Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

Cosmopolitan (last visit: September 2011).
Sushi, steak and other foods.

New York based Blue Ribbon Restaurant Group has a lone outpost in Las Vegas. Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill is the younger sibling of the New York Branch.

The Menu
In a word: eclectic. The emphasis is on sushi, but you'll also find steaks, tempura and its famous fried chicken. Warning: sushi prices are by the piece, not the pair.

The Atmosphere
I sat at the six seat sushi bar. Big mistake. The three sushi chefs were uncommunicative, working head down to meet the demand of the rest of the restaurant. The server insisted that I place my orders with her. To me, this results in a failing grade. I can't comment about the main dining area.

The Meal
I tried just a few things:
Tenko Otoro sashimi (fatty tuna).  The generously sized slices had excellent texture and very good flavor, but were not quite as rich as some toro I've had. Nonetheless, a good choice.
Botan-Ebi sushi (live spotted shrimp). The shrimp had good texture and flavor. Unfortunately, the heads will overcooked and dry.
Hotate sashimi (live whole scallop). Good, sweet flavor; good texture; grossly overpriced.
Uni sushi (sea urchin). Pretty standard quality.

Good but not great sushi at inflated prices. The sushi bar is sterile and unappealing; avoid it even if you're eating just sushi. I doubt that I'll return, but if I do, I'll sit at a table and order something like fried chicken.

The Bill
The modest meal was $90, plus drinks, tax and tip.

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