Sears Fine Food

San Francisco (last visit: May 2008).

Sears Fine Food has been around forever. There was some sort of trouble a few years back, and it closed in 2003 - only to be reopened a year later under new management.

The Menu
Sears serves all sorts of diner food, but it's most famous for Swedish pancakes. Eighteen of them, to be exact.

The Atmosphere
The dining room covers a fairly large area. The high, off white ceiling has globe lights and fans.  The floor is made out of small white hexagonal tiles. Tables and chairs are plain. There's also a food bar.

At 6:30 am (opening time), it was quiet. Jazz played softly. The maitre d' and server were cheerful and efficient.

The Meal
I ordered Swedish pancakes (what else?): 18 small (three inch) pancakes, very light and crisp. Excellent flavor. Alongside: two fat sausage link, slightly peppery, with crisp skin. They too were very good.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to pancakes, and there were darn good - the best I've had in recent memory.

The Bill
The meal was $12, plus tip.

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