Bellagio (last visit: October 2012).

FIX is the first restaurant run by The Light Group, which previously had created several trendy lounges and clubs (e.g., Light, Caramel, Mist).  FIX was their chance to create a trendy restaurant.  It was a success, and they've since followed up with STACK, a similar type of restaurant at The Mirage.

The Menu
The menu concentrates on trendy or inventive variations of standard American fare.  Lobster tacos, yellowtail sashimi, and Kobe sliders share the menu with scallops Benedict, steak and for dessert, banana filled doughnuts.  Trendy drinks are also available.  Care for a habanero mango margarita?

The Atmosphere
The bartenders and servers certainly have that trendy look: young, thin, dressed in tight black skin-and-tattoo revealing clothing. A typical outfit was a black corset with a red bra.  Service is friendly and efficient.

Located just off the casino floor, the room is loosely divided into three areas: bar, lounge, and dining room.  The same menu is available everywhere.  It can get pretty noisy, but somehow it's not objectionable - just fun.

The Meals
Meal #1:
The bill (including one drink):  $80.

Meal #2:
The bill:  too much.  With one martini (gin of course; none of those newfangled vodka martinis for me), it came to a little over $90.

Meal #3:

The bill: $60 plus drinks, tax and tip.

Meal #4:

The bill: $53 plus drinks, tax and tip.
Meal Updates
I've eaten here a few more times, but with nothing much new to report. The gin martinis are as strong as ever; Bobby Baldwin burgers are as good as ever. Scallops Benedict were even better than in the past; the bacon was a little less chewy, and the flavors seemed to blend just a little bit better. I tried one new item: fried adult mac 'n' cheese. This consisted of four rectangles of deep fried macaroni and cheese - very good, if your arteries can stand it.

FIX is loud and trendy, and serves trendy food - just the kind of place I'm likely to hate.  However, the atmosphere is more fun than anything else, and the food is surprisingly good.  If you can put up with the prices, it's a worthwhile destination.

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