Bit and Spur

Springdale, Utah (last visit: September 2007).

Springdale is the main gateway town to Zion National Park. The town has a number of hotels, restaurants, stores, adventure outfitters and the like. The Bit and Spur is one of the fancier places in town.

The Menu

The menu includes Mexican standards, plus a few specialties, such as mushroom stuffed poblano peppers.

The Atmosphere
It's more formal than most places in town, but that still means it's pretty informal. If weather permits, ask for one of the many outdoor tables, which offer views of the mountains, a small stone garden and a fountain. Service was casual but good.

The Meal
I started with a special: guacamole. It was chunky, had a very fresh flavor, and tasted of cumin and scallion. Just in case the basket of tortilla chips already on the table wasn't enough, they supplied additional chips with the guacamole. I finished the overly generous portion.

My entree was Bit and Spur Tamales: "[two] sweet potato and masa tamales, [with] slow roasted pork carnitas or sautéed mushrooms, with roasted tomato-tomatillo salsa, black beans and house salad." I chose pork. Each tamale used a corn husk, but only as a shell. The tamales were open faced, stuffed with lots of shredded pork, and topped with the salsa and cheese. While there was plenty of pork, the sweet potato/masa layer was awfully thick. Nevertheless, they were very good. The accompanying black beans were simply cooked but tasty. The salad was standard lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Oh yes, there also was fresh lemonade - very good!

If you want a relatively fancy meal, this is a good choice; if you want good Mexican food, this is a good choice.

The Bill
$30 plus tax and tip.

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