Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab

Caesars Palace (last visit: June 2005).

This is part of a small chain, based in Miami Beach.  I had lunch here.  Service was inconsistent.  The initial greeting was friendly, and I was seated quickly.  Water was quickly offered, and a very good bread basket arrived shortly thereafter.  However, the server took a long time to bring me a menu, and seemed in a hurry.  This slow-to-return then in-a-hurry attitude would recur.  Oh yeah, I was never even offered dessert, just handed the check.  Isn't this place famous for its key lime pie?

I had never had stone crabs, so I gave them a try as an appetizer.  They were OK, but I guess I'm not a fan.  Also, I thought Joe's was known for its mustard sauce.  None was provided.  One nice touch: after I was finished, an assistant came by with a lemon, and squeezed the juice over my hands into a waiting bowl.  He then gave me a hot, wet towel.  Much appreciated.

I had glazed black cod as an entree.  It was a big piece of wonderfully moist, flaky fish.  The glaze was excellent.  A trifle sweet, it began to cloy after a few bites.  Not to worry - half a lemon was provided; the juice made the sauce perfect.  On the other hand, I could have done without the pedestrian french fried sweet potatoes.

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