Mermaids - Deep Fried Twinkie and Deep Fried Oreos

Mermaids (last visit: September 2005).
Food type: unclassifiable.

There's a snack bar in the back of Mermaids that sells two culinary masterpieces, in the same genre as the Ho Dog: a deep fried Twinkie, and deep fried Oreos.  Both were covered in a thick layer of heavy batter.  The Oreos had a bit of chocolate flavor.  The Twinkie's creamy center helped enhance an otherwise nondescript piece of fried dough.  I was a little disappointed.  They were neither good enough nor bad enough to be memorable.  The bill: $0.99 each.

Oreos on the left, slightly eaten Twinkie on the right:
Oreos and Twinkie

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