Chocolate Swan

Mandalay Place (last visit: April 2006).

The Chocolate Swan serves pastries, ice cream and, of course, chocolate.  I wasn't impressed on my first visit, when I tried truffles (very good) and various pastries (good but not special).  I didn't return for a year and one half.

This time I had an eclair - a monster of an eclair - a veritable mountain of an eclair.  For those wishing to enjoy the delights of a diabetic coma, an even bigger version is available.  The pastry shell was thin, crisp, and not too sweet.  It was filled with a generous portion of rich but light pastry cream, and topped with good chocolate.  I still wouldn't rate The Chocolate Swan as highly as Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie or Lenôtre, but it's pretty darned good.

The Chocolate Swan used to have two locations in Mandalay Place.  One has closed; the one near The Luxor remains open.

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