Country Club Grill

Wynn Las Vegas (last visit: October 2006).

When I first read about Wynn Las Vegas, I classified The Country Club Grill as Wynn's golf club restaurant.  Translation: boring!  However, I'd read many complimentary reviews, and decided that perhaps it was worth a shot.

The Country Club Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You don't need to play golf to eat here; everyone is welcome.
**Update:  as of April 2007, breakfast is no longer served.

The Menu
The menu is simple.  Dinner concentrates on hunks of meat - steaks, chops, and the like - plus a few seafood options.  Breakfast and lunch offer similarly basic, though lighter, fare.

The Atmosphere
Located next to Wynn's golf course, it has wonderful views.  Outside tables are available.  It manages to maintain the feel of a golf club restaurant, albeit one that is a lot fancier than any such place I've ever been to.

I  managed to lose my notes for my first two meals, so details are a little fuzzy.

My first meal was lunch.  Cobb Salad was a mix of the standard ingredients, including lettuce, chicken (or was it turkey?), bacon, blue cheese, tomato, and avocado, all cut into small pieces.  A few words about "small":  to me, the pieces should be as small as humanly possible - less than a quarter inch square.  The Country Club Grill didn't meet this standard, but it did make cuts as small as any I've seen in restaurants.  More importantly, the ingredients were very fresh, as if everything had been cut to order.  It was very good.

The Cobb Salad was more than large enough to be an entire meal.  However, I was on a mission, having read lots of praise of the Country Club Crisp Potatoes.  This dish consists of roughly mashed potatoes, placed in a small round dish, baked or roasted or something until crisp on the outside, then covered with fried onions.  One order was enough for at least two people.  It was very good, but not to die for.  Don't feel sad if you don't have room for it.

Another recommended dish was Plum Crisp.  This is not the type of dessert that appeals to me, but I'm glad I ordered it.  The plums were both sweet and tart, the crust was crisp, and I quickly polished off the Armagnac ice cream with raisins, even though I have never liked its close relative, rum raisin ice cream.

After such a successful lunch, I decided to return for a breakfast of French toast.  I don't remember the details, except that it was very simple and very good.

On a later trip, I again had breakfast: lemon blueberry pancakes, wild berry compote, and vanilla whipped cream.  Four medium size pancakes had good flavor and texture, and would have been very good had they been served hot.  However, they arrived luke warm.  I hope this service lapse is the exception rather than the rule.

The Country Club Grill was surprisingly good for lunch, and I'm hopeful for breakfast as well.  It isn't fancy, and it isn't cheap, but it offers good food in a relaxing setting.    

The Bill
Breakfast was $12, plus drinks, tax and tip.  Lunch was about $25.

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