Phoenixville Obituaries - 2007

This page contains an alphabetical index of obituaries or funeral notices that appeared in The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA, during 2007. The format contains the following items which are separated by a semi-colon:

  2. FIRSTNAME - This field may also contain the middle initial, title (e.g., Jr, Sr, Dr, etc.), maiden name (in parenthesis), other surnames [in brackets], or nickname
  3. PLACE OF DEATH - When birthplaces are indicated, the format is:
  4. AGE - A zero indicates that the age was less than one year

These obituaries were originally indexed and submitted to The Obituary Daily Times. See their web site for more information on this effort.

Some additional notes:


ALEXANDER; Frances S (MOLINO);82; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-27
ALEXANDER; Frances S (MOLINO);82; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-28
ANDERSON; DuWain G;74; LaCrosse WI>Spring City PA; 2007-1-23


BAETZEL; Terry Lee;48; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-2
BARRON; Elizabeth (FREE);97; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-25
BARTHA; Mary (ANDRUSISIAN);85; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-29
BAYNARD; Evelyn Marie Auman;73; Royersford PA; 2007-3-21
BEENER; Kenneth C;90; Philadelphia PA>Boise ID; 2007-6-7
BEGSO; Goldie H (DUDAS);85; Philadelphia PA; 2007-9-14
BENDER; Barbara A;44; Pottstown PA; 2007-3-2
BEREGI; Rose J (REVESZ);87; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-14
BERISH; John G;90; Spring City PA; 2007-12-17
BESWICK; Thelma May;91; Royersford PA; 2007-8-27
BICKEL; Elizabeth (PHILIPANICS);89; Norristown PA; 2007-12-12
BIDGOOD; Mildred (TUTTLE);93; Boston MA>Lancaster PA; 2007-5-16
BINDSCHUSZ; Danny S Sr;50; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-4
BLANK; Elmer L;90; Lititz PA; 2007-12-11
BLAYDON; Donald A;63; Pottstown PA; 2007-2-20
BLEVINS; Marcella` (`);70; Logan WV>Pottstown PA; 2007-7-11
BLOOMER; David A Sr;90; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-27
BODICK; Michael A;89; Pottstown PA; 2007-7-31
BODNAR; Richard J;75; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-19
BORIE; Mildred F (EISER);86; Pottstown PA; 2007-7-31
BORZICK; Eugene W "Gene"; ; Red Granite WI>East Coventry Township PA; 2007-7-10
BOWDEN; R Virginia (HOWARD);87; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-2
BOYER; Mary H (HITWINE);85; Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2007-12-14
BOYER; Robert A;66; Pottstown PA; 2007-10-8
BRACELIN; Loretta Jane (GABLE);71; East Vincent Township PA; 2007-9-4
BRANCATO; Jason M;35; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-26
BRANGO; Albert J;83; Philadelphia PA; 2007-5-3
BRANGO; Albert J;83; Philadelphia PA; 2007-5-8
BREIDEGAM; Albert C Sr;97; Royersford PA>Cullman AL; 2007-1-12
BRESKI; Francis E;86; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-21
BRESKI; Francis E;86; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-22
BRIGNOLA; Phyllis M (MELCHIORRE);84; Gessopalena ITA>King of Prussia PA; 2007-3-9
BRIGNOLA; Suzanne Chadwick (FOULDS);67; Kimberton PA; 2007-1-29
BRIGNOLA; Suzanne Chadwick (FOULDS);67; Kimberton PA; 2007-1-30
BROWN; Doris K (KLINE);87; Pottstown PA; 2007-4-21
BROWN; Jared J "JB";26; South Coventry Township PA; 2007-4-12
BUCHER; Kermit L;84; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-15
BUCKLEY; Helen F (SAVASTANA);87; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-30
BUCKWALTER; Rodney W;47; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-21
BURTON; David Mitchell;39; Allentown PA; 2007-5-30
BUTTERFIELD; Robert J;72; Phoenixville PA>Palmdale CA; 2007-4-29
BUZZERD; Calvin R;93; Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-21
BUZZERD; Donald A Sr;91; Reading PA; 2007-8-27
BYRNE; Harry M;86; Phoenixville PA>Longport NJ; 2007-8-29
BYRUM; Warren H "Sonny";61; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-2
BYRUM; Warren H "Sonny";61; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-6


CAGE; Richard F;49; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-9
CAPPER; Susan W (WALKER);50; Marlton Lakes NJ; 2007-11-21
CARDAMONE; Victor J;87; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-19
CASPER; Mary;83; Mont Clare PA; 2007-1-17
CHAMBERS; Jeffrey A;53; Philadelphia PA; 2007-10-18
CHAMBERS; Wallace Irwin "Wally";80; Springfield PA; 2007-4-10
CHAPAY; Thomas J;78; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-19
CHOMIAK; Stella N (KOZACHESON);83; Pottstown PA; 2007-11-7
CHRISTMAN; Christopher M;21; Allentown PA; 2007-2-7
CIGNATTA; Roger A;63; Baltimore MD>Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-9
CLARK; Arden Smith;71; Rockville SC; 2007-3-20
COLANZO; Catherine (PICONE);99; East Coventry PA; 2007-3-3
COOKE; Donald J;65; Mont Clare PA; 2007-9-18
CORSON; Maria C (CHITYRK);84; Melovidie POL>Pennsburg PA; 2007-4-21
COX; David E;52; Schuylkill Township PA; 2007-2-20
CRABB; John William Sr; ; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-27
CRAWFORD; Dessa;66; TX>Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-8
CROSSMAN; Mary E (HUGHES);91; Royersford PA; 2007-4-2
CUSHMAN; Barbara Ann (TOTH);75; Pottstown PA; 2007-9-5
CUSHMAN; Barbara Ann (TOTH);75; Pottstown PA; 2007-9-6
CZACZKA; Stanley A;88; East Norriton PA; 2007-8-9


DANTONIO; Helen (PHILIPANICS) [BATYKO];83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-6
DAVIS; Gail B (CORBETT);73; Long Island NY>Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-26
DAWSON; Patricia A (FOX);74; Phoenixville PA>Baltimore MD; 2007-11-12
DAWSON; Robert J;53; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-25
DEATER; Jane (RAKER);81; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-28
deGROFF; Miriam H (HUBEL);89; New York City NY>Paoli PA; 2007-4-17
DEININGER; Janice T (TOWNEND);83; Camden NJ>Atlanta GA; 2007-3-14
DeMUTIS; Elizabeth "Betsy" (MOSER);63; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-9
DENNIS; Martha M (MASTRANGELO);92; Phoenixville PA>Berlin NJ; 2007-10-5
DEORIA; James L Sr;53; Philadelphia PA; 2007-5-15
DEORIA; Nancy J (FITZCHARLES);71; East Coventry Township PA; 2007-10-2
DETTRA; Aubrey L;26; Lititz PA; 2007-11-16
DETWILER; Jean J (JEFFERS);81; Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-27
DETWILER; Ruth Miriam (FREECE);82; Phoenixville PA>Lincoln DE; 2007-3-31
DEVLIN; Mary B (PANOC);86; Harrisburg PA; 2007-10-18
DOMENICK; Albert F;80; Devon PA; 2007-7-11
DOUGHTY; Frederic C;77; Paoli PA; 2007-4-2
DRACH; Michelle M (MANFIELD);46; CA>Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-25
DRISCOLL; Thomas Francis Jr;57; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-1
DRUMMOND; Rhoda A (BARLOW);86; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-31


EASTWOOD; Della (BROWN);88; Glen Falls NY> PA; 2007-1-29
EBERT; Walter Winfield "Sweet Swinging Wally";79; Valley Forge PA>Greensboro NC; 2007-9-14
EDWARDS; Jacklyn A (GAUGER);47; Perkiomenville PA; 2007-6-21
EHLING; Christine (ZELL);73; Royersford PA; 2007-6-13
ELACQUA; Salvatore;92; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-29
ELACQUA; Salvatore;92; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-30
ELLIOTT; Bonita M "Bonnie" (HASKO);54; Pottstown PA; 2007-2-19
EPPRECHT; Doris E (ETTINGER);88; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-3
ERWIN; Robert F;76; Coatesville PA; 2007-3-21
ESELBY; Mary M (KULP);91; Pottstown PA; 2007-3-21
ESHLEMAN; Edith R (REPLOGLE);94; Lititz PA; 2007-5-2
EUBANKS; Eugene M;73; Paoli PA; 2007-1-29
EUBANKS; Eugene M;73; Paoli PA; 2007-1-30
EVANS; Jean C (CRAWFORD);95; Castlefinn NIR>Allentown PA; 2007-7-20
EVASEW; Anthony;66; Philadelphia PA; 2007-11-6


FABRIZIO; Daniel J Jr;68; Audubon PA; 2007-7-30
FABRIZIO; Daniel J Jr "Butch";68; Audubon PA; 2007-7-31
FADDIS; Frances M (VENEMA);83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-27
FAMOUS; Mary A (McGRANAHAN);79; Royersford PA; 2007-7-10
FARRA; John Ott;58; Paoli PA; 2007-12-15
FAZIO; Eleanor L (CYPRANOWSKI);79; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-22
FERKO; Thomas G Sr;82; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-2
FIELDING; Leslie; ; Rochdale ENG>Philadelphia PA; 2007-7-7
FINERAN; Shane Michael;37; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-9
FLAGG; Joseph;89; GA>Pottstown PA; 2007-4-21
FLASHER; Anna Mae (GREENLAND);81; Philadelphia PA; 2007-11-9
FLETCHER; Patrician Lynn (HUNTER);54; Phoenixville PA>Palmetto FL; 2007-7-21
FOGAL; Charlotte Ann;22; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-17
FORD-BEY; Donald E Sr;68; Paoli PA; 2007-7-20
FORD-BEY; Donald E Sr;68; Paoli PA; 2007-7-21
FORD-BEY; John R Sr;72; Phoenixville PA>Norfolk CT; 2007-5-8
FORTMANN; Ruth (MERRION);87; Berwick PA; 2007-11-16
FOSTER; David A;50; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-20
FOSTER; Michael Steven Sr;48; Royersford PA; 2007-12-15
FOULDS; Elizabeth M "Betty" (WALTERS);71; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-7
FRANCIS; Florence "Fuz" (SMITH);83; East Vincent Township PA; 2007-4-18
FREDERICK; J Hugh;94; Pottstown PA>Zephyrhills FL; 2007-11-24
FREDERICK; Paul R "Bob";76; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-10
FREECE; C Allan;93; King of Prussia PA; 2007-11-29
FREEMAN; Harold B Jr;88; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-3
FRITZ; Grace M (BARTGES);92; Ephrata PA; 2007-7-9
FULTON; Miriam (SHUTE);75; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-24
FUNK; Ruth H;93; Phoenixville PA>Warren IN; 2007-11-26


GAMBINO; John L Jr;47; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-21
GENRICKS; Pamela Colleen;39; Benoni ZAF>West Chester PA; 2007-1-11
GIBBLE; Clara A (MANN);67; Reading PA; 2007-4-29
GLEASON; Veronica (BUCKLEY);93; East Coventry PA; 2007-2-19
GLEASON; Veronica (BUCKLEY);93; East Coventry PA; 2007-2-21
GLOVAK; Elsie (PENMAN);76; Upper Providence Township PA; 2007-12-5
GOHEAN; William E;83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-10
GOHL; Mildred I (SHANER);84; East Coventry PA; 2007-9-24
GOSS; Heidi I;67; Philadelphia PA; 2007-9-29
GRATEN; Dorothy Lorraine "Dottie" (FETTERMAN);78; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-26
GRATEN; John C "Jack";79; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-4
GRATZ; Marguerite "Buny" (WAMBOLD);69; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-17
GRATZ; Marguerite "Buny" (WAMBOLD);69; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-19
GRAVITT; Dorothy (QUIGLEY); ; Phoenixville PA> CA; 2007-10-1
GRAY; Robert J "Bobo";84; Upper Providence PA; 2007-1-5
GRISDALE; Perry F;82; Norristown PA; 2007-5-29
GUBER; Adam Charles; ; Linfield PA; 2007-9-20
GUHL; William L;75; Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-18
GUIDO; Elizabeth J (ROGERS);79; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-17
GUTKOWSKI; Pauline H;96; King of Prussia PA; 2007-4-20


HAMELTON; Elizabeth "Betty" (KARCSH);90; Bensalem PA; 2007-2-21
HAMELTON; Elizabeth (KARCSH);90; Bensalem PA; 2007-2-22
HAMELTON; Frederick;88; Bensalem PA; 2007-3-7
HAMELTON; Frederick;88; Bensalem PA; 2007-3-8
HAMPTON; Willie "Preacher";77; Sparta GA>Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-15
HARTSHORNE; Isora "Avis" (KINSMAN);71; Malvern PA; 2007-9-11
HASSELQUIST; Ned;80; Chestertown MD; 2007-6-15
HAWES; Richard T;54; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-7
HAYER; Gertrude L (McGRATH);90; Lawrence MA>Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-27
HAYS; Robert F;86; Palm Beach Gardens FL; 2007-10-5
HEFFELFINGER; Harry W III;54; Paoli PA; 2007-6-6
HENDRICKS; Angelina M;1; Pottstown PA; 2007-11-30
HENDRICKS; Catherine M (O'CONNOR);87; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-13
HERBERT; Ruth E (BARNES);90; Palm City FL; 2007-6-21
HERR; Albert S;82; Allentown PA; 2007-7-17
HETRICK; Ellis R;72; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-9
HEVERLY; Frances C (SNYDER);88; Harrisburg PA; 2007-7-11
HIGGINS; Helen V (YATSKO);84; Pottstown PA; 2007-4-13
HILBERG; Warren H Sr;70; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-22
HILTEBEITEL; Veronica (LORENZ);91; Mays Landing NJ>West Chester PA; 2007-8-27
HITE; Daryl R;34; Norristown PA; 2007-11-21
HOISHIK; John;87; Quakertown PA; 2007-5-18
HOLLAND; John H;73; Wynnewood PA; 2007-8-31
HOLLEGER; Kathleen (MORRIS);50; East Norriton PA; 2007-12-25
HOLLOWAY; Ursula M;79; Glencoe AL; 2007-10-11
HOPKINS; Gertrude R;91; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-26
HORENCI; Joseph J;53; Philadelphia PA; 2007-8-11
HORVATH; Julius L;91; Collegeville PA; 2007-5-14
HOUCK; Marlana E (TROUT);59; Pottstown PA; 2007-12-15
HOUSER; Robert L;77; Forestville OH>Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-4
HOWARTH; James;76; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-7
HRETZEK; John Joseph;81; Phoenxivlle PA; 2007-11-12
HUNTER; Harry;78; Detroit MI>Santa Rosa CA; 2007-2-1
HUTCHINS; Gordon E;85; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-3


ILLIS; Eleanore K;91; Midland Park NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-28
INNES; Nita Lou;82; Wayne PA; 2007-2-16
IREY; Valerai A (UMSTEAD);71; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-31


JACKSON; James J;83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-13
JACKSON; Samuel McCartney III;76; PA; 2007-9-21
JOHNSON; Barbara Virginia (LEEDOM);73; Battle Creek MI>West Chester PA; 2007-9-24
JONES; Robert Paul;48; Philadelphia PA; 2007-4-24
JOYCE; Kathleen E (HAJEC);50; Corry PA; 2007-5-28


KALAVIK; Ann B (MIHUTZ);84; CSK>Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-25
KASUBA; Louise T (AIKENS);77; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-14
KATARBA; Florence (EBERLE);92; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-20
KATZENMOYER; Brett Richard;20; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-25
KEEGER; JoEllen (SKANSE);63; Chicago IL>East Vincent Township PA; 2007-1-23
KEIM; Sybil;84; Plymouth ENG>West Chester PA; 2007-8-17
KELLERMAN; L Louise (SHANER);79; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-25
KELLS; Edward M;91; Pottstown PA; 2007-4-7
KELLS; Edward M;91; Pottstown PA; 2007-4-9
KELLY; William J;83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-2
KEPP; J William Jr "Bill";85; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-1
KERN; Chester C Jr "Butch";61; Spring City PA; 2007-2-14
KIMMAGE; Anna (PALMIERI);85; PA; 2007-9-1
KIMMAGE; Sarah (PALMERO);87; Norristown PA>Mountain Home AR; 2007-9-29
KING; Ann R (HITNER);73; Parkerford PA; 2007-12-31
KIRCHER; Stanley C Jr;86; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-21
KISSLING; George J;59; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-14
KLINE; Jack Elwood;60; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-2
KLING; Rose Marie (BOYLE);72; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-24
KLING; Susan Patricia;48; Portsmouth VA>Willistown Township PA; 2007-10-1
KOERNER; Eileen (COCKELL);91; Oswego NY>Royersford PA; 2007-10-23
KOLLAR; Catherine E (CHIYKA);92; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-24
KOMES; Olga (KOTYK);85; Pennsburg PA; 2007-10-3
KOOS; Debra Irene;54; Warwick Township PA; 2007-3-23
KOPISTECKI; Louis Anthony;74; East Coventry PA; 2007-10-24
KOREN; Helen A; ; Stowe PA; 2007-4-25
KRAFT; Margaret A (POPOIS);74; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-3
KRAFT; Margaret A (POPOIS);74; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-4
KROUPA; Krene J (CUPER);82; Neffs OH>West Chester PA; 2007-12-31
KRUEGER; Heather Joy;6; Philadelphia PA; 2007-3-8
KULESKI; Joseph B Sr;92; Pottstown PA; 2007-6-18
KUNSCH; William R Jr;71; East Coventry PA; 2007-5-17
KUVLESKY; Ida "Edith" (ZEMOL);81; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-8


LABIK; Mae (KEYSER);91; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-27
LACKMAN; Joseph F;84; Philadelphia PA>Clearwater FL; 2007-9-27
LAIR; Earl Francis;89; Malvern PA>Park City UT; 2007-3-6
LAPLANTE; Jeannine F;67; Drummondville CAN>Brooksville FL; 2007-10-9
LARSEN; Sverre;76; NOR>Pottstown PA; 2007-7-18
LATTANZE; Andrew D;80; King of Prussia PA; 2007-10-20
LAUER; Dennis L;55; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-6
LAWLESS; Daniel J Sr;65; Philadelphia PA; 2007-9-24
LEHR; William L;81; Downingtown PA; 2007-2-7
LINNEMAN; Robert Ernst;78; Bloomington IL>Paoli PA; 2007-5-26
LINNEMAN; Robert Ernst;78; Bloomington IL>Paoli PA; 2007-5-29
LONGO; Theresa F (ROMANO);74; NJ>New York NY; 2007-6-8
LUKSIC; Walter P;69; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-23
LYSOBY; John L;84; Kimberton PA; 2007-4-4


MacLAREN; Grace N;77; Lower Pottsgrove PA; 2007-12-8
MAHONEY; Mary A (ABBOTT);76; Paoli PA; 2007-7-28
MANDELL; Stephen C;50; Abington PA>Bear DE; 2007-5-2
MANDRUSIAK; John;53; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-9
MANION; Joseph E "Blackey";84; Spring City PA; 2007-10-20
MARQUARDT; Marion E (BETZ);92; Frederick PA; 2007-8-14
MASSA; Mary Rose (PARROTTA);47; King of Prussia PA; 2007-6-4
MAYER; Margaret;93; Jeddo PA>Bridgewater NJ; 2007-6-12
MAYLEN; Frances M (CARROLL);92; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-8
MAYO; Paul T; ; Ginter PA; 2007-10-17
MAZZEO; Edward;83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-21
McCANN; Brian P;56; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-10
McCANN; Brian P;56; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-9
McCANN; Paul B Jr;53; Lansdale PA; 2007-12-20
McCAULEY; Emily (WILSON);87; East Coventry Township PA; 2007-5-1
McCLIMON; Laura C (BEITLER);78; South Coventry PA; 2007-7-13
McCRAY; Marvin "Mac";56; Jersey City NJ>Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-27
McFARLAND; Carl C;93; Pottstown PA>Fort Collins CO; 2007-1-18
McGRAY; Jennie (ZABICKI);91; Brooklyn NY>Upper Providence PA; 2007-1-22
McINTYRE; Frederick S Sr;76; King of Prussia PA; 2007-3-3
McINTYRE; Joan (MATHEWS);78; New York City NY>Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-25
McKAIG; William Dudley;75; King of Prussia PA; 2007-1-18
McKISSIC; K Richard "Dick";77; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-3
McMAHON; Donald;70; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-4
McNABB; Michael Arthur;57; Cleveland OH; 2007-12-20
MERTZ; William Standing IV; ; Lancaster PA; 2007-3-16
MESZAROS; Mary (HILOSKY);90; Malvern PA; 2007-9-1
MILLER; Anita;80; East Mountain PA; 2007-9-22
MILLER; John G;56; Philadelphia PA; 2007-10-30
MILLER; Mahlon Jr "Chuck";78; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-3
MILLER; Marjorie J;80; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-14
MILLER; Norman L;75; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-10
MOKREJS; Vladimir;77; CSK>West Chester PA; 2007-3-31
MONTICH; Jayne E (DOMURAD) [EIGLESON];86; PA; 2007-9-6
MORGAN; Grace (TAMMARO);87; Caserta ITA>Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-11
MOSES; Luther E "Brub";80; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-2
MOSSIE; James R "Reds";70; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-13
MOSTELLER; Herbert H;75; Pottstown PA; 2007-5-24
MOYER; Deborah L (GREENE);45; Temple PA; 2007-5-15
MULL; Kenneth A;74; Narvon PA; 2007-2-27


NASE; Myrtle W (GEORGE);93; Sellersville PA; 2007-5-15
NEMETH; Gizella (TAKACS);95; HUN>Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-8


OBERHOLTZER; Joyce (HARRIS);79; East Coventry Township PA; 2007-7-7
O'DONNELL; Amanda Jeanine;25; Phoenixville>Kos GRC; 2007-7-17
O'DONNELL; Daniel C;53; Renovo PA; 2007-5-5
ORCUTT; B Sinclair Jr;59; Coplay PA; 2007-9-27
ORTLIP; Shirley A (FIORE);57; West Chester PA>Rehobeth Beach DE; 2007-7-20


PACKER; Anthony "Toby";57; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-24
PALI; Christopher M;30; Downingtown PA; 2007-5-14
PARKS; Lottie "Sweetie" (BRENSON);86; Salem AL>Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-22
PASKO; John J;91; Norristown PA; 2007-1-8
PASTER; Joseph A "Joe";63; Douglassville PA; 2007-7-25
PECHARO; Teresa (MALAVOLTA);72; Abington PA; 2007-10-20
PEIRSON; Frank Donald;87; Phoenixville PA>Simsbury CT; 2007-12-22
PEIRSON; John E "Jack"; ; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-11
PENNYPACKER; Ruth E (FAULKNER);88; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-5
PENNYPACKER; Ruth E (FAULKNER);88; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-6
PETERSON; Loretta K (WELSH) [KABA];86; Royersford PA; 2007-7-18
PETKO; Donald J;66; Royersford PA; 2007-8-28
PETO; Matthias J III "PJ";81; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-19
PETRECCA; Donald A;84; East Norriton PA; 2007-8-15
PETRECCA; Mary (SALAMONE);82; Norristown PA; 2007-12-21
PETROSKY; Ellen G J (HEINRICH);82; Pillau East Prussia DEU>Pottstown PA; 2007-3-2
PIERSON; Dolores J (HEROLD);78; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-16
PIERSON; Elaine Marie;48; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-10
PINDJAK; Lawrence B;92; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-3
PIRES; Jane (CAIN);70; Collegeville PA; 2007-2-7
PITCHFORD; Donna L (ZABICKI);58; Paoli PA; 2007-2-1
POET; Doris Ann (NESSPOR);62; Pottstown PA; 2007-7-24
PORTER; Samuel K;74; Coventryville PA; 2007-2-20
POTEETE; Hazel F (HEFELFINGER);70; West Chester PA; 2007-7-24
POWELL; C Wilford "Bill";91; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-10
POWELL; Phyllis (TAYLOR);89; Pottstown PA; 2007-1-30
PRIEST; Edward F;74; Washington Township PA; 2007-5-1
PUGSLEY; Edith Martha (ROEHL);76; Brooklyn NY>Elizabethtown PA; 2007-10-20




RABENA; Mary Ann E (DORTONE); ; Springfield PA; 2007-5-18
RAGGAZINO; Michael J Sr "Raggs";80; Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-24
RAHN; Edward A; ; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-15
RAMBO; C Wilmer;98; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-27
REHRER; Michael J Jr;1; Spring City PA; 2007-6-27
REICHERT; Dorothea M "Dot" (TREICHLER);77; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-30
RICE; H Franklin;81; Malvern PA; 2007-3-17
RIGHTER; Jacqueline M "Jackie" (SCHULTZ);54; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-19
RONTO; Kelly J;42; Philadelphia PA; 2007-5-1
ROSA; Bernice (WHEELER);86; Stanley KY>Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-24
ROSS; Lemuel A "Jack";86; Lewes DE; 2007-3-29
RUSSELL; John W "Jack";49; Norristown PA; 2007-7-20
RUUD; Patricia Ann;66; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-11


SAKAL; Helen J (HEJNA);82; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-15
SAKAL; Richard Paul "Dick";79; Phoenixville PA>Elkins WV; 2007-10-4
SAKAL; Richard Paul Sr "Dick";79; Phoenixville PA>Elkins WV; 2007-10-9
SANCHEZ; James Sr "Shorty";72; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-13
SANDERS; Lewis H;80; Hockessin DE>Audubon PA; 2007-2-22
SAVILLE; Kenneth R;71; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-25
SAVILLE; Kenneth R;71; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-28
SCHLOSMAN; Marian (LAWRENCE);84; King of Prussia PA; 2007-3-6
SCHLOSSER; Diane;51; Garner NC; 2007-5-14
SCHLOTTERER; Ruth (CARL);92; Upper Providence Township PA; 2007-12-22
SCHNOVEL; Russell;79; Audubon PA>Port Charlotte FL; 2007-6-25
SCHRODING; Regina S;87; Quakertown PA; 2007-12-7
SELLERS; Lorin Brady Jr;88; Pottstown PA; 2007-10-25
SHAFFER; Harold A Jr;80; East Pikeland PA; 2007-12-31
SHARSHON; Diane;79; Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-10
SHAY; Bonnie J;55; Prospect Park PA; 2007-11-6
SHEPPARD; John Jr "Jack";42; Phoenixville PA; 2007-8-14
SHOEMAKER; Carol L;70; King of Prussia PA; 2007-6-21
SHOEMAKER; Robert F;60; East Vincent Township PA; 2007-9-25
SIKORSKI; Sophie L (CUTILLO);90; Audubon PA; 2007-6-14
SIM; Robert J;72; Philadelphia PA; 2007-4-2
SIM; Robert J;72; Philadelphia PA; 2007-4-3
SIMMONS; Carole Marie (LOEGLER);75; Bronx NY>Kimberton PA; 2007-3-31
SIMS; Grace B (GILLESPIE);81; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-29
SMITH; Elmer A;82; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-22
SMITH; Elmer A;82; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-23
SMITH; James D;66; Charlotte NC>Augusta GA; 2007-2-24
SMITH; Melody "Mel";50; Oaks PA; 2007-6-1
SMITH; Robert;76; Laurel DE>Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-3
SODASKI; Helen M (STERCULA);89; Royersford PA; 2007-7-19
SPEROW; Edna V (GAUGER);94; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-25
SPIEWAK; Gregory J;57; Lower Merion PA; 2007-10-8
STAIRS; Linda L;63; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-21
STARK; Mary Noblitt;81; Phoenixville PA>Port Orange FL; 2007-9-28
STEIFEL; Paul H;57; Philadelphia PA; 2007-11-21
STEINMETZ; Charlotte (EDWARDS);78; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-21
STEINMETZ; Israel E;34; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-9
STETLER; Marian R (YEAGER);92; Pottstown PA; 2007-9-6
STEVENSON; Norman J;85; Upper Providence Township PA; 2007-11-16
STOUDT; Richard S Sr "Sunshine";49; Aberdeen MD>Pottstown PA; 2007-4-18
STROUSE; D Joshua;32; Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-21
STRUSE; Esther M (LUDWICK);83; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-11
SWANICK; Francis X;80; Phoenixville PA; 2007-6-6
SWEISFORD; Cecelia (LEUCHAK);86; Royersford PA; 2007-2-1
SWIER; Thomas J;85; Spring City PA; 2007-2-7
SZABO; Geza N;86; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-13
SZCZECINSHKI; Joseph L;70; Nanticoke PA>Bear DE; 2007-11-10


TAMMARO; Assunta (DeCRESCENZO);79; Caserta ITA>Philadelphia PA; 2007-1-22
TAPHORN; Lawrence "Larry";86; Cincinnati OH>Sanatoga PA; 2007-9-26
TAYINSKY; Irene (LASKUS);92; Pottstown PA; 2007-7-9
TAYLOR; James J;85; Brantford Ontario CAN>Pottstown PA; 2007-3-6
TAYLOR; Uel "Sonny";79; Wright City OK>Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-3
THOMAS; Robert M;59; Ashtabula OH>Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-26
THOMPSON; Gilbert Pickens;88; AL>Phoenixville PA; 2007-7-3
THORNTON; Ethel Lucille (THOMAS);69; Lumpkin GA>Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-8
THORNTON; Gerald R "Jerry";43; Pottstown PA; 2007-11-22
THORUM; Annabelle (DAYLEY);83; Hagerstown MD>Spring City PA; 2007-1-26
THREN; Josephine M (GRATEN);75; Worcester Township PA; 2007-9-14
TIFFANY; Ida V;75; Phoenixville PA; 2007-1-24
TONGIANI; Giuseppe;88; Massa Tuscany ITA>Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-23
TRISCH; Helen (KAPITAN);77; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-13


UMSTEAD; Harry K Jr;74; Spring City PA; 2007-5-26
URBAN; Dorothy Mae (WHITE);87; Pottstown PA; 2007-5-26


VALERIO; M Jean (FINKBINER);75; Buckingham Township PA; 2007-11-1
VARADI; Richard; ; PA; 2007-9-5
VARADI; Richard;67; PA; 2007-9-6
VINES; Donna Leissa;46; Boone NC>Philadelphia PA; 2007-10-27
VIOLA; Nancy E (HALE);61; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-11
VOORHEES; Harry L Sr;77; Middletown NY>Boston MA; 2007-5-3


WADE; Susan C (McCANN);43; West Palm Beach FL; 2007-3-15
WAGNER; Perry E;57; Spring City PA; 2007-12-24
WAHL; Sara G (FULTON);91; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-17
WALKER; Arthur H Jr;70; East Norriton PA; 2007-7-23
WALLACE; Charles E "Chuck";72; Phoenixville PA; 2007-12-26
WALLACE; Edward W Jr;48; Queens NY>Gilbertsville PA; 2007-9-11
WALLACE; Frances L (FOOR);93; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-4
WALLACE; Kathleen R (STYER);63; Pottstown PA; 2007-8-24
WALTERS; Frederick Harris;81; Schuylkill Township PA; 2007-7-10
WARNER; Dennis H;63; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-13
WARREN; Miriam Eleanor (ROST);71; Paoli PA; 2007-1-24
WASHINGTON; William H Sr;80; Phoenixville PA; 2007-10-5
WEIGNER; R Leon;86; Upper Providence Township PA; 2007-6-28
WELDE; Matthew T;80; Phoenixville PA; 2007-5-29
WELLS; Elizabeth;93; East Coventry Township PA; 2007-8-27
WELSH; Robert T Sr;74; Springfield PA; 2007-2-23
WENDT; Ingeborg W (WISSENBACH);81; DEU>New Holland PA; 2007-3-21
WENDT; Ingeborg W (WISSENBACH);81; DEU>New Holland PA; 2007-3-22
WHITE; Emline W JR;64; Norristown PA; 2007-7-9
WHITE; Margaret Mae (STOVER);90; Upper Providence PA; 2007-8-20
WILKINSON; Agnes W (CORBETT);89; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-4
WILKINSON; Shawn P;21; Skippack PA; 2007-11-21
WILLIAMS; Louis Smith Jr;94; Philadelphia PA; 2007-12-5
WILSON; Nancy (HINKLE);62; Phoenixville PA; 2007-4-19
WOLFINGER; Robert;77; East Norriton PA; 2007-4-20
WOOD; Fred J Sr;73; Lansdale PA; 2007-5-22
WOROBETZ; Rozella H;79; Pottstown PA; 2007-6-25


YAGER; Mimie; ; PA; 2007-9-22
YEARY; Elizabeth "Betty" (BEITLER);72; Lansdale PA; 2007-8-10
YEDYNAK; Anna;85; UKR>Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-9
YENTZ; Jerome H;76; Racine WI>Phoenixville PA; 2007-11-10
YERGER; Judith Lynn (GRATER);55; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-22
YOSTIN; Janet I (STRAUB);73; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-28
YOUNG; Ivin C "Phil";99; Phoenixville PA; 2007-2-7
YOUNG; Phyllis Pauline;85; Phoenixville PA; 2007-3-9


ZABICKI; Isabelle M (WISNIEWSKI);81; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-11
ZADROGA; Stella (PIOTROWICZ);85; Malvern PA; 2007-2-17
ZAGAR; Vinto K Jr;79; Pancevo YUG>Boyertown PA; 2007-5-1
ZANTZINGER; Alfred Geist "Gei";70; Philadelphia PA; 2007-2-21
ZELESKI; Carole Diane;53; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-26
ZELESKI; Carole Diane;52; Phoenixville PA; 2007-9-27
ZERBE; Mary Louise (DUNKELBERGER);78; Upper Providence Township PA; 2007-12-1
ZUREK; Charles J;76; Norristown PA; 2007-10-15

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