Coca-Cola Store

3785 Las Vegas Boulevard South (last visit: November 2008).

The Coca-Cola Store has all sorts of Coca-Cola related knickknacks. It also has a snack bar of sorts.

The Menu
The menu? I don't really remember. I came to for a soda tasting - 16 different drink varieties from around the world.

The Meal

Tray 1 consisted of eight noncarbonated drinks; tray 2 contained carbonated varieties. Here are brief descriptions, along with my ratings (P=poor, F=fair, G=good, VG=very good; for comparison purposes, I'd rate Coca-Cola as G):
Cool Nestea: like iced tea (F).
Nestea Raspberry: tea with a strong raspberry flavor (F).
Nestea Peach: bland (P-F).
Delaware Punch: slightly fruity; a lot like punch (F).
Aquarius Citrus: 
a little bit sweet, and not tart (F).
Vegitabeta: a lot like Delaware Punch (F).
Bibo Kiwi Mango: very sweet, with the odor of mango (F).
Bibo Pine Nut: odd flavor, perhaps slightly nutty (F-G).
Lift Apple: true apple flavor; like Mexico's Cedral soda (G-VG).
Fanta Kolita: sweet, unidentifiable flavor, odd (P-F).
Krest Gingerale: a lot like ginger ale, but sweeter and with less flavor (F-G).
Smart Watermelon: a little like watermelon, but stronger and sweeter (F).
Kinley Lemon: lemon flavor, but sweet instead of tart (P-F).
Smart Apple:slight apple aroma, mild apple flavor (F-G).
Beverly: Strange! Strong quinine flavor; very bitter, slightly sweet (P).
Mezzo Mix: A lot like Coca-Cola (F-G).

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