MOzen Bistro

Mandarin Oriental (last visit: May 2010).

Mandarin Oriental's all-day restaurant offers food with an Asian accent. And yes, this is yet another restaurant that thinks it's cute to use multiple capital letters in one word.

The Menu
My experience is limited to one breakfast. Offerings include a wide variety of eggs dishes, plus pancakes, waffles, and other American standards. In addition, there are a couple of Asian choices: Japanese bento breakfast, and congee.

The Atmosphere
In the morning, it's bright and airy, with soft music playing. Service is friendly, on the slightly formal side. In what seems like a standard Mandarin Oriental touch, they ask your name, then address you by name thereafter. Service is fast and efficient.

The Meal
I didn't recognize the first item served to me: a small glass "tropical fruit juice with a hint of basil." It turns out that, even at breakfast, MOzen offers an amuse bouche. Next came Southern Eggs: nicely poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce; biscuits, firm, flaky and moist; tasty pulled pork. Excellent! Interestingly, all egg dishes came with a choice of meat, so I also got bacon. Accompanying this were asparagus and diced fried potatoes and onions; even these were good.

Mandarin Oriental's version of a coffee shop is a winner. I've only had one dish here, but I suspect this may be one of the top three or four breakfast spots in town. It may be good for other meals as well.

The Bill
The meal was $37 (!), including grapefruit juice and coffee, plus tax and tip.

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