Canter's Deli

TI (last visit: June 2005).

Las Vegas has attracted several famous delicatessens.  There are now branches of Stage Deli, Carnegie Deli and Canter's Deli.  Canter's is a branch of a famous Los Angeles deli; the other two are based in New York.  Sorry, New York, but LA's representative wins.  This isn't because Canter's is stellar, but because the other two are pretty bad.

Canter's highlights its California heritage, with a modern feel to the dining room.  Some people have commented negatively on this, but I like it.  Order your food up front, find a table, and your order will be brought out to you.

In several meals, the standout was a warm pastrami sandwich.  The meat was warm, reasonably juicy and flavorful; t
he rye bread was thick cut, dense, with a chewy crust.  Other meals weren't as good.  Chopped liver was fair, with not a whole lot of flavor.  The same was true of cheese blintzes.  All servings were very large; I once would have said huge, but I now reserve that term for Carnegie Deli's obscenely sized sandwiches.

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