Phoenixville Obituaries - 2004

This page contains an alphabetical index of obituaries or funeral notices that appeared in The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA, during 2004. The format contains the following items which are separated by a semi-colon:

  2. FIRSTNAME - This field may also contain the middle initial, title (e.g., Jr, Sr, Dr, etc.), maiden name (in parenthesis), other surnames [in brackets], or nickname
  3. PLACE OF DEATH - When birthplaces are indicated, the format is:
  4. AGE - A zero indicates that the age was less than one year

These obituaries were originally indexed and submitted to The Obituary Daily Times. See their web site for more information on this effort.

Some additional notes:


ABEL; Bertha Marie (JACOBS) [MOWERE];84; Pottstown PA; 2004-8-2
ANDERSON; Avis (SALLAD);66; Milligeville GA>Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-15
ARMSTRONG; Helen (RAMIREZ);73; Oakland CA>Philadelphia PA; 2004-6-26
ARTIUCH; Donna R (WILE);62; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-14
ASH; Charles D; ; Martinsburg WV>Spring City PA; 2004-8-18
ASH; Helen M (WALLACE);75; Philadelphia PA; 2004-2-5
ATRUK; Joseph;79; UKR>Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-26


BADER-ESPENSHIP; June C (PENNYPACKER);62; Pottstown PA; 2004-1-6
BAILEY; Marr Latshaw;49; Philadelphia PA>Collingswood NJ; 2004-6-9
BAMBERGER; Hugh Brent "Pete";72; Baltimore MD>Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-22
BARI; Michael;94; ITA>Bechtelsville PA; 2004-2-17
BARI; Michael;94; ITA>Bechtelsville PA; 2004-2-16
BARNAIK; Dorothy A (McINTYRE);84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-8
BARNAIK; Dorothy A (McINTYRE);84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-9
BARNETT; Thomas E;58; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-21
BARTHOLDI; Marie J (MAROSEK);78; Philadelphia PA; 2004-5-18
BEARD; E Joan;70; Spring City PA; 2004-5-12
BEARDEN; Frank Sr;80; Norristown PA; 2004-8-9
BENNE; Andrew;72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-6
BENNE; Andrew;72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-4
BENNETT; William C;76; Pottstown PA; 2004-2-25
BERNAT; Andrew H "Smokey";84; Phoenixville PA>Elkton MD; 2004-6-8
BERTOLET; Catherine A (BECHTEL);93; Pottstown PA; 2004-11-19
BISCOTTI; Patricia M (COOPER);71; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-8
BISHOP; Elizabeth C "Betty" (CAMPBELL);66; Boness SCT>Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-8
BITTING; George E;79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-12
BLAIR; Harry A;84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-26
BLASIO; Hazel E (CAULER);88; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-8
BLASIO; Hazel E (CAULER);88; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-15
BLATT; Russell B;90; Sinking Spring PA; 2004-2-17
BLISS; Georgene L (RUBENDALL);61; Millsboro DE; 2004-9-20
BLOSE; Harold J;82; West Reading PA; 2004-4-20
BOGDA; Michael;78; Philadelphia PA; 2004-4-13
BOGDA; Pauline C (TRANCREDO);72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-5
BOHL; Albert E;83; Ocala FL; 2004-2-7
BOLTZ; Julia Anna (MULLINS);97; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-5
BONSLAVER; Anna M (KLOKEY);93; South Coventry Township PA; 2004-1-5
BOOKHAMER; Wayne David "Speedy";56; Washington DC>Fort Worth TX; 2004-10-13
BORTNER; George L;83; Coatesville PA; 2004-1-27
BOTAK; Frances A (AUGUSTINE);52; Norristown PA; 2004-10-15
BOTAK; Frances A (AUGUSTINE);52; Norristown PA; 2004-10-16
BOVIE; Josephine Marie (KUPREWICZ);87; East Norriton PA; 2004-10-26
BOYCE; Martha W (FRIDAY);85; Altoona PA; 2004-10-4
BOYKO; Stephen Sr;86; Elizabeth NJ>Pottstown PA; 2004-1-3
BRACELIN; Evelyn M (UJOBAI);70; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-11
BRADLEY; Ellen A;60; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-9
BRAND; Pauline M (ZABOROWSKI);83; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-18
BRANDRETH; Frank Bertram Jr; ; Honeybrook PA; 2004-2-16
BRATIC; Radovan G;89; Sarajevo YUG>Ocean City NJ; 2004-8-2
BRIGNOLA; Karen (KOCH);44; Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-1-15
BROBST; Lauretta (DREVENAK);93; Pottstown PA; 2004-2-24
BRODECKI; Richard J Sr;71; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-1
BRODOWSKI; Alfred Dominic;72; Coatesville PA; 2004-6-7
BROWN; Charles A Jr;67; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-19
BROWN; Charon Lee;16; Philadelphia PA; 2004-10-28
BROWN; Florence K (BENDER);90; Exeter Township PA; 2004-4-9
BROWN; Max Dr;90; Norristown PA; 2004-2-17
BRUCE; Judith A (DI SANDRI);48; Budapest HUN>Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-12
BUCKLEY; Vincent R Jr "Skip";61; Center Point PA; 2004-8-9
BUCKLEY; Vincent R Jr "Skip";61; Center Point PA; 2004-8-10
BUCZKOWSKI; Pauline (MALUCKA);80; UKR>Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-9
BURGESS; Benjamin Crawford Sr;64; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-15
BURKHART; Bradley Neal;49; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-24
BURNETT; Marie A (JARRETT);72; Boissevain VA>Pottstown PA; 2004-3-12
BURNS; Antonette D (DOXSEE);84; Monticello IA>Snydersville PA; 2004-9-28
BUTTARO; Catherine T (ROMAN);80; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-22
BUTTARO; Daniel J;89; Royersford PA; 2004-10-23
BUTTERFIELD; Joanne R (RAVIS);65; Philadelphia PA; 2004-11-15


CAMINITI; Ken;41; Bronx NY; 2004-10-12
CANNON; Carolyn M (VIOLA);74; Paoli PA; 2004-3-22
CANTAFIO; Tito;72; Norristown PA; 2004-8-3
CAPOFERRI; Dorothy M (HEANY);82; Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2004-1-26
CARROLL; William B;71; Schuykill Township PA; 2004-9-25
CARTER; Don F;81; Saginaw MI>Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-2
CASELLA; Rosa N (NATALE);96; Casola DiCaserta ITA>Lansdale PA; 2004-9-1
CASNER; Ruth C (HECK);94; Pottstown PA; 2004-6-22
CAUFFMAN; Russel G;74; Royersford PA; 2004-2-4
CEKOT; Sophie (KUCHTA);90; Veremin UKR>Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-8
CEKOT; Wasyl;87; Beniowa UKR>Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-7-26
CEKOT; Wasyl;87; Beniowa UKR>Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-7-24
CHAMBERS; Earl L;73; Harlingen TX>Malvern PA; 2004-1-6
CHASERO; James J;85; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-2-2
CHRISTIE; Freida Louise (WINDECKER);79; Eads CO>Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-20
CHURCH; Irene C (WHITEHEAD);75; Pottstown PA; 2004-11-5
CIABATTONI; Ruth A (BEARD);83; Cedars PA; 2004-9-11
CLEMENS; Paula M (JEFFERS);77; North Coventry Township PA; 2004-10-14
COHEN; Dorothy "Dot" (COHEN) [MANDELL];70; Elizabeth NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-15
COINE; Irene F (GIENDLINSKI);87; Trenton NJ>Pocopson Township PA; 2004-4-22
COLUMBIA; Bernard J Sr;71; Hazelton PA>Pomona NJ; 2004-8-19
COSTIRA; Joseph J;85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-17
CROWDER; Angela S (PEPPLE); ; East Vincent Township PA; 2004-5-31
CUMMINS; Harry H Jr;65; Pottstown PA; 2004-5-5
CUNNINGHAM; Salonia Mae (BUTLER);82; Augusta GA>Malvern PA; 2004-6-4
CURRIE; Sarah "Goldie" (FETTERS);76; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-28


DAMIANI; Theresa "Tessie" (DZURYACHKO);76; King of Prussia PA; 2004-3-6
DANCY; Anna (BUCK);95; Phoenixville PA>Baltimore MD; 2004-1-26
DANCY; Anna (BUCK);95; Phoenixville PA>Baltimore MD; 2004-2-10
DANTONIO; Thomas D;75; Phoenixville PA>Dover DE; 2004-6-3
DAVIDSON; Bertha B (GENNARIA);92; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-11
DAVIS; Arlene;77; Elizabethtown PA; 2004-11-1
DAVIS; Pauline E (ASH);85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-24
DAWSON; Harry;77; Norristown PA; 2004-6-10
DAYWALT; Deborah A (SPIEWAK);53; Mont Clare PA; 2004-5-27
DELANO; Doris;79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-12
DelVISHIO; Francis A "Frank";89; Spring City PA; 2004-3-30
DENFELD; Frederick J;87; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-1
DeNICOLA; Anthony J;58; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-27
DeNICOLA; Betty Jane (HENDRICKS);75; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-25
DEORIA; Dominic;80; Phoenxiville PA; 2004-3-23
DePAOLI; Arley Sr;82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-25
DETWILER; Margaret Lee "Maggie" (BROWN);72; NM>DE PA; 2004-8-27
DEVLIN; Frances T (THOLAN);87; Phoenixville PA>Bethesda MD; 2004-1-6
DICKEY; Vincent "Pat"; ; Detroit MI>Spring City PA; 2004-11-15
DILLINGER; Elizabeth L (LINES);60; Paoli PA; 2004-10-27
DOEBLING; Virginia A (IREY);79; Pottstown PA; 2004-2-12
DOLENTE; Louis V Jr;81; Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-6-29
DONOHUE; Eloise H (HOSTETTER);68; Pottstown PA; 2004-1-14
DOUGHERTY; Florence (SMILEY);81; Trooper PA; 2004-3-19
DOUGHERTY; Florence (SMILEY);81; Trooper PA; 2004-3-20
DOUGHERTY; Joseph R;57; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-12
DRAPIKOSKI; Joseph R;67; Collegeville PA; 2004-7-31
DRAPIKOSKI; Joseph R;67; Collegeville PA; 2004-7-30
DUGAN; Polly E (NAILE);77; Norristown PA; 2004-1-8
DZURYACHO; George;90; Springfield PA; 2004-12-18


ELKO; John A;86; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-4
ELLIS; Brower R;87; Philadelphia PA>Conneaut OH; 2004-3-6
EMERY; Doris E (THORNTON);62; Pottstown PA; 2004-9-11
EMSWILER; Edward L;73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-1
ERBE; William J;72; New Brunswick NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-4
ERBE; William J;72; New Brunswick NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-2
ERTEL; Carol Anne (CALHOUN);57; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-21
ESSICK; Lillian (KORONER);90; Phoenixville PA>Mt Holly NJ; 2004-2-11
ETTINGER; Frederick V Jr;90; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-24
EVASEW; Peter;85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-31


FADDIS; Henry R;82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-26
FARNSWORTH; Charles G;65; West Reading PA; 2004-7-30
FARRELL; Helen J (HEIDENREICH);75; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-9
FEARON; Janette Marie; ; Gaithersburg PA; 2004-3-11
FEDICK; Brian Joseph;40; Annville PA; 2004-5-24
FEDICK; John J Jr "Jack";54; Royersford PA; 2004-9-20
FERKO; Joseph Jr;74; West Lampeter Township PA; 2004-6-4
FINK; Harley G;80; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-13
FINKBINER; Gayle L (MCLAUGHLIN) [SIGNORINO];54; Slate Run PA; 2004-9-2
FINNEN; Gerald L;80; Plymouth Meeting PA; 2004-2-9
FLAGA; Peter J;83; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-3
FLECK; Homer L;84; Canaan Township PA; 2004-1-15
FORCE; Joyce Kathleen (BORTNER);61; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-13
FORD; Lucille Ann (REEVES);85; South Chicago IL>Pottstown PA; 2004-12-1
FORD-BEY; Matheno "Ali";44; East Norriton PA; 2004-1-10
FORESTA; Marie J;77; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-25
FORESTA; Peter F;85; Philadelphia PA; 2004-4-16
FOUST; Elizabeth L (ARNOLD); ; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-29
FOUST; Elizabeth L (ARNOLD); ; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-2
FOX-HETTRICK; Helen E (MOORE);83; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-8-4
FREECE; Wilhelmina M (PIERCE);75; Spring City PA; 2004-6-22
FRENCH; George L;85; Bethlehem PA; 2004-3-6
FRICK; David B;40; York PA; 2004-4-27
FRITH; John Charles;64; East Vincent Township PA; 2004-10-18
FUNK; Dallas G;87; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-15


GALEAZZI; Mario B "Murph";90; Mount Hope NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-19
GALLAGHER; Eugene;79; Pottsville PA; 2004-12-14
GALLI; Victor M Jr "VJ";20; Coatesville PA; 2004-10-26
GALLI; Victor M Jr "VJ";20; Coatesville PA; 2004-10-27
GALLO; Nicholas J;88; Vineland NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-13
GARBACZ; Edward;83; Conshohocken PA; 2004-10-26
GARDNER; Catherine R (CHILD);95; Honey Brook PA; 2004-1-10
GARRISH; Marie E;83; Phoenixville PA>Wilmington NC; 2004-6-12
GARTNER; Kathryn C (CROWLEY);90; Vailsburg NJ>Paoli PA; 2004-7-26
GAUSCH; Francis J "Fran";72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-20
GAUTREAU; Nellie A (ROYSTON);81; Pottstown PA; 2004-8-4
GEFVERT; Howard V;87; Devon PA; 2004-4-23
GLAUNER; Beverly W (WAMBOLD);70; Coatesville PA; 2004-7-12
GLENN; Helen (SMITH);86; Lower Pottsgrove Township PA; 2004-8-12
GONSAULS; Eleanor (SAVILLE);74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-17
GOOD; Frances E "Betty" (BARLOW);78; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-22
GOTTSHALL; William H;86; Pottstown PA; 2004-1-19
GOTWALS; Ruth (McELROY);87; East Goshen Township PA; 2004-7-27
GRECO; Guy P; ; Norristown PA; 2004-11-9
GREEN; Florence O (TAYLOR);74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-18
GREEN; Margaret A (HECK);72; Norristown PA; 2004-3-16
GRIBOSKI; James Leo "Big Jim"; ; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-1
GROFF; Betty D (LAUER);80; Kimberton PA; 2004-11-15
GROFF; John J Sr;84; Narvon PA; 2004-3-29
GROFF; John J Sr;84; Narvon PA; 2004-3-30
GROSS; Joseph F;63; Spring City PA; 2004-7-7
GRZYWACZ; Thomas T;84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-16
GUIDA; Pauleen (KABATT);83; Phoenixville PA>Wilmington DE; 2004-11-18
GUYER; Jake R;58; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-18
GUYER; Jake R;58; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-20
GUYER; Jake R;58; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-19


HAIN; Theodore R;56; Pottsville PA>Adrian MO; 2004-4-29
HAKUN; Jean C (CAPOFERRI);66; East Coventry Township PA; 2004-4-23
HAKUN; Jean C (CAPOFERRI);66; East Vincent Township PA; 2004-4-24
HALLMAN; Warren J Jr;73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-19
HALSEY; Margaret (COX);76; Royersford PA; 2004-10-6
HARTMAN; Anna (BADMAN);82; Glenmoore PA; 2004-9-9
HARTMAN; Anna (BADMAN);82; Glenmoore PA; 2004-9-4
HEDMAN; Bernard W;79; Republic MI>Paoli PA; 2004-2-4
HENNESSEY; Edward R Jr;66; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-22
HENNESSEY; Edward R Jr;66; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-23
HENNESY; F Charles "Charlie";89; Spring City PA; 2004-4-7
HERBERT; Robert;85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-25
HEYWOOD; William Lewis "Bill";73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-16
HICKMAN; Raymond W;63; Leesport PA; 2004-9-11
HINKLE; Dorothy E (LANGNER);79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-14
HINKLE; Richard F;79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-5
HOFFMAN; William H Jr;74; Somers Point NJ>Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-3-3
HOLSCLAW; Thomas H;86; Lower Pottsgrove Township PA; 2004-12-7
HOUCK; Mary Anne (KUCHMA);63; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-11
HOUGHTALING; Paul G;52; Rochester NY>Kimberton PA; 2004-10-16
HOVANEC; Mary Frances;75; Mont Clare PA>Berline MD; 2004-7-24
HUBER; Howard P Jr;58; Wynnewood PA; 2004-11-30
HUGHES; Arline M (BECKER);87; Elizabethtown PA; 2004-1-16
HUNTER; Marian (THOMAS);92; Spring City PA; 2004-7-19


IANNI; Helen E (RALNEY);78; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-2


JACKSON; Sharon Lee (HAMBY);68; Boulder CO>Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-21
JOHNSON; Alice H (GALE); ; King of Prussia PA; 2004-6-5
JOHNSON; Guy R Jr;72; Philadelphia PA; 2004-7-1
JOHNSON; Newman C Sr;89; Malvern PA; 2004-6-17
JOHNSTON; Jane L (GLADFELTER);84; Media PA; 2004-6-15
JONES; Leo M;90; Southampton PA; 2004-1-5
JONES; Virginia M (HADLEY);86; Paoli PA; 2004-6-1


KABATT; Daniel J;79; Phoenixville PA>Palm Coast FL; 2004-1-6
KALAMON; Bertha (VARADY);74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-16
KAMERTZ; Dorothy R;71; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-1
KASE; Jean E (OLVER);61; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-9
KEDRA; William;41; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-11
KEELING; Kim Marie;39; Trenton NJ>Royersford PA; 2004-3-6
KELLIGHAN; Ellen W (WHITLOCK);66; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-8
KELLY; John F;66; Spring House PA; 2004-4-13
KENT; Carl P Sr;77; Paoli PA; 2004-12-29
KENT; Jeffrey W;63; Hamburg PA; 2004-8-18
KIRBY; Shirley A (PECK);64; Spring City PA; 2004-10-19
KIRK; Anna (KURYLAK);92; East Coventry Township PA; 2004-2-12
KNAUER; Robert H Sr;81; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-30
KOPACH; John;85; Pottstown PA; 2004-2-4
KORNBLUM; Miriam (DIAMOND);82; Royersford PA; 2004-11-1
KRAFT-FREEMAN; Kathleen F "Kate" (KOPACH);61; East Vincent Township PA; 2004-3-25
KRASLEY; LeRoy O "Lee";70; Charlestown PA; 2004-12-31
KRIVULKA; Edith C (SLOCUM);82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-16
KRIVULKA; Edith C (SLOCUM);82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-17


LaBANC; Stephen;92; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-5-19
LABIK; John "Yano";88; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-24
LACKMAN; Jeffrey;49; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-21
LACY; George A;70; Pottstown PA; 2004-8-4
LAHM; Donna Lee (POTOPA);60; Phoenixville PA> NJ; 2004-3-1
LANUTE; Miriam B (WALKER);84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-9
LARSON; Robert Charles;85; Duluth MN>Huntingdon Valley PA; 2004-11-24
LATHAM; Bernice (ZAWADZKA);81; Pottstown PA; 2004-4-7
LAWRENCE; M Frank;78; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-27
LIGHTFOOT; Jeanne C (ROSHONG);76; Elverson PA; 2004-12-16
LITTLEFIELD; Mary E;83; Kenilworth PA; 2004-11-18
LOMBARDI; Edward J Sr;72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-7
LOVE; Robert J Sr;85; Pottstown PA; 2004-6-24
LUCAS; Mary Anne (VASKO);81; SVK>Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-16
LUDWICK; Carolyn E (KENDALL);93; Kimberton PA; 2004-4-24
LYNCH; Francis X Jr;47; Oaks PA; 2004-11-17


MacINTYRE; Martha F (FADDIS);92; Pottstown PA; 2004-12-14
MACKEY; Dorothy (DETWILER);84; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-2-12
MacMICHAEL; James S;43; Royersford PA; 2004-9-9
MAGYAR; Michael;98; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-17
MAKI; Frederick E Jr;54; Hyannis MS>Warwick PA; 2004-3-11
MANSUR; Warren B "Barney";92; Royersford PA; 2004-2-27
MANZO; Ruth (QUAY);95; Royersford PA; 2004-1-22
MAQUIRE; Anne (SCHERER);81; East Coventry Township PA; 2004-5-3
MARCHIONNE; Joanne A (SHAMBOUGH);71; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-28
MARCHIONNE; Joanne A (SHAMBOUGH);71; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-26
MARTON; Sara Ellen (HARPLE);72; Doylestown PA; 2004-8-16
MASHMAN; C Richard;72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-23
MASTRANGELO; Maia "Mary" (AMOROSO);78; Providence Chieti ITA>Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-3
MASTRANGELO; Thomas J Jr;51; Phoenixville PA>Richmond VA; 2004-8-19
MASTRANGELO; Valerie R;37; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-3
MASTRANGELO; Valerie R;37; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-4
MATONAK; Joseph Edward;64; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-14
MATTIS; Mary J (HYLENSKI);85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-17
MATTY; John;84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-27
MAURER; Joseph H;82; Ocala FL; 2004-8-27
MAYLEN; Joseph;93; CAN>East Pikeland Township PA; 2004-8-19
McCABE; Margaret A;96; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-15
McCANN; Paul B;72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-6
McCONAGHY; Robert H Jr;82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-29
McCORMICK; Michael Reis Sr;38; Washington Township PA; 2004-8-2
McCULLOUGH; Isabelle Agnes (McCOY); ; East Goshen PA; 2004-10-5
McGEE; Joseph L;79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-2
McGEEHAN; Virginia M (STIEGER);83; Altoona PA; 2004-6-22
McGOWN; Jeffrey M;25; Upland PA; 2004-12-9
McGUIGAN; Anna G (DEVINE);101; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-20
McKELVEY; R Daniel;55; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-20
McMAHON; Richard John Sr;66; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-8
McVEIGH; Eugene Winfield "Havey";84; Chestnut Hill PA; 2004-9-20
MERRYLEES; Helena;60; West Goshen Township PA; 2004-6-1
MERTL; Jason Thomas;21; West Chester PA; 2004-11-30
MESSER; Vanessa B (BROWNDORF);64; Baltimore MD>Cherry Hill NJ; 2004-4-5
METZGAR; Helen M "Bubby" (MOLLTORIZ);70; East Vincent Township PA; 2004-2-5
METZGAR; Ronald C;73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-2
METZGER; Ana Maria (NIETO);74; Havana CUB>Pottstown PA; 2004-1-1
MILLER; Donald R;67; Royersford PA; 2004-11-9
MILLER; Galena E (SWINEHART);83; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-28
MILLER; James E "Tom";85; Lower Pottsgrove Township PA; 2004-5-5
MILLER; Kathryn Patricia (LUCKOWSKI);74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-7
MILLER; Mildred (GRIFFITH);94; Collegeville PA; 2004-10-7
MILLER; Vivian E;83; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-7
MILLMORE; Fletcher Patrick;88; Chicago IL>State College PA; 2004-8-6
MINNINGER; Nan S (SIMONS);70; Pottstown PA; 2004-9-6
MISCAVAGE; Joseph M;59; Philadelphia PA; 2004-10-13
MISKEWICZ; Lillian T (SZYMANSKI);77; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-8
MITCHELI; Nancy Jean (VOJCSIK);44; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-17
MOCARSKI; Victor;72; Brooklyn NY>Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-16
MONTALBANO; Theresa M (VIOLA);71; Norristown PA; 2004-10-18
MOORE; Esther (SCHLOTTERER);86; Coatesville PA; 2004-12-7
MOORE; Esther S (SCHLOTTERER);86; Coatesville PA; 2004-12-11
MOWRER; Edna "Cappy" (GRUBB);95; Pottstown PA; 2004-5-12
MULL; Jill K (STAUFFER);38; Philadelphia PA; 2004-12-3
MURPHY; Malcolm;81; Abington PA; 2004-4-9
MURTHA; Thelma (NELSON);85; Geigertown PA; 2004-6-5


NAGLE; Ethel Elizabeth (BETTON);82; Norristown PA>Mesa AZ; 2004-6-10
NATTLE; Dominic J "Sheisher";89; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-4-28
NATTLE; Dominic J "Sheisher";89; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-4-26
NEIDLINGER; Helen H;83; Spring City PA; 2004-5-11
NEIZER; Charlotte A (NESSPOR);53; West Reading PA; 2004-3-9
NERO; Geraldine M (BUCKLEY);46; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-2
NESBIT; James;79; East Vincent Township PA; 2004-7-26
NESSPOR; Sophie A (FIDYK);91; Warsaw POL>Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-6
NIZIO; Edward J;35; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-12
NOBLITT; Elizabeth A;62; Springfield MA>Easton MD; 2004-5-29
NOLD; Jason M Sr;27; West Chester PA; 2004-9-8
NOLL; Dolores K;86; West Chester PA; 2004-5-25
NOONAN; Faye (HUNTER);64; Pottstown PA; 2004-1-3


OCONNOR; Doris (MOORE);83; Spring City PA; 2004-1-19
OACKER; Anthony W;86; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-18
OLESKI; Susanna Lucille Theresa (BENYO);68; Royersford PA; 2004-7-9
ONDO; Anna S (AUGUSTYNOWICZ);80; Pottstown PA; 2004-7-15
ORNER; William T Jr;76; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-3


PACKER; Anthony W;86; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-19
PALOPOLI; Agnes E (OCONNOR);83; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-24
PANISH; Mary A (PACIELLO);85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-10
PARHAM; William Kenneth;75; Oxford NC; 2004-11-30
PARISE; Anna Marie (ONDER);80; CSK>Philadelphia PA; 2004-1-22
PARISE; John James;83; Roslyn PA; 2004-9-16
PARKER; Sophie (BENNE);79; Fleetwood PA; 2004-11-2
PARKER; Sophie (BENNE);79; Fleetwoood PA; 2004-11-3
PECHIN; Robert W;86; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-13
PECK; Earl H Sr;83; Easton PA; 2004-5-28
PEEPLES; Barbara H (BOLINGER);39; Limerick PA; 2004-6-21
PEIFER; Marianne (PHILSON);84; Springfield MA>Malvern PA; 2004-7-2
PERLES; Gary J;54; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-3
PESTA; Rosemary (ALEXANDER);72; Royersford PA; 2004-5-3
PETERS; Wayne P;77; Salisbury Township PA; 2004-3-23
PICK; Phyllis M; ; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-26
PIERAGOSTINI; Aaron Michael;24; Mount Kisco NY>Coatesville PA; 2004-5-5
PIERAGOSTINI; Aaron Michael;24; Mount Kisco NY>Coatesville PA; 2004-5-4
PIMENTEL; Juan Manual "Don Juan";74; Lares PR>Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-23
PINTKOWSKI; Thomas A Sr "Pindy";78; Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-11-24
PLUM; David A;64; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-26
POET; Charles F Sr;80; Queenstown MD>Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-5
POINSETT; Eugene F;78; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-23
PONISCIAK; Elsie Lenora (VIDALI);82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-8
PONISCIAK; Elsie Lenora (VIDALI);82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-6
POSTOLUK; Michael;85; Kaminka Byska UKR>Royersford PA; 2004-9-24
PUFKO; Flora (WANNER);73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-9




RADISCA; Elizabeth (SZIGETY);94; Peekskill NY>Athens PA; 2004-6-21
RAVIS; John;85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-20
RAYSOR; William R;84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-6
REEVE; Christopher;52; Bedford NY; 2004-10-12
REFI; Irene (KELEMEN);95; Downingtown PA; 2004-5-1
RICHTER; Margot (DENITHORNE);72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-27
RITSCHARD; Ruth Eleanor (SHRAWDER);94; Valley Forge PA; 2004-3-27
RITTENBAUGH; William B Jr "Eagle";64; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-19
RIVAS; Aureliano Dr;80; San Juan PR>Newtown Square PA; 2004-6-24
ROBERTS; Richard Roscoe;91; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-20
ROBERTS; Richmond Roscoe;91; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-22
ROBINSON; John Morgan;55; Oxford MS; 2004-7-13
ROSE; Gilbert M;76; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-13
ROUSE; Theresa C (DRISCOLL);77; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-6
ROWAN; James D "Don";86; Royersford PA; 2004-5-24
ROWAN; James D "Don";66; Royersford PA; 2004-5-26
ROWAN; Joshua Leo;10; Phoenixville PA>Suwanee GA; 2004-3-3
ROWAN; Virginia K (OTT);87; Norristown PA; 2004-4-28
RUDICK; Elizabeth Mary (SLAUGHTER); ; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-29
RUHT; Dionysia "Dynie" (SWEENEY);79; Phoenixville>Sun City AZ; 2004-12-18
RYAN; Gordon G Sr;81; Washington DC>Bryan County GA; 2004-12-28


SABIA; William F Sr;80; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-30
SAHM; Betty M (WAGNER);78; Charlestown PA; 2004-12-18
SAMUELSON; Naomi A (STEPHENS);90; Baltimore MD>Honey Brook PA; 2004-1-10
SANDS; Dorothy M (BEATTY);84; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-11
SAUNDERS; Josephine P (SHARKEY);77; Bayonne NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-20
SCHEMAN; Dorothy A;82; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-15
SCHULZE; Mary Jane (UBER);79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-9
SCHULZE; Mary Jane (UBER);76; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-8
SEACRIST; Bessie Pauline (STRALEY);104; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-1
SELFINGER; George A Jr;67; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-9
SEMATIS; Bernard Francis;64; Pottstown PA; 2004-9-14
SEYMOUR; Heidi (KNOLL);47; Middletown DE; 2004-6-23
SHALKOWSKI; Donald J;77; Pottstown PA; 2004-9-21
SHESKO; Caroline R (FALASCO); ; Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-7-16
SHINEHOUSE; Robert R;73; Upper Providence Township PA; 2004-7-22
SIERZEGA; Rose M (CYPIRONOSKI);73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-27
SIERZEGA; Rose M (CYPIRONOSKI);73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-28
SIMON; Elizabeth G "Betty" (GATZI);87; Lansdale PA; 2004-2-13
SINDLINGER; Betty (LENCZYNSKI);87; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-28
SINGER; Kurt Walter;89; Leipzig DEU>Salisbury MD; 2004-7-19
SLAUGHTER; Gertrude (PAGEL);92; Kimberton PA; 2004-10-30
SMILEY; Robert F;79; Paoli PA; 2004-11-22
SMITH; Jean K (GOEBEL);78; Pottsville PA; 2004-12-13
SMITH; Margueretta (GROSS);95; Norristown PA; 2004-10-12
SMITH; Margueretta (GROSS);95; Norristown PA; 2004-10-9
SMITH; Virginia J (RENNARD);74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-23
SOLOMON; Joseph J;74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-10-18
SOSNA; Clara T;85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-8
SPANGLER; Ruth R (WACHHOLZ);80; Oshkosh WI>Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-20
SPEECHLEY; Marjorie Mae;80; King of Prussia PA; 2004-8-30
SPONHEIMER; Elizabeth Ann (DENNIS);63; Treasure Island FL; 2004-11-23
STEARLY; Samuel W;65; Willistown Township PA; 2004-5-4
STEC; Marion A (MICKIEVICZ);69; Quakertown PA; 2004-9-15
STEC; Marion A (MICKIEVICZ);69; Quakertown PA; 2004-9-13
STERN; William P;89; Malvern PA; 2004-8-9
STEWART; Josephine A (CUSTER);86; Honey Brook PA; 2004-9-1
STIDSEN; George Jr;77; Worcester MA>King of Prussia PA; 2004-6-29
STIDSEN; George Jr;77; Worcester MA>King of Prussia PA; 2004-6-28
STOUDT; Virginia M (HODGKINS);91; Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-10-13
STRUNK; Dorothy Arlene (REESER);90; Abington PA; 2004-7-26
SULLIVAN; Joseph J;83; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-13
SUNDAY; Rose A;84; Downingtown PA; 2004-5-22
SUTHERLAND; Ethel L (VLECK);86; Jennersville PA; 2004-7-24
SUTRYN; David Burton;36; Allendale NJ>Cumming GA; 2004-7-24
SWANK; Robert E "Ranger Bob";72; Phoenixville PA; 2004-6-11
SWEET; Victor T;73; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-13
SWEISFORD; John O Jr "Jack";81; Philadelphia PA; 2004-5-6
SWIFT; Clyde Charles "Bud";86; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-1
SZABO; Mabel O (HEPP);81; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-12
SZUCHAN; Charles R Jr;71; Norristown PA; 2004-5-31
SZUCHAN; Charles R Jr;71; Norristown PA; 2004-6-1


TANAY; Elizabeth O;46; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-27
TAREWICZ; Michael F;52; Galloway Township PA; 2004-12-14
TARUS; Richard W;64; Pottstown PA; 2004-3-29
THOMAS; Clarice (FIELDS);67; Mason TN>Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-11
THORNTON; Irene B (DZURYACHKO);67; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-14
TILLMAN; Joseph V Sr;77; Bryn Mawr PA; 2004-4-8
TOMCHO; Caroline T (MENDREY);80; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-4
TOS; Ezio J;81; East Pikeland Township PA; 2004-8-9
TRACH; Beatrice (CAPUZZI);74; Royersford PA; 2004-2-27
TREICHLER; Robert "Bob";81; Phoenixville PA>LaBelle FL; 2004-2-19
TREICHLER; Robert "Bob";71; Phoenixville PA>LaBelle FL; 2004-2-18
TUNNELL; Catherine Marvel (HOLLIDAY);75; Mont Clare PA; 2004-11-27
TUNNELL; Catherine Marvel (HOLLIDAY);75; Mont Clare PA; 2004-11-25




VALKO; Josephine C (MATONICK);89; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-3
VANDERSLICE-BINDSCHUSZ; Shirley A (KOLOCH);66; Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-30
VARADY; Joseph;92; King of Prussia PA; 2004-12-13
VARGO; Joseph "Ed";84; Devon PA; 2004-4-10
VARGO; Nina (FILLERS);89; Greenville TN>Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-10
VERDUCI; Alexander Paul;0; Wilmington DE; 2004-9-13
VERISH; James R Jr;47; Paoli PA; 2004-6-30
VODOPIJA; John Wesley;42; Pittsburgh PA; 2004-7-5
VOLPE; Marianne (ALEXANDER);49; Royersford PA; 2004-10-1
VonBORS; Bela Jr;80; Kalocsa Pest HUN>Phoenixville PA; 2004-7-20


WADE; Dorothy (WIKOFF);89; Bradley IL>Rising Sun MD; 2004-1-13
WAGNER; Florence V (WILLIAMS);91; Pottstown PA; 2004-5-8
WAGNER; William H III;44; Oceanside CA>Orlando FL; 2004-3-3
WALLACE; Audra L;37; Philadelphia PA; 2004-10-18
WALLER; Catherine "Kitty";57; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-8
WASSEL; Madelyn T "Tina" (MISKIEWICZ);79; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-19
WATKINS; Robert J "Bob";84; Akron OH>Spring City PA; 2004-8-19
WATTS; Robert B III;65; Phoenixville PA; 2004-2-17
WEST; Robert H;82; Rome NY>Coatesville PA; 2004-6-29
WHEELER; Claron D;59; Blackfoot ID>Pottstown PA; 2004-1-10
WHITAKER; Janet LaVerne (BRADSHAW);62; Paoli PA; 2004-10-19
WILLEY; Agnes Elizabeth (NAGY);79; Oneida PA>Orange CA; 2004-3-26
WILLIAMS; Anna Mae;65; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-22
WILLIAMS; David J;29; Lower Frederick Township PA; 2004-5-3
WILLIAMS; Ruth A (BARTELL);72; Freistadt WI>East Coventry Township PA; 2004-8-17
WILSON; Mary Ellen (VINTON);70; Phoenixville PA; 2004-3-1
WILSON; Samuel R Sr;75; Phoenixville PA; 2004-5-10
WINNICK; Helen R (MAJCHER);85; Phoenixville PA; 2004-4-29
WOLOSZYN; Helen E (SIM);86; Audubon PA; 2004-9-27
WOOD; Elizabeth (POST);83; Vernon NY>Lancaster County PA; 2004-10-18
WOOD; Elizabeth (POST);83; Mt Vernon NY>Lancaster County PA; 2004-10-16
WOOD; Elizabeth (POST);83; Mt Vernon NY>Lancaster County PA; 2004-10-15
WOOD; Robert L Jr;74; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-17
WOODLAND; Lucy W (WINDOLPH);82; Chester Springs PA; 2004-11-19
WOOTEN; Anna Morella (DREW);92; Vienna VA>Phoenixville PA; 2004-8-13
WRIGHTSON; M Louella (BROBACK);59; Baltimore MD>Norristown PA; 2004-5-14


YEAGER; Jean E (KOKEMEZEY);93; Phoenixville PA>Chapel Hill NC; 2004-9-13
YEAGER; John E;62; Phoenixville PA>Riverview FL; 2004-2-12
YOKEMICK; Margaret R (McCANN);86; Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-24


ZACH; Robert M;90; Phoenixville PA; 2004-12-6
ZAHORCHAK; Sherri (QUAY);48; Phoenixville PA; 2004-9-23
ZEEK; Jeanette L (UREELAND);88; Towaco NJ>Kimberton PA; 2004-7-13
ZELESKI; Raymond P Jr;77; Phoenixville PA; 2004-11-13
ZIEGLER; Harry D;83; Kimberton PA; 2004-5-1
ZIEGLER; Harry D;83; Kimberton PA; 2004-4-30
ZIKMUND; Joseph R Jr;85; New York NY>Phoenixville PA; 2004-1-31

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