Yosemite Lodge Food Court

Yosemite National Park - Lodge at the Falls (last visit: May 2008).

The Food Court serves is the Lodge's all day dining option. It's laid out as a series of food stations: grilled items; pasta and salads; fish and chicken entrees; coffee, pastries and dessert; wrapped sandwiches and snacks. Stand in the appropriate lines, wait for your food to be prepared, take it to a cashier, and grab a seat. Basically, it's a cafeteria with specialty stations.

The seating area is composed of lines of large rectangular tables. Large glass windows make it a cheery place as long as the sun is out. There's also a small outdoor area with small tables.

My Meals
My first dinner there was not encouraging: a dry cheeseburger and mediocre fries. I also found out that "The Grill's" name was somewhat fanciful; order a chicken sandwich and you'd get a deep fried ground chicken patty.

Lunch the next day was better: a Philly cheese steak. I'm not sure Philadelphians would approve, but at least it had some sort of chopped shaved meat, with onions and cheese. It was a little greasy, but not at all dry. The fries were still mediocre. I also had a mediocre chocolate chip cookie.

Another lunch consisted of chicken Caesar salad. The chicken was an ice cold boneless chicken breast, sliced into thick pieces. It was dry and had little flavor. The salad wasn't bad, though.

The food isn't disgusting, just boring.

The Bill
The Philly cheese steak and fries was about $10 for a six inch sandwich. The cheeseburger and fries were slightly less, as was the Caesar salad. To this, add drinks, tax and tip.

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