The Restaurant at Platinum

Platinum Hotel (last visit: October 2007).

The Platinum Hotel is a new all-suite hotel located about one half mile east of The Strip. The Restaurant is the hotel's main dining venue, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've only eaten breakfast here, so my comments are aimed in that direction.

The Menu
The emphasis is on standard American and international dishes, but often with a twist. French toast is battered with crème brulee; grilled cheese is made with a combination of cheddar, Boursin, Emmental, blue and Havarti. However, the menu seems to have been dumbed down since it opened. Some of the more interesting breakfast choices, such as Elvis Pancakes (with peanut butter, bacon, and bananas), Malt Waffle, and their Griddle Tasting (multiple small tastes of several items), have disappeared. On a positive note, they've lowered prices as well.

The Atmosphere
Colors are mostly blue and brown, with lots of marble and carpeting. One wall is mostly glass, overlooking the small pool. It feels like an upscale version of a casino coffee shop - OK but nothing special. It also felt a bit forlorn, as it was nearly empty at 9am on a Saturday morning in early October.

Service needs work. My server took my order in a brusque fashion, and never really said anything when he delivered food. At the end of the meal, my server disappeared for a long time, leaving me waiting for the check. No one else was around to whom I could appeal.

The Meal
I chose a Crisp Prosciutto Breakfast Sandwich. Good toasted brioche was covered with a layer of frisee, a thick layer of tasty prosciutto, Gruyere, and an egg over easy. Diced tomato added color and a little flavor. It was messy, but very tasty. Accompanying it were creditable roasted potatoes with onions and peppers.

I enjoyed my breakfast dish, but the service was poor. It's also not much fun eating at a nearly empty restaurant. Given the distance from most tourist hotels, I can't see much reason to return.

The Bill
The meal was $9 for the sandwich, $4 for a latte, plus tax and tip.

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