In-N-Out Burger

4705 South Maryland Parkway; other locations (last visit: October 2005).
Fast food.

At long last I tried this western U.S. hamburger chain.  It has a very limited menu, with the star being the - what else - hamburger.  Of note is the secret menu.  You can order your selections fixed many different ways, if you know what to ask for; the choices just aren't on the menu.  For example, would you like a really big sandwich?  Order a 3-by-3, which translates to 3 hamburger patties and 3 slices of cheese.  Want your fries crispier?  Order them well done.  Or, order your fries animal style - with cheese, spread, onions, and pickles on top.  I ordered a double double (2 patties, 2 pieces of cheese) and animal style fries well done.  The hamburger was very good, although hardly a transcendent experience.  I also enjoyed the animal style fries, but the fries themselves were mediocre.

I went back again later in the trip and enjoyed the food just as much.  This time I tried the fries animal style but not well done, and had the same opinion - mediocre fries made better by the toppings.

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