Phoenixville Obituaries - 2003

This page contains an alphabetical index of obituaries or funeral notices that appeared in The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA, during 2003. The format contains the following items which are separated by a semi-colon:

  2. FIRSTNAME - This field may also contain the middle initial, title (e.g., Jr, Sr, Dr, etc.), maiden name (in parenthesis), other surnames [in brackets], or nickname
  3. PLACE OF DEATH - When birthplaces are indicated, the format is:
  4. AGE - A zero indicates that the age was less than one year

These obituaries were originally indexed and submitted to The Obituary Daily Times. See their web site for more information on this effort.

Some additional notes:


ADAMS; Mary Winifred (BROWN);82; Christiana PA; 2003-12-22
ALEXANDER; Mildred L;78; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-17
ALEXANDER; Mildred L (ALEXANDER);78; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-13
ALEXANDER; Susan Jane (KLATT);47; Wichita KS>Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-23
ALLEN; Gerald K;45; Lititz PA; 2003-1-3
ALT; Frederick W;49; Philadelphia PA>Seaford DE; 2003-6-5
ANDERSON; Helen (GUBER);83; Spring City PA; 2003-2-25
ANDREWS; Catherine M (ZELESKI);75; Hazelton PA; 2003-2-17
ANDREWS; Catherine M (ZELESKI);75; Hazelton PA; 2003-2-19
ANDREWS; J Frances (SPARE);88; Tunkhannock PA; 2003-9-5
ANDREWS; Robert J Sr;45; Hazelton PA; 2003-6-9
ARANYI; Ilonka (VRANEK);86; Val HUN>Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-12
ARENA; Samuel L;54; Philadelphia PA; 2003-5-2
ARKER; Alfred;79; Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-17
ARKER; Celia (FEINSTOCK);80; Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-17
ARNEY; Lyda J (GABLE);91; Royersford PA; 2003-9-6
AROSE; Samuel G;79; Frederick PA; 2003-1-9
ATKINS; Richard Glenn "Mr Fred";76; Wilmington DE>Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-16
AUGUSTINE-PINDJAK; Gloria A (MASON);64; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-14
AYERS; Stephen L IV;18; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-3


BACCHI; Joseph E Jr;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-16
BACK; Helen Mae (MILLER);74; Morgantown PA; 2003-6-21
BAKKER; Peter;66; NLD>Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-9
BALICK; Cynthia L (SICA);42; New Milford NJ>King of Prussia PA; 2003-5-29
BANYACSKAY; Joseph F;89; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-6
BAREA; Rafael M Sr;92; Cordoba ESP>Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-10
BARI; Viola J (PEDICONE);86; NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-10
BARI; William J;73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-29
BARI; William J;73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-30
BARKER; Hallie M (WEBB);83; Charlestown WV>Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-11
BARR; Harry B;50; Nesmith SC>Philadelphia PA; 2003-1-25
BARTO; Mary H (NOJOHNUS);88; Frackville PA>LaPlata MD; 2003-8-18
BARTO; Mary V (CARUSO);91; Greenwich CT>North Kinstown RI; 2003-1-29
BASHORE; Mary C (SNYDER);87; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-3-3
BATES; Ellen S (SELSER) [SCHMOLKE];61; East Vincent Township PA; 2003-1-20
BATZEL; Agnes M (PASTVA);63; Sanatoga PA; 2003-9-23
BATZEL; Albert L Jr;83; Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-24
BATZEL; Delma Maxine;54; Pearisburg VA>Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-28
BATZEL; Vincent A "Ping";88; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-6
BAUER; Helen M (McAVINEY);98; West Chester PA; 2003-5-8
BEACH; Marian Ann (GILBERT) [ZITKO];69; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-7
BEARD; Kathleen M (STACK);89; King of Prussia PA; 2003-3-25
BECHTEL; Donald E;83; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-6-18
BEDFORD; Helen E (MILLER);83; New York NY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-12
BELL; Valerie A;44; Ilion NY>Myrtle Beach SC; 2003-5-5
BENDER; Mary R (UMSTEAD);95; Kutztown PA; 2003-3-19
BERGEY; James F;71; Spring City PA; 2003-6-5
BERNARD; Ann C (KOLLAR);59; Slatington PA; 2003-5-13
BERNSTIEL; George K Jr "Bucky";71; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-15
BETRES; Joan M (JUDGE);65; Brooklyn NY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-26
BIEHL; Arthur F Jr;70; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-5
BIELESKI; Catherine;90; Pottstown PA; 2003-12-27
BLAIN; Vera B (WOLFREY);83; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-2
BOBB; Deborah Lynn (STALNECKER);46; Birdsboro PA; 2003-1-30
BOESHORE; Marie T (BICKEL);86; Royersford PA; 2003-9-2
BOETTGER; Elizabeth A (FINKBINER);97; Spring City PA; 2003-7-5
BORTNER; Rebecca M (SCHIAVONE);84; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-27
BOYLE; Maurice Jr "Mike";61; IL; 2003-7-26
BOYLE; Maurice Jr "Mike";61; IL; 2003-7-28
BRENNAN; James E;71; Saint Albans NY>Charlestown MD; 2003-5-23
BRIEL; James Paul Jr; ; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-1
BRITTAIN; Alice R (ORNER);88; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-10
BROWN; Eva (NELSON);93; Brooklyn NY>Norristown PA; 2003-6-23
BROWN; Florence (LEWIS);91; Upper Frederick Township PA; 2003-1-27
BROWN; Frederick E;62; West Conshohocken PA; 2003-3-5
BUCKWALTER; Rosemary (LIGHT);80; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-30
BUCKWALTER-NAGY; Joan (MILLER);69; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-13
BYNDAS; Rose (YANOVIAK);91; Phoenixville PA>Lewes DE; 2003-9-3
BYNDAS; Rose (YONYUNK);91; Phoenixville PA>Lewes DE; 2003-9-2
BYRNE; Mary Ann (ONDER); ; Youngstown OH>West Chester PA; 2003-7-23
BYRNE; Rita M (McCABE);81; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-1


CARFAGNO; Mildred Marie (McCANN);76; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-28
CARNES; Stella Barbara (WOJTON);59; Philadelphia PA; 2003-5-2
CARR; J Patrick;58; Lower Merion Township PA; 2003-2-26
CASSIDY; Sean P;20; Royersford PA; 2003-4-21
CEHULA; Michael J;83; King of Prussia PA; 2003-9-23
CEIANTI; John A;65; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-2
CESANEK; Emil D;85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-7
CHAUHAN; Maniben (PARMAR);97; IND>Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-11
CHERI; David Joseph;0; Bryn Mawr PA; 2003-5-28
CHERI; Steven Richard;0; Bryn Mawr PA; 2003-5-28
CHERMACK; George J;78; Norristown PA; 2003-9-15
CHICARELLI; Anna M (DiVALERIO);89; Pottstown PA; 2003-12-11
CHRISTENSEN; Ruth (SMILEY);83; Kimberton PA>Mountain View CA; 2003-1-20
CHRISTIANSEN; Marius F;89; Goldebeck DEU>Kimberton PA; 2003-10-13
CHRISTMAN; Edith E "Cookie" (WILLIAMS);60; Royersford PA; 2003-6-17
CINCIRIPINO; Ronald R "Cincy";73; Royersford PA; 2003-6-7
CLAREY; Barbara J (LAUGHNER);65; Chester PA>Warrenton VA; 2003-10-9
CLARK; Jean E (DOYLE);79; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-16
CLEMENS; Charles W Jr;58; Spring City PA; 2003-5-14
CLOUSE; Helen Y (YOHN);89; West Lawn PA; 2003-2-12
CLOUSE; Helen Y (YOHN);89; West Lawn PA; 2003-2-13
CLOUSER; Marian (RENNINGER);74; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-6
COATES; Margaret Fonville;90; Birmingham AL>Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-12
COBURN; Andrew J "Sarge";81; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-7-3
COLLINS; Frank Charles "Fritter";56; Kimberton PA; 2003-9-11
COLLINS; Loren L Jr;84; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-28
CONDIT; Austin Bruce;80; West Caldwell NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-27
CONSIDINE; Jane (BYRNE);78; Paoli PA; 2003-12-25
CONTESTABILE; Mary E (FORCE);89; Royersford PA; 2003-8-5
COOK; Harvey James;85; Malvern PA; 2003-11-26
COOK; John Burton;65; Akron OH>Acworth GA; 2003-2-19
COOK-SEMERIA; G Gail (DIVENTI);60; Pottstown PA; 2003-11-4
COSSABOON; Evelyn Marie (TYSON);81; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-2-13
CRESSMAN; Ann;86; Malvern PA; 2003-5-21
CRESSMAN; Clark F;87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-26
CRESSMAN; Clark F;87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-27
CROTHERS; James C;88; Rising Sun MD>Pottstown PA; 2003-2-22
CUSHING; Jane R (MORRISSEY);76; Pottstown PA; 2003-7-9
CZETO; Anna (MISKIV);95; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-29


D'ANDREA; Ida Edith (McGRAY);87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-29
DADDONA; John Carmen Sr;95; Reading PA; 2003-6-25
DAMIANI; Louis T;74; East Norriton PA; 2003-3-25
DAUGHERTY; Mary E (JOWDER) [WEIKEL];88; Lower Pottsgrove Township PA; 2003-7-11
DAVIS; Charles Kenneth;92; Valley Forge PA; 2003-10-17
DAYWALT; Timothy C;38; Doylestown PA; 2003-9-6
DeANGELO; Mary T (CASTENOVA);82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-29
DeBALD; Heidi J;36; Oaks PA; 2003-10-8
DECH; Roy B;55; Reading PA; 2003-3-22
DEEGAN; Paul Sr;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-13
DEERY; Ella M (BAUER);80; Pottstown PA; 2003-4-9
DEERY; Russell Earl Jr;82; Royersford PA; 2003-5-26
DELANEY; Mildred E (SCARGILL);82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-15
DEMETER; Mary E (HORVATH);90; Pottstown PA; 2003-2-25
DENNIS; Alfred D Jr;76; Dresher PA; 2003-2-5
DeSEVE; Eleanor M (SCHAEFER);87; Beloit WI>Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-9
DETWILER; Dorothy M (CHRISMAN);80; King of Prussia PA; 2003-5-12
DETWILER; Dorothy M (CHRISMAN);80; King of Prussia PA; 2003-5-8
DETWILER; Dorothy M (CHRISMAN);80; King of Prussia PA; 2003-5-9
DETWILER; Eleanor (TROUTMAN);81; Frederick PA; 2003-5-14
DiCESARE; Mary V (CHUCK);82; Phoenixville PA>Atlantic City NJ; 2003-12-16
DICKSON; William Denning Shaler;61; Washington DC>Bryn Mawr PA; 2003-4-5
DICKSON; William Denning Shaler;61; Washington DC>Bryn Mawr PA; 2003-4-7
DILKS; James J;78; Haddon Heights NJ; 2003-11-1
DISANTIS; Richard "Paison";75; Newport NC; 2003-5-21
DMYTRYK; Audrey A (WEMETT);65; Coatesville PA; 2003-5-29
DOHERTY; Neil;79; Ballyshannon IRL>Paoli PA; 2003-1-14
DONATO; Margaret R (DiARCANGELO);73; West Chester PA; 2003-3-8
DRABICK; Andrew J "Ace";73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-20
DRABICK; Andrew J "Ace";73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-21
DRABICK; Margaret Mary;79; Philadelphia PA; 2003-5-10
DRUMMOND; Robert E;82; Springfield MO>Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-4
DUDAS; Elizabeth (KOVACS);84; Philadelphia PA; 2003-12-8
DUFFY; Nancy (BYRNE);64; Phoenixville PA>Indianapolis IN; 2003-6-10
DUFFY; Nancy (BYRNE);64; Phoenixville PA>Indianapolis IN; 2003-6-9
DUNGEE; Richard;51; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-27
DUNN; Ricky E;43; Greenville NC>Philadelphia PA; 2003-1-8
DUPREZ; Michel;69; Paris FRA>Valley Forge PA; 2003-4-3
DWYER; Agnes E (TORPEY);94; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-1-6


EBERT; George M;84; Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2003-1-31
EDDINGER; Irma L (BAUER);74; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-24
EDLEMAN; Charles Edwin Jr;84; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-24
EHLING; John A;74; Coatesville PA; 2003-10-15
EHRHART; Virginia;0; Pottstown PA; 2003-7-17
ELLINGER; David Y;89; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-26
EMEL; Alan R;60; Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-22
EMERY; Harold E;86; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-11
EMSWILER; Virgil C Sr;82; Broadway VA>Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2003-3-1
ERB; Deborah C "Debbie";42; Phoenixville PA> TX; 2003-5-28
ESKIE; Mary J (SABOL);90; Collegeville PA; 2003-7-26
EVANS; Doris E (ASHTON);73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-20
EVASEW; Alexander "Alex";85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-13


FAHRINGER; Helen Elizabeth (DYER);98; Spring City PA; 2003-7-16
FAKETE; Helen E D;88; Royersford PA; 2003-5-6
FALINI; Mary A (DiPIETRO);90; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-29
FAVINGER; Harry T "Hen";89; Pottstown PA; 2003-12-6
FEDICK; Anna M (CURRAN);79; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-26
FEDORA; Helen T (GALLO);83; Vineland NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-13
FERKO; Jean S (SOTAK);73; Norristown PA; 2003-7-30
FERRERI; Robert M;19; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-2-8
FETTEROLF; John S Jr;78; Danville PA; 2003-10-28
FEULNER; Rebecca (MANNING);67; Roanoke VA>Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-24
FEULNER; Robert U;77; Philadelphia PA>Valparaiso IN; 2003-11-11
FLETCHER; Sumiko;79; Formosa TWN>Pottstown PA; 2003-2-1
FORCE; John V "Jack";67; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-14
FORCINE; Adeline T (TORELLI);77; Schuylkill Township PA; 2003-11-4
FOSTER; John S;51; Vallejo CA>Charlestown Township PA; 2003-4-10
FOULDS; Thomas R;70; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-12
FOWLER; Emma M (TARN);90; Sanatoga PA; 2003-7-12
FOX; John Julius;51; Phoenixville PA>Johnson City TN; 2003-2-25
FRANCIS; Earl R;83; East Vincent Township PA; 2003-3-10
FRAZIER; Claire J (LAYMAN);75; Paoli PA; 2003-6-2
FRITZ; John X;81; Philadelphia PA>Tampa FL; 2003-2-26
FRYER; Stella (REBER);95; Bethel PA>Columbia SC; 2003-4-11
FUGA; Stephen;71; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-4
FULLER; Mary Rose (KAYSER);85; Brooklyn NY>Pottstown PA; 2003-12-9
FULMER; Beatrice M;74; Pottstown PA; 2003-10-16
FUSCO; Thomas J Jr "Bip";77; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-31


GAGLIARDI; Charles F;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-17
GALIE; Alfred A;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-18
GALLAGHER; Arthur Daniel; ; Severn MD; 2003-5-13
GALLAGHER; Janet E (ALLEN);72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-21
GARDENIER; Charles K;85; Schenectady NY>Pottstown PA; 2003-12-19
GARDNER; Albert W Jr;85; Oaks PA; 2003-2-6
GARRISON; Timothy Clark;42; Philadelphia PA; 2003-4-7
GATLOS; Anna (MATTICS);84; Cleveland OH>Exton PA; 2003-2-12
GAYNOR; Ann "Nancy";62; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-14
GENSEY; Andrew;85; Phoenixville PA>Twin Falls ID; 2003-10-20
GEREMIA; Anne (CIACCIA);86; Providence RI>Port St Lucie FL; 2003-12-27
GERNER; Joseph F;68; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-18
GETZEY; Michael E "Jimmy";75; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-8
GIAMPIETRO; Josephine (CHUCK);78; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-3
GIAMPIETRO; Josephine (CHUCK);78; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-4
GILL; Robert D;78; Pottstown PA; 2003-4-12
GILLESPIE; Marion A;91; Wynnewood PA; 2003-2-25
GIPP; E Eleanor;76; Flushing NY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-11
GLENN; Edith Louis (CLIFTON);93; Chester NC>Pottstown PA; 2003-6-12
GOMES; John Jr;71; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-1
GOTWALS; James E;82; Dillon SC; 2003-11-28
GRAHAM; Harold D;69; Stowe PA; 2003-8-9
GRAY; Charles W Jr "Chick";79; Sanatoga PA; 2003-8-26
GREALEY; Claude W;69; Pottstown PA; 2003-2-7
GREALEY; Mary Jo (SZYMKIEWICZ);76; Sanatoga PA; 2003-3-3
GRESH; Leroy T;90; Pennsburg PA; 2003-6-6
GRIFFITH; Nancy A (CHARLES);82; Spring City PA; 2003-3-1
GRUNKE; Dale C;75; Clear Lake WI>Pottstown PA; 2003-6-3
GUBANICH; Andrew J "Guby";83; Roebling NJ>Kimberton PA; 2003-7-1
GUHL; Shane A;26; Boyertown PA; 2003-2-7
GUIDO; Ida M (FITZCHARLES);71; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-17
GUMPERT; Alvin "Richard";76; Spring City PA; 2003-1-23
GUNTICK; Michael P Sr;79; Linfield PA>Salisbury MD; 2003-1-16
GURCULES; Andrew;80; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-19


HADRICK; S Jane "Janie";78; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-6
HAFNER; Carolyn M (McELROY);38; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-5
HAGOPIAN; Arshavir John;92; Erzurum TUR>Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-2
HAINES; Robert Hause;49; Mont Clare PA; 2003-5-28
HALL; C Robert;72; Sanatoga PA; 2003-1-8
HALPINE; John D "Jack";72; Rutland VT>West Chester PA; 2003-7-22
HAMMAN; S Martin;87; King of Prussia PA; 2003-2-15
HANDWORK; Paul S;83; Pottstown PA; 2003-6-2
HARRIS; Jimmie Glen;70; Braxton County WV>Douglassville PA; 2003-5-29
HARWOOD; Evelyn M (REED);75; Pottstown PA; 2003-2-4
HASSRICK; Marianna K (KIFFE);80; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-23
HAYDEN; Joseph G;52; Pottstown PA; 2003-2-7
HEARN; Sarah A (KEEFER);93; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-4-12
HEATH; Stephen;23; Tunkhannock PA; 2003-1-30
HEATON; Wanda "Winnie" (NOVAK);82; Norristown PA; 2003-6-24
HEISER; Randy J;52; Scranton PA; 2003-8-11
HENNESSEY; George;81; Parkerford PA; 2003-1-13
HENNESSY; Craig W;43; Rye NY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-1
HESSER; Maryann (SHOEMAKER);70; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-22
HICKEY; Janice E (GLEASON);58; Philadelphia PA; 2003-12-16
HICKS; Charles Kimball II;84; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-3-10
HIGGINS; James P;57; Philadelphia PA; 2003-5-13
HILL; Susan Rebecca (ANDRE);84; Alliance OH>Philadelphia PA; 2003-11-3
HILOSKY; Ann (KOMAR);87; Pottstown PA; 2003-1-4
HILOSKY; Ann (KOMAR); ; Pottstown PA; 2003-1-6
HIMES; Eugene Kevin Jr;21; Wyomissing PA; 2003-10-29
HIMES; Mary (MINOSKI);90; Royersford PA; 2003-3-3
HOISHIK; Clara Edna (HAGNER);75; Phoenixville PA>Brooksville FL; 2003-9-4
HOLMAN; Donald W;87; Tucson AZ; 2003-3-19
HOLTON; Franklin L Jr;76; Coatesville PA; 2003-3-5
HOOVER; Miriam (BERRY);77; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-14
HORVATH; Maria (MIKO);72; Sopron HUN>Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-5
HOSLER; Earl M Rev;82; Port Royal PA>Kennesaw GA; 2003-1-11
HOVANEC; George J;59; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-27
HULTZ; Albert George;84; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-20
HUNSBERGER; Erma M (STAUFFER);72; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-6-9
HUNSBERGER; Ray S;68; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-14
HURTER; Mary T (KARPINSKI);83; North Coventry Township PA; 2003-10-7
HUTCHINSON; Frances E (REDWOOD);97; Six Belles WLS>Pottstown PA; 2003-9-11
HYLAND; Catherine Nancy (ANDERSSEN);76; Pilgrims Rest ZAF>Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-22


IDE; Thomas N III; ; Camp Taylor KY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-10
IEZZA; Josephine M (SAVASTANA);85; Coatesville PA; 2003-5-24
INGRAM; Alice E (PLUMLEY);87; East Norriton PA; 2003-12-27
INGRAM; Joy L (BROWN);56; Williamsburg VA>Mt Holly NJ; 2003-3-19


JACKOWSKI; Alice M (MURPHY);81; Grundy Count IA>Royersford PA; 2003-1-11
JACOB; Gerald G "Jake";60; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-12
JAMIESON; James D;79; Whitefish MT>Pottstown PA; 2003-9-6
JARVIE; Ruth E (HOWE);83; Pottstown PA; 2003-9-1
JOBSON; Lawson W Jr;79; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-21
JOGAN; Catherine (YAWORSKY-GOLDYCZ);82; Abington PA; 2003-3-12
JONES; Virginia K (KNAPP);84; Norristown PA; 2003-3-24
JOSEPH; Howard;79; NJ>Jupiter FL; 2003-3-25
JOWDER; Kathleen M (MANTZ);64; Philadelphia PA; 2003-2-19
JUDGE; Dorothy C (DRAPIKOWSKI);68; Philadelphia PA; 2003-8-20


KALTENBACH; Henry R "Hank";78; Phoenixville PA>Nassau Bay TX; 2003-11-6
KAPPENSTEIN; Ernest E;85; Pottstown PA; 2003-6-14
KAUFFMAN; Catherine E (EVANS);91; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-22
KEEN; Inez N;92; Lancaster PA; 2003-5-16
KEMMERER; Jean D (THREN);72; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-17
KESTING; Frank F;84; Mont Clare PA; 2003-6-4
KESTING; Nellie Mae;82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-3
KILPATRICK; John B Jr;55; Spring City PA; 2003-8-4
KING; Marion B (HAMPTON);89; Schwenksville PA; 2003-1-22
KISCH; Stephen T Jr;70; Spring City PA; 2003-4-22
KLENK; Pansy M (YOCUM);92; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-8-5
KLEY; Anna S;85; Lancaster PA; 2003-12-27
KLING; Thomas Carl Jr;73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-10
KLINGAMAN; Robert Forster;75; Baltimore MD>Jeffersonville PA; 2003-6-23
KLINGER; George E; ; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-21
KNAPP; Rose K;95; Dettigen DEU>Fort Wayne IN; 2003-10-10
KOLB; Irene M (MEYERS);65; East Vincent Township PA; 2003-1-11
KOPP; Kathryn C (MILLER);87; Lower Pottsgrove Township PA; 2003-12-1
KOVACH; Mary Louise (HETTINGER);52; Philadelphia PA; 2003-8-13
KOZIKOWSKI; Anna M (CZOP);76; Norristown PA; 2003-2-21
KRING; Florence (JAMES);78; Pottstown PA; 2003-5-12
KRIVULKA; Charles R;61; Schwenksville PA; 2003-7-14
KUCH; Ilse (KIND);99; Staten Island NY>Honey Brook PA; 2003-4-22
KUCHARIK; Joseph C;83; Guttenberg NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-24
KULP; Harold C;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-3
KUNSCH; C Jane (MOSES);52; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-3


LABICK; Walter Sr;72; Norristown PA; 2003-7-15
LANDERS; Rachel Elizabeth [SCHEIBE];20; West Chester PA; 2003-4-14
LANDES; Mari (BAUM);86; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-28
LANUTE; Oscar P Sr;87; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-4-18
LAPE; John J;81; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-4-10
LAUDENSLAGER; Lorraine G (CONWAY);76; Spring City PA; 2003-12-30
LAZORCHICK; John;75; Frederick PA; 2003-2-26
LEAR; Nathaniel Sr;69; Roanoke VA; 2003-7-11
LEARY; Fred F;85; Royersford PA; 2003-10-29
LEBER; Jennifer Jean;23; Philadelphia PA; 2003-11-26
LEIGHTY; Anna N (RUTHS);79; Lake Shore MD>Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-9
LEVIT; Shirley (MEYEROWITZ);79; West Chester PA; 2003-4-15
LEWIS; Margaret V (FREE);88; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-15
LONG; Donald H;77; Coatesville PA; 2003-4-26
LUCAS; Catherine J (STELMACH);84; Royersford PA; 2003-11-7
LUKACS; Stephanie (HARVEY);76; West Palm Beach FL>Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-7
LUTHER; Joseph J Jr;69; Bridgeport PA; 2003-2-24


MacFARLAND; Naomi S (STONG);82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-4
MACY; Deborah E (YODER);48; Washington DC>Pottstown PA; 2003-4-22
MAHONEY; Bertha "Bertie";90; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-27
MAILE; Harry L Jr;61; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-3
MALARKEY; M Janice (GREENLAND);62; Philadelphia PA; 2003-9-9
MALUKAS; Larence F;68; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-17
MANION; John F "Jack";86; Pottstown PA; 2003-6-9
MARCH; Roger G;62; Audubon PA; 2003-9-23
MARTIN; Joanna H (PETRASKY);74; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-7
MARTIN; Lester V "Bud";66; Philadelphia PA; 2003-1-31
MARTINEZ; Joseph R Sr;57; Philadelphia PA; 2003-11-8
MATTHEWS; Gladys L (WENZEL);83; Philadelphia PA; 2003-6-10
MAUGER; Loel (KRONE);71; Lackawanna NY>Pottstown PA; 2003-2-3
MAYBERRY; Marion (WEBSTER);71; Pottstown PA; 2003-4-10
MAZEI; George S;85; Paoli PA; 2003-7-2
McAVOY; Eric Knight;45; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-28
McCANN; Bernard J "Barney";95; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-10
McCARRAHER; A Gerald "Mac";89; Collegeville PA>Fort Myers FL; 2003-12-27
McCASKILL; Myrtrice (WICKER);91; Pinehurst NC>East Vincent Township PA; 2003-1-28
McCAUSLAND; Betty (BLACK);88; Philadelphia PA>Woodbury NJ; 2003-1-10
McGRANAHAN; Nancy (DANIELS);63; Berwyn PA; 2003-8-2
McMEEKIN; Ian;62; Glascow SCT>Philadelphia PA; 2003-6-16
McNAMARA; John P Jr;55; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-9-19
McNAMARA; Rosetta I (FOX);95; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-7-17
MEIL; Israel E "Izzy";90; Scranton PA>Palo Alto CA; 2003-5-24
MELLON; Kathryn S (SKINNER);96; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-12-29
MELRATH; Mildred Elizabeth "Millie";85; Mont Clare PA>Front Royal VA; 2003-1-13
MERKEL; Ann M (IMRISIK);71; Phoenixville PA; 2003-6-10
MEYERS; Rose E (FUNFER);87; Camden NJ>Upper Frederick Township PA; 2003-4-22
MIDDLETON; Edgar W;75; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-8
MIKURAK; Mary A (HOBAN);78; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-3-24
MILLARD; Eleanor E;82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-2
MILLER; Jeffrey W;46; Phoenixville PA>Ellendale DE; 2003-7-2
MILLER; Noreen A (FREDERICK);71; Oak Park IL>Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-30
MILLER; Thelma M (SELLERS);76; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-14
MILLER; Willie James Jr "Big Will";42; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-29
MILLS; Bette T;80; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-2-28
MILLS; Bette T (THOMPSON);80; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-3-10
MINISCI; Janice A (MUCKSAVAGE);45; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-12
MITCHELL; Essie Mae (BROWN);78; Sparta GA>Plymouth PA; 2003-2-3
MITCHELL; Evelyn E (PRIEST);78; Royersford PA; 2003-2-8
MOCK; Andrea F (LEVAN);59; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-6
MOLVIE; Jack A;77; Devon PA; 2003-4-26
MOORE; Huey C;77; Washington NC>Coatesville PA; 2003-2-19
MOORE; John K Sr;71; Phoenixville PA>Loxahatchee FL; 2003-4-9
MOORE; Paul R;77; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-11
MORRIS; Agnes F;91; Norristown PA; 2003-4-5
MOSS; Jean Lois;82; Phoenixville PA>Deland FL; 2003-1-27
MOSS; Jean Lois;82; Phoenixville PA>Deland FL; 2003-1-30
MOSSIE; Raymond Wells Jr "Ray";69; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-6
MOULDEN; Marjorie A (MASON);76; Washington DC>Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-20
MUNGIN; Josephine C (SARNESI);87; Philadelphia PA; 2003-3-25
MUNSHOWER; Eleanor (REUSTLE);85; Philadelphia PA; 2003-12-22
MUSUMECI; Alfred Jr;47; Philadelphia PA>Mount Holly NJ; 2003-1-3
MYCEK; Edward Lewis;84; Coatesville PA; 2003-8-5
MYCEK; Edward Lewis;84; Coatesville PA; 2003-8-6
MYCEK; Gladys Frances (CHUMLEY);82; Danville VA>Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-19
MYERS; Merrill B;81; Royersford PA; 2003-1-10


NASTASE; Anthony S "Tony";46; Chester Springs PA; 2003-1-2
NAUSS; Ruth A (EDWARDS);82; Pottsville PA; 2003-11-11
NEHER; Gary E;67; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-29
NEHER; John II;33; Limerick PA; 2003-8-25
NEHER; John II;33; Limerick PA; 2003-8-26
NEMCHENKO; Klavdia (NOVICHENKO);89; Pottstown PA; 2003-5-27
NEWMAN; Dorothy M (GALAMBOS);73; Phoenixville PA; 2003-7-9
NICHOLS; Violet M (GRUGER);100; South Coventry Township PA; 2003-6-3
NOCE; Domenic F "Chic"; ; Philadelphia PA; 2003-5-13
NURNBERG; Katherine W (LUEDTKE);83; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-12


O'CONNELL; Melissa Ann "Missy";32; Philadelphia PA; 2003-12-12
O'DONNELL; Edward T;82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-10
O'GRADY; Vincent J;63; Manhattan NY>Paoli PA; 2003-8-29
O'MALLEY; William F;86; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-26
ORCUTT; Sara W (WILSON);85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-13
OROSZ; Frank;75; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-25
OSISEK; Frank T;45; Mont Clare PA; 2003-2-22
OWEN; Donald E;77; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-24


PAIGE; Alan M;57; Peterborough ENG>Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-9
PAL; Yolanda H (GECZI);74; New York NY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-3
PALANSKY; Joseph;87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-10
PALANSKY; Joseph;87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-9
PALMER; Marilyn S (STROMGREN);78; Center City MN>Coatesville PA; 2003-1-11
PANCOAST; Richard M;91; Kimberton PA; 2003-1-7
PANDJAK; Rose (ECK);80; Royersford PA; 2003-3-24
PAPP; Linda Lee (GARDNER);47; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-24
PARELLA; Valeria (SZEGEDY);85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-28
PEIFFER; Paul I Jr "Bub";83; Pottstown PA; 2003-7-24
PENNELL; Ruth Elizabeth (ROBINSON);82; Spring City PA; 2003-7-14
PENNELL; Ruth Elizabeth (ROBINSON);82; Spring City PA; 2003-7-16
PEOPLES; Robert H Rev;82; Philadelphia PA; 2003-4-11
PEPPEL; Glenn L;36; Coatesville PA; 2003-10-2
PEPPERNICK; William;87; Coatesville PA; 2003-1-17
PETERS; Grace A (SMITH);72; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-24
PETO; Regina P "Jean" (CRANER);74; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-29
PFLEGHARD; Marianne;92; DEU>Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-20
PLATT; Emily (LANE);86; Crisfield MD>Ephrata PA; 2003-2-21
PLAVCAN; Robert;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-25
PLAVOAN; Robert;72; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-24
PLUMLEY; Florence M (HOOKWAY);96; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-6
POOLE; Julia (VARGO);91; South Coventry PA; 2003-6-2
POTTS; Elizabeth A (GRIFFITH);64; Spring City PA; 2003-9-18
POWELL; George L Jr;69; Phoenixville PA>Atlanta GA; 2003-4-1


QUAY; Ruth D;87; Royersford PA; 2003-11-14
QUINTER; Ralph S;82; Lansdale PA; 2003-7-2


RACZ; Irma Elizabeth (NAGY);94; New York NY>Devon PA; 2003-3-15
RADATTI; Mary (LOLLY);74; Pottstown PA; 2003-1-10
RAJTIK; Florence M (KOVAK);80; Exton PA; 2003-6-25
RAMSEY; James Jr;59; Kingstree SC>Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-15
RAMSEY; Rose M (CALCAGNI);77; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-24
RANSEL; Edith (STEELE);71; Clearfield PA; 2003-3-17
RAY; Edna Marie (GILL);70; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-14
REBER; John R Sr;79; Kimberton PA; 2003-4-12
REES; Maryrose (CRANER);84; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-23
REHBERG; Herman J;97; Creighton NE>Winter Haven FL; 2003-10-27
REINWART; Phyllis M (KING) [KINZINGER];86; Pottstown PA; 2003-2-10
RENISH; John J Jr;68; Bridgeport PA; 2003-8-19
RIGGIN; Barbara Dorothy;94; AUS>Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-5
RISELL; Mary Lou (LUDLOW);60; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-18
RITSICK; George H;17; Roanoke VA>Elverson PA; 2003-8-18
RIVERA; Janet Geraldine (JOHNSON);55; Pottstown PA; 2003-5-2
ROBERTS; Paul E; ; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-9
ROBINSON; George A;68; Meriden CT>Philadelphia PA; 2003-7-14
ROBISH; Margaret L (MINARCIK);90; Lovilia IA>Pennsburg PA; 2003-4-29
ROCKWELL; Harold T;47; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-4
RODRIQUE; Elsie Mae;78; Royersford PA>Salisbury MD; 2003-4-19
ROGALA; Helen D (DOBBS);75; Williamsport PA; 2003-5-3
RONTO; Eugene J;62; Pottstown PA; 2003-6-10
ROSATO; Anna (LAXMAN);86; Hartford CT>Spring City PA; 2003-2-3
ROWAN; Anna (NATTLE);93; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-2-4
ROWAN; Anna (NATTLE);93; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-2-5
RUDDEROW; Barbara A (KACANDA);43; Philadelphia PA; 2003-10-21
RUDINSKI; Nicholas;77; Pottstown PA; 2003-1-23
RUHL; Joyce (KELLEHER); ; Royersford PA; 2003-4-5
RUPPERT; LeRoy Jr;56; Willistown Township PA; 2003-7-29
RUSSELL; Andrew M;19; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-2-8


SAHBA; Shapur;47; IRN>Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-28
SAMILENKO; John;81; UKR>Pottstown PA; 2003-5-26
SAMWORTH; Mary R (HARVEY);73; Elizabethtown PA; 2003-6-2
SANDLER; Joseph;86; Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2003-5-6
SANKEY; Esther Lenora (STROM);83; Pottstown PA; 2003-9-4
SANTANGELO; Veronica "Ronnie" (TOTH);91; Perth Amboy NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-2
SANTANGELO; Veronica "Ronnie" (TOTH);91; Perth Amboy NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-3
SAVAGE; Ellis B;90; North Coventry Township PA; 2003-4-26
SAWICKI; Aleksander;80; POL>West Chester PA; 2003-8-7
SCHALLES; Mamie M (SHUTES);69; Parkerford PA; 2003-10-20
SCHARNBERG; Patricia Colladay;64; Bryn Mawr PA; 2003-5-29
SCHAUBER; Emma M "Schatize" (HANSEN);76; Kellinghusen DEU>Paoli PA; 2003-5-31
SCHENCK; Dorothy L;78; Leigh Acres FL; 2003-8-20
SCHICKRAM; Cynthia P (SWISHER);49; East Vincent Township PA; 2003-3-17
SCHLOTTERER; Jane (SALL);57; San Francisco CA>Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-30
SCHOONMAKER; Freda A; ; Cornwall PA; 2003-1-23
SCHUMACHER; Betty Louise (CARR);72; Alton IL>New London CT; 2003-11-19
SCIOLI; Peter A;58; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-30
SEARS; Ellsworth D;79; Coatesville PA; 2003-5-31
SETZLER; Charles L Jr "Chiz";50; Doylestown PA; 2003-7-19
SETZLER; Joanne Marie (TREICHER);58; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-8
SHAFER; Earl E;86; Paoli PA; 2003-4-30
SHANER; Lawrence Webster;96; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-3-13
SHAPIRO; Joseph S;4; Kemerovo RUS>Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-15
SHARP; Charles E "Jasper";89; Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2003-5-29
SHAW; C James;84; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-6-9
SHEPHARD; Eva M (COOK);78; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-10
SHEPLOCK; Elmer E;74; Pottstown PA; 2003-12-12
SHEPLOCK; Mark E;48; Phoenixville PA>Atlanta GA; 2003-9-4
SHERIDAN; Kenneth P;69; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-8
SHIELDS; G Albert;92; King of Prussia PA; 2003-3-12
SHIMP; Adele Veronica (MARCHESANI);81; Collegeville PA; 2003-2-19
SHOWERS; Virginia H (HART);81; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-15
SHOWERS; Virginia H (HART);81; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-16
SHRAWDER; Ruth R (BRIGHT);91; East Stroudsburg PA; 2003-5-20
SHUSTERMAN; Julia (LATOVICH);87; West Chester PA; 2003-12-22
SHYCH; Anthony;78; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-21
SIKORSKI; Anthony J;81; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-10
SILBERT; William G Jr Rev; ; Mt Airy PA>Providence RI; 2003-12-23
SILLIMAN; Margaret Violet (AYER);82; Cadiz OH>East Coventry Township PA; 2003-12-16
SIMES; Willard "Sie";87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-29
SIMPSON; Emma Lee;62; Union SC>Paoli PA; 2003-5-19
SLATER; Frances E (MOORE);81; Royersford PA; 2003-5-14
SLAWECKI; Anna M (RIESE);79; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-4-29
SLAWECKI; Genevieve A (SOLTYS);92; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-8
SLAYBAUGH; Herman Lewis Sr;77; State College PA; 2003-3-22
SLOAD; Esther I (GRIMSEY);83; West Chester PA; 2003-4-14
SMITH; Donal G Jr;43; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-10
SMITH; Faye R (ROBERTS);75; Pottstown PA; 2003-3-20
SMITH; Robert K "Smitty";63; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-15
SMITH; Robert K "Smitty";63; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-16
SMITH; Sarah R;73; Malvern PA; 2003-4-19
SMOLA; Marge I (HORGAS);62; Pottstown PA; 2003-9-13
SMOLA; Nicholas Samuel;62; Philadelphia PA; 2003-5-28
SNYDER; Herbert N "Duke";73; Elkins WV>Mont Clare PA; 2003-10-15
SOBEL; Rita (QUINN);57; Royersford PA; 2003-3-31
SODASKI; John J Sr;85; Royersford PA; 2003-9-8
SODY; Craig S;19; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-5
SOLOMON; Henry;84; Winetka IL>Chevy Chase MD; 2003-10-16
SOLOMON; Henry;84; Winetka IL>Chevy Chase MD; 2003-10-17
SOLTYS; Chester H Sr;88; Pottstown PA; 2003-4-3
SOUCH; Jean Teresa (BURZACKI);82; Norristown PA; 2003-8-28
SPARANO; Anthony J Sr;60; Norristown PA; 2003-5-20
SPEAKMAN; W Helen (FELTNER);64; Hyden KY>Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-15
STANGER; Adele W (WESTERFIELD); ; Paoli PA; 2003-11-6
STONOROV; Elizabeth Foster;97; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-11
STOUDT; Elsie I (BAUS);89; Frederick PA; 2003-2-3
STOUDT; James Harry;82; Pottstown PA; 2003-6-14
STRZELECKI; Thaddeus J;85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-10
STUART; Alfred I;87; Pottstown PA; 2003-12-16
STURGES; Albert;69; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-11
SUCHAN; Joseph G;52; Coatesville PA; 2003-4-15
SUTTON; Larry Darnell Sr;53; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-8
SWANSON; Robert E Jr "Bob";55; Oaklyn NJ; 2003-10-24
SWEENEY; Joseph F Sr;74; Phoenixville PA; 2003-2-18
SYESTER; Clyde O Jr;80; Brazil IN>Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-13
SZABO; Mary (CHUCK);89; Honey Brook PA; 2003-9-10
SZELL; Helen C (GROSS);76; Pottstown PA; 2003-8-13


TAGLIEBER; Robert F "Tag";76; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-13
TAMMARO; Mary Margaret (CUTILLO);86; Spring City PA; 2003-8-1
TAYLOR; Mildred E (BARNES);91; East Coventry Township PA; 2003-12-5
TELFORD; Margaret A (LUCAS);88; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-25
THOMAS; Marion (DOBSON);90; Blemhiem NY>Pottstown PA; 2003-5-1
TIERNEY; Anne M;55; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-6
TIHANSKY; Helen (BEROSH);77; Lansdale PA; 2003-7-1
TOEPEL; Loretta M "Laura" (DUFFY);101; Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-8
TOLAND; J Michael;70; Chester Springs PA; 2003-12-12
TOOLEY; James W Sr;81; Allentown PA; 2003-1-16
TORAK; Stephen J Jr;60; Pottstown PA>St Augustine FL; 2003-3-18
TOTH; Mark W;45; Warminister PA; 2003-6-7
TRAVANGELINE; Josephine "Jessie" (AUGUSTINA);83; Norristown PA; 2003-4-2
TRAVIS-BEY; Isaac L;83; Sparta GA>Drexel Hill PA; 2003-5-5
TRISCH; Joseph Francis;81; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-27
TROJANOWSKI; Diana Lynne (SIMMONS);58; Boyertown PA; 2003-5-19
TROJANOWSKI; Diane Lynne (SIMMONS);58; Boyertown PA; 2003-5-20
TROUTWINE; Charles G "Jake";67; New Orleans LA; 2003-11-19
TRYTHALL; Helen (SWEINHART);83; Pottstown PA; 2003-1-29
TURNER; Lucille R (RENNARD);74; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-24


UEBELHOER; Fred J Sr;82; Kempton DEU>Chester Springs PA; 2003-5-7
UMSTEAD; William H;84; Upper Providence PA; 2003-2-14


VALENTEEN; Mildred E (MARCH);75; Coatesville PA; 2003-3-4
VanERD; Martin J;78; Vught HOL>St Cloud FL; 2003-1-8
VanRIPER; Harry F Jr;80; Gilbertsville PA; 2003-5-14
VERLINGHIERI; Eleanor M (KENNEDY);80; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-26
VICKRENT; Cecilia M;81; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-17
VILLANOVA; Catherine Rose (YORGEY);70; Bridgeport PA; 2003-5-6
VINCENT; Theresa J (RECTOR);75; Lansdale PA; 2003-4-5
VONDERCRONE; Rebecca K (KURTZ);85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-11-12
VU; John N T;31; Saigon VNM>Lake Tahoe CA; 2003-6-25


WACHSMUTH; Henry C;90; Curtiss WI>Chester Springs PA; 2003-7-9
WADSWORTH; Lydia E (SLIDER);76; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-22
WALLACE; Nicolina (GIUNTA);61; PA; 2003-5-6
WARNSHUIS; Hazel G (DOLE);72; Windsor CAN>Phoenixville PA; 2003-10-14
WAYNE; Paul;77; Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-6
WEBB; Chard F;81; Tuscon AZ>Sayre PA; 2003-8-20
WEBB; Charles;74; St Augustine FL>Schuylkill Township PA; 2003-1-16
WEBER; Harry "Fats" (C);86; Royersford PA; 2003-1-6
WEILAND; Peter J;76; Phoenixville PA>Sandusky OH; 2003-8-22
WEISS; Bryan W;46; Scranton PA; 2003-8-11
WEISS; John J "Doc";71; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-10
WELLS; T John;92; Hamilton CAN>Sandy UT; 2003-6-12
WELLS; Vera K (THOMPSON);87; Caledonia CAN>Draper UT; 2003-8-14
WELSH; Carl Edwin Jr; ; Tonopah AZ; 2003-10-15
WESTERMAN; Helen R (RILEY);70; Phoenixville PA; 2003-3-26
WETHERHOLD; Gladys E (KUNKLE);89; Phoenixville PA; 2003-4-8
WHERLEY; Joseph J;79; Table Grove IL>East Coventry Township PA; 2003-8-18
WHITE; Brian Stewart;20; Phoenixville PA>Wilmington DE; 2003-2-17
WHITE; M Frances;89; Exton PA; 2003-11-18
WHITMAN; Aaron T;81; Hershey PA; 2003-5-15
WIHERIN; Walter "Vladimir";55; Allentown PA; 2003-11-15
WILK; Stanley J "Jiggs";85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-30
WILLIAMS; Eleanor D (MACHEL);87; Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-29
WILLIAMS; Margaret Elaine (DeJURE);74; Malvern PA; 2003-2-8
WILLIAMS; Wilfred C Jr "Sonny";66; West Chester PA; 2003-5-28
WILLNER; David L;73; Delray Beach FL; 2003-11-15
WILSON; Charles Woodrow;86; Pittsfield MA>Phoenixville PA; 2003-5-9
WILSON; S Elizabeth "Betty";90; Norristown PA; 2003-4-22
WOLOSZANSKI; Walter "Skinny";89; Royersford PA; 2003-6-4
WOLOSZYN; Charles E Sr;82; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-25
WOODWARD; Robert M;76; Upper Providence Township PA; 2003-3-14


YAKIMEC; Katharine (KURYLAK);87; Philadelphia PA>Hackettstown NJ; 2003-4-23
YANCHEK; Martin "Chick";80; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-22
YAROSINSKI; Frances (STROGUS);76; Phoenixville PA; 2003-8-2
YASHURA; John W;62; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-6
YAWORSKI; Rose (KAMERDZE);85; Phoenixville PA; 2003-9-15
YEAGER; Ethel M (MacINTIRE);86; Paoli PA; 2003-6-11
YERGER; Kenneth R Sr;76; Royersford PA; 2003-7-25
YERK; Grayce (MURTHA);94; Pottstown PA; 2003-5-5
YOCUM; Howard F "CY";86; Schwenksville PA; 2003-2-15
YOCUM; Howard F "CY";86; Schwenksville PA; 2003-2-17
YOKEMICK; John H;88; West Chester PA; 2003-2-3
YOKEMICK; John H;88; West Chester PA; 2003-2-4
YOUNGBLOOD; William Paul "Snowy";86; Phoenixville PA; 2003-12-24
YUSKO; Nell F (BRADLEY);69; Baker FL>Phoenixville PA; 2003-1-9


ZABICKI; Stella Theresa;83; Royersford PA; 2003-11-12
ZIEGLER; Mildred A "Mickey"; ; King of Prussia PA; 2003-11-17
ZIMMERMAN; William;44; Schuylkill Township PA; 2003-12-20
ZOLLERS; Jacob R;50; Altoona PA; 2003-5-31
ZOLOVICH; George D Sr;73; St Louis MO>Edgewater FL; 2003-5-7

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