RM Seafood (RM Upstairs)

Mandalay Bay (last visit: May 2010).

RM Seafood offers...well...seafood. Formerly rm Seafood, at some point or other it must have become more important. Chef Rick Moonen's web site now lists it as RM Seafood. Perhaps this coincided with the opening of RM Upstairs, described by his web site as his flagship restaurant. In addition to RM Upstairs, there's the more casual RM Downstairs, and a lounge.

The Menu
RM Upstairs has a fairly small menu, listing about 10 appetizers and an equal number of main courses; about half of the items are seafood.

A much better option is to go for the five course prix fixe menu. At $65, it's a real bargain, and offers some of the best that the restaurant has to offer. It's possible to pay for some upgrades, e.g., foie gras for $15 extra, but the standard options are excellent. [note: I see that as of June 2010, the price has gone up to $75; it's still a bargain.]

The Atmosphere
RM Upstairs is a simple affair: a medium size dining room with modern furniture. Tans, browns and creams predominate, with a little dark blue. Moderate instrumental music plays in the background. Lighting is low enough to give a hint of formality. I was seated in an interesting two person booth, with a window overlooking RM's bar and lounge. Good people watching.

The Meal
I  opted for the five course prix fixe menu. Even before the first course arrived, I was in love. Hot ciabatta bread came with a caviar tin filled with taramosalata. Really good taramosalata. I tried not to act like a pig, but it was gone in short order. Now, to the meal itself:

"Spider" Crab (Artichoke, Sunchoke, Ruby Red Grapefruit). xx

Green Eggs and Ham (Andraki Farm Egg, Jamon Serrano, Asparagus 3 Ways). xx

Walu in Cherry Leaf (White Soy Emulsion, Shiitake Mushroom, Yuzu Powder). xx

"China Pig" (Five Spice Roasted Belly, XXX Sauce, Scallion Bun). xx

Italian Citrus (Lemon Mascarpone Cannelloni, Olive Oil Ice Cream). xx

Finally, there was a mysterious finish. I won't entirely spoil the surprise, noting only that it consisted of an infusion of bergamot, ginger and other stuff, and liquid nitrogen. Fun!

RM Upstairs is one of the best seafood places in town, and its prix fixe dinner is a bargain. Perhaps due to its location, RM Seafood's group of restaurants have struggled. I hope this incarnation is a success, but just in case, go now!

The Bill
The meal was $70, plus drinks and tip.

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