BLT Burger

Mirage (last visit: July 2009).

No, it doesn't stand for that. BLT is an acronym for Bistro Laurent Tourondel. BLT Burger is part of a group of restaurants with names like BLT Steak (of which there are many), BLT Fish and so on. The original BLT Burger is in New York; Las Vegas is home to its second outlet.

The Menu
Think hamburgers and milkshakes. Burgers may be made out of beef, lamb, turkey, salmon plus a few other selections. There are a dozen choices of toppings  - not nearly as many choices as at Burger Bar, but enough to satisfy most tastes. Milkshakes come in standard flavors, but more unusual items are also available, e.g., toasted marshmallow, and Twinkie Boy. Want alcohol in that milkshake? You go it!

The Atmosphere
Located within the casino, and lacking walls, BLT Burger is an informal place. There are a few televisions scattered around, but fewer than you'd see in a typical sports bar.

The Meal
I ordered a standard hamburger (The Classic) with Swiss cheese and an egg. Served medium, it came with lettuce, tomato, onion and the like. It was large, but not as juicy as it should be - perhaps it was too thin, perhaps the cook was too heavy handed with the spatula - and the flavor wasn't on a par with the better burgers in town.

My milkshake was much better. I had a toasted marshmallow milkshake that actually tasted like toasted marshmallows. It was perhaps slightly too sweet, without quite enough of a burnt flavor, but that's quibbling. My only warning is that it's very large; share with a friend.

I also had onion rings, but don't know what to say. My notes say that I enjoyed them, but my memory is that they were crispy but with too much breading. Oh well - maybe that's why I don't get paid for these reviews!

I was disappointed by BLT. Their onion rings were good (maybe; see above). Their marshmallow milk shake was very good. However, their hamburger was a big step below those at the top places.

The Bill
The meal was almost $30, plus tip.

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