Rosemary’s Restaurant

8125 West Sahara Avenue (last visit: April 2005).

I don't know for how long Rosemary's has been in existence, but it feels like forever.  In Las Vegas terms, that means more than five years.  Husband and wife chefs Michael and Wendy Jordan oversee a neighborhood restaurant that just happens to serve excellent food.  Just a few years ago, Rosemary's would sometimes be called the best restaurant in Las Vegas.  That's no longer the case, but only because the city has seen an explosion of top notch restaurants.  By all accounts, Rosemary's is as good as ever.

The biggest problem for a visitor is that the restaurant is located way off the strip – a 20 or 30 minute drive.  However, prices are so much lower than at comparable strip restaurants that you can still come out ahead.

I've only eaten there once, but can vouch for everything I tried:  Hugo’s Texas BBQ shrimp and Maytag blue cheese cole slaw (sounds weird, tastes great); pan seared Hawaiian mahi mahi; goat cheese cheesecake.  The food is served in large portions and is very rich.

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