China Grill

Mandalay Bay (last visit: April 2005).

There are two things of note here.  First is the size of their salads.  I ordered Peking Duck Caesar Salad; my friend ordered plain Caesar Salad.  The waiter warned us that the salads were very large, and that one was more than enough for two people.  When we told him that we were ordering no main course, just the salad for dinner, he paused and then said that might be OK.  The pause should have warned us.  These salads are obscenely large.  They’re served on dinner plates, piled so high that it’s impossible to transfer some to your plate without causing a landslide (saladslide?) that ends on the table.  I’m a big eater, and finished less than half…but it was very good.

The second item of note is the bathrooms.  Think translucent glass, music and LCD monitors – in the stalls.

China Grill Caesar Salads - and these were just the leftovers!
China Grill

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