Twin Rocks Café

Bluff, Utah (last visit: May 2009).

If you're driving from the Grand Canyon to Moab, the thriving metropolis of Bluff (population: 322) is located about two thirds of the way to your destination. Who cares? Why, you do, of course. Bluff is the home of Twin Rocks Cafe, one of a handful of dining choices open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Menu
The menu offers a combination of American and Tex-Mex food, with just a hint of Navajo cuisine thrown in. The hint is Navajo frybread. Breakfast choices include omelets, burritos, pancakes and biscuits & gravy. Lunch might be a Navajo taco (using frybread), beef stew and frybread, or chicken noodle soup and frybread. Dinner choices run mostly to hunks of meat.

The Atmosphere
The outside is beautiful:

The restaurant is built right next to a mesa or hoodoo or fin or whatever it is they call that thing. You can see part of it in the above picture.

Inside, it's an average diner, with a gift shop off to the side.

The Meal
After reading so much about it, I asked if they could make me a Navajo taco even though it was breakfast time. They kindly said yes.

Here's how it's described:
The regional specialty! Our famous Navajo Frybread with homemade chili, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives and shredded cheddar cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream. Don't leave the Four Corners without one!

That's a pretty good description. The toppings are pretty standard, but the frybread is another matter. It was crispy outside, moist and chewy inside. There was enough oil to give it flavor, but it wasn't too greasy. If I ever return, I think I'll just order a few frybread. Delicious!

This is pretty much a standard diner, but in a nice location and with delicious frybread. If you're going to stop somewhere for breakfast or lunch, this is a good choice.

The Bill
I lost my receipt, but I think the Navajo taco was $9, plus tip.

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