Aloha Specialties

California (last visit: April 2006).

The California ("The Cal") caters to Hawaiian clientele.  As part of its effort, the hotel has several Hawaiian themed stores and restaurants.  Aloha Specialties offers what I think of as Hawaiian comfort food: chicken katsu, teriyaki beef and chicken, kalua pork, and that most Hawaiian of foodstuffs - Spam.  Throw in a scoop of macaroni salad and two scoops of rice, and you're in high fat, high carb heaven.

Since this was my first trip to Aloha Specialties, I decided to try one of the standard plate lunches:  chicken katsu, teriyaki beef, Spam musubi, along with the obligatory macaroni salad and rice.  For dessert, haupia.

Chicken katsu is basically breaded and fried chicken, rolled and sliced.  It was OK, but not especially crisp or flavorful.  "OK" pretty much described the beef and Spam as well.  Nothing was bad, but it wasn't exciting either.  The haupia (coconut pudding) was downright disappointing.

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