Mirage (last visit: May 2008).

STACK is the younger sibling of FIX at The Bellagio.  Both are operated by the Light Group, which had previously been known for its lounges.  The two restaurants are similar in food and style - trendy American best describes it.

The Menu
Like FIX, the menu concentrates on trendy or inventive variations of standard American fare.  A specialty is Hot Rocks: thinly sliced raw sirloin, cooked table side on a hot rock.  You can also get Kobe chili cheese dogs, or a more traditional steak or lobster.

The Atmosphere
It's noisy, dark, with candles and spot lights on tables, plus a few accent lights.  Servers were dressed a little more conservatively than at FIX.  Otherwise, they were similar: young, all in black.  The first time I went service seemed harried, with some minor mistakes.  In its defense, I visited no long after it had opened; growing pains, perhaps? The second time service was more even.

Meal #1
I had a Kobe burger, which comes with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and an onion ring, all on a bun.  Tall is the theme at this place.  It was decent.  Fries are served on the side.  I also tried the adult tater tots, which include mild brie and bacon flavors.  Also decent.

Meal #2
Lamb shank with lentils and watercress consisted of a large hunk of tender, mildly flavored meat. Lentils were in a dark, rich, slightly sweet sauce. Pretty good. Adult tater tots seemed better this time: cheesier, chewier yet crisp outside.

You shouldn't come here for the food, but if you're here already, the food is better than you might expect at a trendy bar.  It isn't as good as FIX, but it also isn't as expensive.

The Bill
The bill for a burger, tater tots, a tamarind martini, tax, and tip: $45.

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