Noodle Kitchen
~~~~ R.I.P. ~~~~

Mirage (last visit: September 2005).

The Noodle Kitchen was in an odd place at the Mirage.  To get to it, you had to head for the 24 hour coffee shop, go up to the hostess, and tell her you wanted to go to The Noodle Kitchen.  If you made it that far, you were led to a room that was next to, and open to, the coffee shop dining area.  Strange.  Perhaps that's why The Mirage closed it down some time in late 2005 or 2006.

There was nothing strange about the dim sum, however.  There was a pretty lengthy list of choices, and many of them were good.  Some of the choices were:
·     Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.  This was my favorite.  I tried it a couple of times, and the filling was slightly different each time.  Typically, it might contain: bits of beef; minced shiitake mushroom; tiny shrimp, slices of (slightly sweet) Chinese sausage.  Very good.
·     Steamed minced beef balls.  Just like it sounds.  Bland beef, on a bed of bean curd skin.  I liked it, but have a feeling that many people wouldn't be thrilled.  Good
·     Fried spring rolls.  Filled with vegetables, there were hot and crisp but very greasy.  Fair to good.
·     Shrimp dumplings.  Small whole shrimp in a translucent wrapper; very tender and flavorful.
·     Fried shrimp balls.  Balls of ground shrimp, covered in long strands of thin, flat [rice?] noodles, fried until crisp; looks like an octopus with too many arms going in too many directions; hard to handle, but very tasty.

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