Sushi Roku

Caesars Palace (last visit: September 2005).

This is a small California based chain.  The atmosphere at the sushi bar is OK but needs work.  For example, when you first arrive, you are greeted loudly (good).  However, after that most of the sushi chefs are silent.  Only one chef (left most, perhaps the most senior) was a little talkative.  On the positive side, the patrons were very friendly; I don't know if this is normal, or was just a coincidence.

In my two meals at the sushi bar, I've tried:

The sushi was generally very good, but not quite up to the standards of Hyakumi or Okada.  It was cheaper than Hyakumi but no cheaper than Okada.  Keep in mind that I'm comparing Sushi Roku to my two favorite sushi bars in all of Las Vegas.

The Bill
At the sushi bar, it depends on what, and how much, you order.  Figure $50 (moderate sized meal of standard dishes) to $100 (large meal, including a special roll), plus drinks, tax and tip.

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