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Merlion Asian Market opened for business on November 1st, 2004. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best selections of Oriental produce at a reasonable price.

Although we carry a variety of products, our focus is on four major ethnic food groups: Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Philippines.

If you're in the mood for some Japanese sushi, we are your one-stop shop for sushi rice, nori, wasabi, mirin, rice vinegar, sushi-grade tuna, unagi (charchoal smoked eel) and masago (capelin roe). And don't forget to get some Yamamoto Yama's green tea and fresh miso paste to complete the meal.



   Don't feel like sushi?  How about spicing up    tonight'sdinner with some authentic Pad Thai    noodles and spicy shrimp Tom Yum soup? We've    just started giving out free recipes for this two    popular Thai dishes...more recipes coming soon!



As for Chinese food we carry everything from fresh tofu and vegetables to irresistable dumplings, pot-stickers and barbeque pork buns.

Our Phillippines products includes marinated milkfish, sweet pork longanisa and tocino, pancit canto, bihon and Magnolia mango ice-cream.

Last but not least, all our vegetables and soy products are imported twice a week (every Monday and Thursday) from Boston so that you can enjoy the freshest produce every single day.



Check out our free authentic Thai recipes

Print the recipes off this website or come on down to our store for a copy and then let us help you find all the necessary ingredients.

Fresh bakery on Saturday

We sell fresh traditional Taiwanese bread every Saturday. Red-bean buns, sticky rice wrap in bamboo leaves (zhong zhi), taro buns, minced pork buns, wife cookies, scallion buns and more.

Free newspapers

Stay in touch with what's happening in Asia and Greater Boston. We have complimentary Chinese, Phillippines, Japanese and even Korean newspapers.

New Hampshire Powerball

That's right...don't forget to pick up some New Hampshire powerball and scratch tickets while you're shopping at our store. Someone has to win the jackpot...it might as well be you.