Bellagio Lunch Buffet

Bellagio (last visit: May 2008).

Having just eaten at Bellagio's dinner buffet, I thought I'd try lunch as well. I should have stuck with dinner.

The lunch buffet was very similar to the dinner buffet - minus the more interesting or better dishes. Beef Wellington at dinner was replaced by very mediocre Chicken Wellington at lunch. African bluenose, cooked so nicely at dinner, was dry at lunch. Leg of lamb was plain and didn't taste of much anything.

I also tried the Sunday brunch buffet. It seemed to be the same as the regular lunch buffet, with the addition of a champagne option. Food quality ranged from a very good piece of African bluenose (not at all dry this time) to a cheese blintz that just wasn't worth eating.

If you're interested in a lunch buffet, I recommend Wynn, where the quality is very similar to that at dinner.

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