Paris Breakfast Buffet

Paris (last visit: September 2005).

I'm not a big buffet fan, but they're fun to try now and then.  From what I had read, the Paris Buffet took top honors for breakfast.  The Sunday buffet cost $14.  There was a 30 minute wait, but I didn't mind much as I had remembered to bring a book.  My overall impression of the buffet was that the selection was small to moderate, but the quality tended to be high (for a buffet).  My biggest criticism is that nothing I had was hot - only warm at best.  Nonetheless, I thought it was pretty good.  I had:
·     Eggs Benedict.  Fair English muffin, good Canadian bacon; eggs properly cooked.
·     Croissant.  Good for a buffet, but not nearly as good as at Bouchon.
·     Lyonnaise potatoes.  Disappointing.  Bland; very little onion flavor.
·     Country sausage.  In many ways, like the link sausage you can get at any pancake house - but done right.  Very good flavor and texture.
·     Veal sausage and onions.  Smooth texture, mild flavor, executed nicely.  Very good.
·     Andouille grilled sausage.  Short, fat sausage in a chewy casing.  Strong grilled flavor, coarse, slightly sweet, slightly spicy.  I liked this a lot.  Very good to excellent.
·     Smoked fish (unknown type): hard and chewy, with a strong, smoky flavor; not too salty.  Very good.
·     Pain au chocolat.  OK bun, but with very little chocolat.  Fair to good.
·     Cinnamon bun.  Strong cinnamon flavor, not too sweet.  Good.
·     Nondescript cookie.  Fair.
·     Pastry.  A flat dense, cakey pastry with slivered almonds and white icing.  Inside, a layer of marzipan.  Very good.

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