Stage Deli

Caesar's Palace (last visit: September 2005).

Las Vegas has attracted several famous delicatessens.  There are now branches of Stage Deli, Carnegie Deli and Canter's Deli.  Canter's is a branch of a famous Los Angeles deli; the other two are based in New York.  Sorry, New York, but LA's representative wins.  This isn't because Canter's is stellar, but because the other two are pretty bad.

My first meal at Stage Deli was whitefish, with a bagel and cream cheese.  The whitefish was OK but too salty, and the bagel was soft.  For my second meal, I ordered kishka (listed on the menu), and got a blank stare.  The person taking my order eventually asked "Do you mean quiche?"  No, I wanted kishka.  This resulted in a meeting with another person.  Eventually they brought out my order - quiche!  If they don't even know the foods they offer, no wonder their food is no better.  I eventually settled for an acceptable corned beef sandwich.

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