620 East Flamingo Road (last visit: September 2005).
Hawaiian Fusion.

Roy's is a branch of the Hawaiian chain.  The chain is known for friendly service, and this branch was no exception, from the valet to the bartender to the waiter.  It was very easy to relax here.  My meal:
·     A complimentary appetizer of a grilled shrimp (good), barbecued spare rib (very good), pot sticker (good to very good), and crab cake (fair to good).
·     Asia Pear Salad.  Recommended by my server, it had a few (but not too few) thin slices of Asian pear, with a large amount of good mixed greens.  The passion fruit dressing was far too sour.  Rating: fair to good.
·     Japanese Misoyaki Butterfish.  Grilled butterfish, nearly black on one side, using a sweet miso grilling sauce.  Served with baby bok choi, rice, and a little bit of a couple of sauces.  The fish was delicious - soft, buttery, tasty.  The nearly black grilling gave it very good flavor.  The only criticism is that the fish was of uneven thickness, and as a result part was nicely cooked while part was slightly undercooked.  Very good.
·     "Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé - Flourless Chocolate Cake with a Molten Hot Center, with Vanilla Ice Cream."  This was a dark chocolate soufflé.  The very hot molten center has an intense chocolate flavor.  The vanilla ice cream was ordinary.  Rating: very good to excellent.

After eating at Roy's, I felt it was good.  However, I've since seen how many fine restaurants Las Vegas has to offer.  I still think Roy's is a reasonable value, but there are better places out there.  The bill: $65.

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