZGAR, Lenore (RITTENBAUGH);87;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-3
MIDGLEY, Fred A;86;Elizabethtown PA;2001-3-8
MILEWSKI, Susan E (DiORIO);46;Philadelphia PA;2001-10-20
MILLER, Ella Irene (BECHTEL);88;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-9
MILLER, Everett L;81;Kennett Square PA;2001-1-16
MILLER, Frank S;91;East Coventry PA;2001-4-21
MILLER, Grace K (KISHBACH);102;Pottstown PA;2001-3-17
MILLER, Mary (JONES) [CALHOUN];89;Reading PA;2001-5-3
MILLER, Mary (JONES) [CALHOUN];89;Reading PA;2001-6-6
MILLER, Mary A (KIRKNER);99;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-28
MILLER, Sarah C (CHRISTMAN);89;East Coventry Township PA;2001-7-16
MILLER, William H;87;Oaks PA>Potomac MD;2001-11-13
MILLS, Pearl A (COLEMAN);92;Easthampton MA>Royersford PA;2001-7-2
MINCARELLI, Osmond Sr;89;Norristown PA;2001-9-17
MINCARELLI, Rose (PICONE);89;Philadelphia PA;2001-8-1
MITTNACHT, Margaret J "Peg";62;Washington DC>Reading PA;2001-3-12
MOLES, George A;75;Audubon PA;2001-9-4
MONAGHAN, Irene E (GOMBOS);72;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-20
MONGELLUZZI, Amelia P "Millie" (NOVAK);75;Norristown PA;2001-5-12
MONTICH, John Jr;86;Milford Township PA;2001-11-5
MOORE, Anthony E Sr;70;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-1
MOORE, Elizabeth O (O'STALFI);92;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-3
MOORE, Elizabeth O (O'STALFI);92;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-5
MOORE, John B;61;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-29
MOORE, Raymond C;50;Phoenixville PA>Wichita KS;2001-3-14
MORGITAN, Joseph B;81;Coatesville PA;2001-11-13
MOROSKI, Frances J (BERTUCCI);76;Philadelphia PA;2001-9-18
MOROSKIE, Frances J (BERTUCCI);76;Philadelphia PA;2001-9-19
MORRISON, Jo Ann (THORPE);76;West Chester PA>Cleveland OH;2001-6-6
MOSSIE, Stella H (JONES);72;Hertford NC>Philadelphia PA;2001-12-29
MOURAR, Dorothy R (LOOMIS);89;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-17
MOYER, Merle H;72;Hudson MA>Spring Township PA;2001-12-4
MUNZ, Dorothy (TROY);87;Kimberton PA;2001-12-25
MURDOCH, Eugene C;75;Reading PA;2001-4-19


NAFZIGER, David S;73;Plymouth Meeting PA;2001-12-17
NAGY, Charles Michael;91;King of Prussia PA;2001-6-4
NAGY, Lorraine (SAMUELS);58;Brooklyn NY>Phoenixville PA;2001-3-8
NAIRNS, Edith M;84;Shamokin PA>Lakewood OH;2001-8-3
NELSON, E Earle Jr;69;Royersford PA>Irvine CA;2001-10-22
NICHOL, Robert John Jr;85;Franconia Township PA;2001-6-9
NORRIS, Dale R;93;Hillsdale MI>Bradenton FL;2001-4-12
NOYES, Gareth H;76;Aroostook County ME>Phoenixville PA;2001-12-3


OBENSHINE, Jacquelyn (STEPP);74;ND>Royersford PA;2001-7-17
O'BRIEN, Robert W;84;Lebanon PA;2001-10-10
OCHS, Paul N;76;Upper Providence PA;2001-4-28
O'CONNOR, Elizabeth (BELLOCK);93;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-5-22
OLEARY, Francis X "Ike";75;Royersford PA;2001-2-6
OLEARY, Francis X "Ike";75;Royersford PA;2001-2-5
OLSON, David;62;Minneapolis MN>Norristown PA;2001-7-21
O'NEILL, Francis J "Frank";63;King of Prussia PA;2001-7-12
O'NEILL, Joseph J;90;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-5
ORTOLANI, Alberta M "Bertie" (DENGLER);83;Lower Pottsgrove PA;2001-3-24


PACKARD, Anita (CLOTHIER);93;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-15
PALI, Julianna (BODOR);87;HUN>Paoli PA;2001-3-10
PALMISANO, Jean T (FORNITO);83;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-30
PANNELLA, Frank M;46;Pottstown PA;2001-9-25
PANNELLA, Rose A (STERCULA);74;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-23
PARRICH, Nelle I (ELMORE);79;SC>Kimberton PA;2001-3-5
PARRISH, Nelle I (ELMORE);79;SC>Kimberton PA;2001-3-7
PARROTTA, Mary Rose (AUGUSTINA);78;Trenton NJ>Lansdale PA;2001-3-13
PASQUINE, Allan H;57;Oklahoma City OK>Philadelphia PA;2001-7-9
PATRICK, John B;59;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-12
PAULSON, Gregory Dean "Greg";45;Madison WI>Malvern PA;2001-6-28
PECK, Robert L;51;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-10
PECK, Sophie (BONIK);71;Phoenixville PA>Abington CT;2001-8-16
PEEPLES, Undine B (BURGET);43;Toledo OH>Phoenixville PA;2001-7-16
PEOWIE, Edward A;81;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-3
PERAMBO, Joseph T Jr;85;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-14
PERAMBO, Ruth (DAROCZY);77;Malvern PA;2001-3-5
PERENI, Joanne P;60;Pottstown PA;2001-12-19
PERERA, Anna M (RAGGAZZINO);73;Phoenixville PA>Atlantic City NJ;2001-9-1
PFITZENMEYER, E Jane (BAKER);76;Coatesville PA;2001-8-25
PICKLES, Mary G (BARKER);67;Wynnewood PA;2001-5-1
PIZZICA, Francis P "Holly";76;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-20
PLATT, Robert I;73;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-5-22
POLEY, Mary Beth (SARRO);41;Pottstown PA;2001-8-6
POLOWAY, Michael;79;Batkiw UKR>Phoenixville PA;2001-4-3
PONGRAS, Frances M (SMITH);88;Phoenixville PA>Somerville NJ;2001-9-15
PONIS, George E "Duke";71;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-19
PONTINO, Marianne P;53;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-14
POPOWSKY, Mary Judith (PICCONI);74;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-15
POPOWSKY, William J;75;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-11
POWELL, Clyde E;82;Pottstown PA;2001-4-2
PRIBULA, Anna (BARNIAK);92;Upper Providence PA;2001-2-24
PUFKO, Andrew M "Sonny";60;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-1
PUFKO, Elizabeth Loretta (YANKOSKI);93;Roebling NJ>Phoenixville PA;2001-12-7
PULLEN, Dorothea R (READ);90;Princeton NJ>Phoenixville PA;2001-2-5
PYLE, Donald P Sr;66;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-2


QUAY, Robert Wendall;78;Phoenixville PA>Cherry Hill NJ;2001-11-20
QUIGG, Pearl (TYSON);90;Lansdale PA;2001-8-24
QUINN, Helen L (DIXON);88;Royersford PA;2001-11-12


RAVIS, Hazel M "Sue" (CONWAY);86;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-13
REAHM, George E;79;Downingtown PA;2001-2-1
REAMS, Rita Louise (KARKOSKA);72;Phoenixville PA>Columbia MO;2001-11-21
RECTOR, Genevieve C (RANISZEWSKI);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-7
RECTOR, Genevieve C (RANISZEWSKI);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-9
REED, Edwin L;81;Pottstown PA;2001-6-7
REESE, Brad Lee;43;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-5
REICHWEIN, Cyril R;64;Norristown PA;2001-2-19
REIFSNYDER, M Phyllis (RAPP);75;Phoenixville PA>McCormick NC;2001-10-3
REITNOUR, Jerald W Sr;46;Allentown PA;2001-4-13
RENNINGER, Grant H;74;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-19
REWIUK, John;86;UKR>Royersford PA;2001-8-10
RHODENBAUGH, Mildred A (ECKERT);75;Royersford PA;2001-10-31
RIESE, Eva (KESSLER);94;Pottstown PA;2001-10-23
ROBB, Laura L (LUTZ);86;Ramsey NJ>Coatesville PA;2001-8-10
ROBB, Laura L (LUTZ);86;Ramsey NJ>Coatesville PA;2001-8-11
ROBERTO, Kathleen (VENEZIA);49;West Norriton PA;2001-2-21
ROBERTS, Adah H;92;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-23
ROBINSON, Dorothy "Dottie" (WALLACE);76;East Palmyra NY>Phoenixville PA;2001-1-12
ROBINSON, Dorothy "Dottie" (WALLACE);76;East Palmyra NY>Phoenixville PA;2001-1-13
ROCK, W Lester "Rocky";86;Stowe PA;2001-2-19
RODE, Kathryn [PRIGG];75;Chicago IL>Pensacola FL;2001-4-21
ROSS, Edgar K III;68;Wagontown PA>Leesburg FL;2001-1-18
ROSSMAN, Nickole Lyn;27;Trappe PA;2001-10-16
ROST, Arthur J;54;Doylestown PA;2001-11-8
ROUSSEY, Charles R Jr "Chuck";31;Philadelphia PA;2001-2-5
ROWAN, Edwin Arthur "Art";87;Quakertown PA;2001-1-23
RUEPPEL, Anneliese A;72;Bussin DEU>Phoenixville PA;2001-1-20
RUSSO, Ethyl Mae (PIGEON);88;Norristown PA;2001-10-24


SABIA, Nina M;71;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-2
SABIN, Novella Jean (WOOTEN);47;Boston MA>Peterborough ENG;2001-5-1
SABOL, Joseph A;;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-27
SABOL, Joseph A;;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-28
SACCO, Alfred F "Happy";80;Coatesville PA;2001-8-10
SANKEWITSCH, Larissa (BELOUS);91;RUS>Norristown PA;2001-12-14
SAVASTANA, Nicholas P;79;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-4
SAVASTANA, Nicholas P;79;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-5
SCHAEFER, Harry Adam III;56;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-21
SCHAEFER, Harry Adam III;56;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-24
SCHLOTTERER, James R Jr;38;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-25
SCHNELL, Jane;77;Paoli PA;2001-10-3
SCHWEINBERGER, Rudolf B F;74;DEU>Norristown PA;2001-2-21
SEACRIST, James G;76;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-12
SEACRIST, James G;76;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-13
SEITLER, Betty (BODICK);81;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-11
SEITZINGER, Charles Nelson "Fink";80;Royersford PA;2001-5-28
SELFINGER, Edward J Sr;82;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-3
SHALKOP, Erma M (FOREMAN);82;Spring City PA;2001-6-13
SHANTZ, Helen M (LATSHAW);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-17
SHANTZ, Margaret M (McHUGH);78;Philadelphia PA;2001-10-20
SHEETS, Georgia Helen (MILLER);77;Jefferson NC>East Coventry Township PA;2001-11-19
SHERRY, Janet;57;IN>Coatesville PA;2001-2-5
SHIFFLER, Donald C;84;Collegeville PA;2001-8-3
SHIFFLETTE, Margaret J (TILLEY);75;Winston-Salem NC>West Chester PA;2001-4-5
SHIVAK, John Victor;68;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-20
SHOEMAKER, Alice (BAUER);82;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-21
SHRONK, Margret W (WILT);95;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-22
SILKNITTER, Donald H Sr "Big Ace";75;Pottstown PA;2001-3-9
SIMES, Barry Lee;49;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-27
SIMMONS, Dorothy (KESSLER);88;Philadelphia PA;2001-11-26
SIMON, George D;79;Drexel Hill PA;2001-1-20
SINCLAIR, Mary V (HOMAND);84;Phoebus VA>Kimberton PA;2001-2-20
SKAPNIT, Ruth A (RILEY);64;Pottstown PA;2001-2-12
SLAVINSKI, John R;92;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-6
SLOBODZIAN, Leon;85;Collingswood NJ> FL;2001-12-13
SLOCUM, Olive M (JOHNSON);97;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-26
SMALL, Marguerite May;92;Lansdale PA;2001-3-13
SMITH, Cora Inez (STOWE);59;Mobile AL>Phoenixville PA;2001-11-2
SMITH, Daniel G;63;Pottstown PA;2001-9-5
SMITH, Desiree Ann (MATTSON);37;Pottstown PA;2001-7-28
SMITH, Joseph A;56;Bryn Mawr PA;2001-11-2
SMITH, Joseph L;68;Screvin GA>Paoli PA;2001-1-25
SMITH, Rose M;85;East Norriton PA;2001-5-22
SNYDER, Clinton W "Duke";68;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-22
SNYDER, Clinton W "Duke";68;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-23
SORBER, Lyndon D;66;Wilkes Barre PA>Tivoli ITA;2001-10-18
SPANO, Thomas A;46;Spring City PA;2001-7-30
SPARE, Ruth (PATRICK);84;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-22
SPIETH, George E;70;Kenilworth PA;2001-9-3
SPINELLI, I Elaine (WILDERMUTH);79;Linfield PA;2001-6-25
SPITZ, Dawn Ann (PODBIELSKI);40;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-10
STAUFFER, Charles J;80;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-30
STEINER, Debbie M (HOOKWAY);39;Limerick Township PA;2001-3-22
STEPHENSON, Joan D (DZEDZY);59;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-15
STIEBER, Gerald A;86;Spring City PA;2001-2-24
STOTT, Blanche L (PALMER);85;Pottstown PA;2001-10-15
STOUDT, Mary K (BERKEY);92;Sanatoga PA;2001-2-23
STROGEN, James W Sr;77;Mont Clare PA;2001-8-7
STROOP, Harold B;85;Singer's Glen VA>Parker Ford PA;2001-11-17
STROUSE, Margaret (FERKO);82;East Norriton PA;2001-11-17
STRUNK, Claude H;83;East Norriton PA;2001-2-7
SUZENSKI, Annmarie R (SCARINGI);74;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-12
SUZENSKI, Donal M;76;Philadelphia PA;2001-9-27
SWYMELAR, George B;52;Elizabethtown PA;2001-6-5
SYPHERD, Harvey C;74;Philadelphia PA;2001-7-7
SZABARE, Michael;85;West Chester PA;2001-2-1
SZABO, Maryjane F (RICHELMER);80;Chicago IL>Pottstown PA;2001-2-22
SZWEDKOWSKI, Marie T (NOVITSKI);76;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-23


TANEY, H Lloyd;75;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-1
TANEY, Neva E (BERTOLET);93;East Coventry Township PA;2001-1-23
TANEY, Thelma T (ETTINGER);92;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-7
TANEYHILL, Rodney M;48;Wynnedwood PA;2001-9-6
THOMAS, Clara A (MERZ);96;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-17
THOMAS, John W;86;Norristown PA;2001-8-7
THOMPSON, Margaret A (GRADY);96;East Vincent Township PA;2001-7-9
THOMPSON, Robert R II;78;PA;2001-2-15
THORTON, Clarence J Jr;49;Philadelphia PA;2001-1-5
THORUM, Jack D;52;East Pikeland Township PA;2001-7-30
TIPTON, Samuel P;67;Downingtown PA;2001-12-18
TOBIAS, Carol M (STROCK);45;Pottstown PA;2001-12-21
TOMCHO, Genevieve (KULESKI);84;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-19
TOTH, Joseph S;80;Phoenixville PA>Westland MI;2001-3-9
TOTH, Joseph S;80;Phoenixville PA>Westland MI;2001-3-28
TRAVIS-BEY, Annie L (LEWIS);89;Devereux GA>Phoenixville PA;2001-5-11
TUCCI, Elvira Ann;62;Queens NY>Spring City PA;2001-11-13
TUDO, Andrew A Sr;86;Malvern PA;2001-7-28
TUROCZI, Marian (VEGSO);89;Abarra HUN>Covington GA;2001-4-17
TWARGOSKI, Anna (NESSPOR);86;Phoenixville PA;2001-9-20
TYLER, Carol Ann (KOWALCZUK);43;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-22
TYSON, Velma B (HARKER);88;Spring City PA;2001-11-19


UEBELHOER, Elsa (HUBER);78;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-26
UPDEGROVE, Gerald "Dale";64;Phoenixville PA;2001-11-15
URBAN, Mary;84;Pottstown PA;2001-11-2
URNER, Mary O (BUSH);80;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-16


VALENTEEN, Sophie (EMERY);98;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-23
VALENTI, Rocco Richard Sr "Rocky";69;Valley Forge PA;2001-3-13
VALENTI, Rocco Richard Sr "Rocky";69;Valley Forge PA;2001-3-14
VALERIO, Michael A Sr "Mickey";69;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-30
van der KOLK, Neeltje (SARLOOS);82;NLD>Abington PA;2001-5-25
VARE, Victor Bradley Dr;84;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-8
VARGO, John;87;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-23
VASCO, Mary D (SPECKHART);82;Allentown PA;2001-6-12
VIOLA, Dominic V Sr;76;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-1
VIRCSIK, Michael;81;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-21
VOLPE, Margaret A (GIAMPIETRO);89;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-11
VOLPE, Margaret A (GIAMPIETRO);89;Phoenixville PA;2001-12-12


WADSWORTH, Julia M;39;Coatesville PA;2001-3-7
WADSWORTH, Julia M;39;Coatesville PA;2001-3-8
WADSWORTH, Kenneth L;90;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-7-4
WALDSCMIDT, Michael David;0;Bryn Mawr PA>Wilmington DE;2001-8-28
WALKER, Jane (GREEN);91;Philadelphia PA>Fremon CA;2001-3-21
WALLACE, Joseph R;58;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-9
WALLACE, Marvin Ray;65;Ansonia PA;2001-7-4
WALLEY, Helen S (SMITH);85;Spring City PA;2001-12-26
WALTERS, Margaret I (FELIENZ);90;Royersford PA;2001-6-18
WALTON, Blair "Judy" (GOLDTHORPE);92;Calverton VA>Philadelphia PA;2001-4-24
WAMBOLD, Richard R "Richie";74;Phoenixville PA;2001-5-17
WANNER, Elizabeth "Debbie" (OBERHOISER);94;New Holland PA;2001-7-30
WANNER, Emma May (MILLER);95;IN>Upper Providence Township PA;2001-1-30
WARREN, Eddie;44;Altoona PA;2001-2-10
WARTENBURG, William J Sr;77;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-12
WASHINGTON, Angela M (PRINGLE);46;Pottstown PA;2001-6-14
WASKO, Margaret A (GARAY);85;Lansdale PA;2001-6-1
WEBER, Bessie B (BRITTAIN);88;Phoenixville PA;2001-4-30
WEBER, Henry Lee;41;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-14
WEGLOS, Sophie M (STEPANIAK);81;Royersford PA;2001-11-5
WEIKEL, Jean (HODGE);76;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-20
WEISS, Lloyd L Rev;90;Pennsburg PA;2001-5-8
WEISS, Richard R Sr;64;Paoli PA;2001-9-29
WELLS, Florence V (PECK);90;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-23
WELLS, Florence V (PECK);90;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-24
WELLS, Ruth Elizabeth [VAN] [ALLEN];92;PA;2001-8-16
WELSH, Anna M (DZURYACHKO);88;Paoli PA;2001-12-19
WENTZEL, Martha Frances (SMITH);90;Sanatoga PA;2001-8-6
WESLEY, Frances (GUTHRIE);91;Pottstown PA;2001-4-7
WESTERMAN, James H;72;Phoenixville PA;2001-2-16
WETZEL, William C;69;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-26
WHITE, Howard;72;Phoenixville PA;2001-7-16
WIJTYK, Stephen;54;Cornberg DEU>Phoenixville PA;2001-8-23
WILKINSON, Harry Grant;89;Pottstown PA;2001-9-7
WILLIAMS, Agnes E (KRAYNAK);79;Pottstown PA;2001-1-29
WILLIAMS, Anne B (DREVYANKO);80;Pottstown PA;2001-1-24
WILLIAMS, Betty E (SIRGENSON);71;Lancaster PA;2001-10-9
WILLIAMS, Malcom;0;Bryn Mawr PA;2001-8-24
WILLIAMS, Maurice;0;Bryn Mawr PA;2001-8-24
WILLIAMS, Mia;0;Bryn Mawr PA;2001-8-24
WILSON, Timothy R;46;Philadelphia PA;2001-7-11
WILSON, Viola Lily "Bonnie" (HALL);94;West Chester PA;2001-10-9
WILT, Lulu J (JACOBS);93;Allentown PA;2001-12-19
WINDOLPH, S Jean;82;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-16
WINNICK, Eugene G;61;Phoenixville PA;2001-6-9
WISELEY, Edward J;64;East Pikeland Township PA;2001-5-23
WISMER, Kevin Lee;45;Pottstown PA;2001-12-24
WOLF, Pearl H (SABOL);85;Harleysville PA;2001-1-20
WOLOSZANSKI, Anna (FEDORA);75;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-24
WOLOSZANSKI, Anna (FEDORA);75;Phoenixville PA;2001-3-27
WONDERLICH, Ruth E (SHANER);100;East Coventry PA;2001-4-4
WOOD, Jeanne (GRAY);81;Detroit MI>Sanatoga PA;2001-11-12
WOODRUFF, Kenneth Leroy;75;Phoenixville PA;2001-8-21


YACULAK, Nicholas;84;Coatesville PA;2001-12-10
YANCIK, Elsie (OROST);84;Phoenixville PA>Gainesville MO;2001-9-21
YANOVIAK, Frank Joseph;71;Phoenixville PA;2001-10-17
YERGER, S Paul;93;Pottstown PA;2001-3-7
YERGER, S Paul;93;Pottstown PA;2001-3-9
YERK, Mary (WENTZ);93;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-8
YOST, Ella D (CHICO);85;Upper Providence Township PA;2001-2-6
YOUNG, John E;66;Springfield IL>Phoenixville PA;2001-12-17
YOUNG, Margaret I (McKAY);72;Hamilton CAN>Buffalo NY;2001-8-17
YOUNG, Thomas K;40;Phoenixville PA;2001-1-20
YOUNGBLOOD, Donald A;74;Sunrise FL;2001-4-26


ZADNIK, Edna Mae (SIMS);63;Mont Clare PA;2001-11-19
ZADNIK, Edna Mae (SIMS);63;Mont Clare PA;2001-11-21
ZEIGLER, Alfred Geyer "Bud";77;Kimberton PA;2001-9-24
ZELES, John E;55;DEU>Blue Bell PA;2001-12-17
ZUREK, Stephen C;78;Coatesville PA;2001-10-16

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