MGM Grand (last visit: October 2007).

Emeril's is a medium sized restaurant, pretty, but noisy.  The food was very good:
·     Seafood gumbo.  Fish, shrimp, beef, okra and rice, in a somewhat spicy, rich broth.  Very good.
·     Cream of mushroom soup.  Sister-in-law says it was delicious.
·     Barbecue shrimp.  A signature dish.  Brother says it was very good.
·     Grilled hebi (spearfish).  Medium to large filet, thick, grilled, with chive olive oil.  Served on a bed of potato pieces, orange, and onions.  Very good; brother also had this dish, and agrees.
·     Pecan crusted Texas redfish:  SIL says "very good."
·     Banana cream pie with banana crust, chocolate shavings, and caramel sauce.  Tall wedge of pie.  Very dense, rich banana cream with pieces of banana.  Thick layer of good whipped cream.  All three of us thought it was excellent (and I'm not very fond of banana cream pie).

My brother has been to Emeril's before, and thinks very highly of the place.  I liked it a lot, but nothing knocked my socks off.  Still, it is one of the better restaurants I've tried - much better than I would have expected from a restaurant empire.  I may not return for a meal, but I've gone back for a piece of that banana cream pie!

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