Wynn Las Vegas (last visit: May 2009).

When it opened, Tableau offered American cuisine by chef Mark LoRusso.  It's off the beaten path, located next to the Tower Suite elevators, but is open to everyone for breakfast, lunch and dinner; brunch is served weekends.  I've had dinner here once, lunch once, and breakfast three times.

In 2009, LoRusso moved to Botero at Encore. Shortly thereafter, dinner was no longer offered.

The Menu
The dinner menu offers a wide choice of New American cooking.  I'd call it fancy (e.g., Dover Sole is pan roasted, and served with crayfish and carrot risotto, and bouillabaisse), but it isn't flashy.  Breakfast and lunch are much simpler, but with a few fancy touches.  For example, scrambled eggs are available for breakfast, but they're served with short ribs, potato cakes and béarnaise sauce.

The Atmosphere
The room is quiet and formal.  Tables are widely spaced, with long white table cloths and a single orchid in a bud vase, and sprays of Phalaenopsis orchids decorate the room.  Soft music plays in the background.  Service is efficient and attentive.  When I first ate at Tableau, I thought the service was overly attentive, but this hasn't recurred.  In general, service has been friendly and efficient.  Sadly, my lunch at Tableau was an exception.  When it was time for the check, my server disappeared.  I waited and waited and waited, even looking for someone else to help, but with no success.  I finally felt it necessary to go to the hostess, and ask what had happened.  My server never returned; someone else brought the check.

During the day, large windows admit lots of sunlight, for a bright, airy, relaxed feel.  Some tables overlook the pool area grounds; masses of blooming roses and other plants make for a nice display.  Outdoor seating is available.

Dinner - Tasting Menu
This was my first meal at Tableau.  As at many restaurants, the tasting menu is a good way to sample the best of what Tableau has to offer.  I'm not much of a drinker, but decided to get the wine pairing as well.

Tableau Menu

Here's what I got:

This was this point at which I realized the generous wine pours were getting me drunk.  I would drink only a fraction of each glass hereafter.  However, it was too late.  I would fall asleep several times.  I think the server caught me once ("Sir? SIR?").

The timing of the courses was very good.  Each wine was explained, with lots of information, but it was neither snobbish nor too technical.  Overall, a very good meal indeed.  Beware the generous wine pours!

My only lunch at Tableau was a Dungeness Crab Club Sandwich.  In lots of little ways, it was executed very well.  The sourdough bread - all three layers - was nicely toasted and had very good flavor.  It was firm enough to hold up as a triple decker sandwich, but still soft enough to be easily bitten through.  The crab meat was plentiful and tasty.  In addition, there were avocado slices, sprouts, sun dried tomatoes, and bacon.  Somehow or other, I was able to eat this sandwich without having the contents spill out all over the place.  Spiced French fries were served on the side, and were pretty good.  Well done!

My breakfasts were:


When I first ate dinner at Tableau, I knew I had just had a very good meal.  The food wasn't flashy, but it was very good.  Lunch was also very good.  Breakfast was a harder sell.  I think that part of the problem is that I'm very pedestrian in my tastes with respect to pancakes, French toast, and the like: keep 'em plain, just butter and a little syrup.  I had a similar reaction to the highly praised French toast at Bouchon.  As long as I stay away from sweet starchy breakfasts, I've been very happy with Tableau.

The Bill
The tasting menu was $115, plus tax and tip.  The wine pairing was an additional $80.
Lunch costs about $25 for an entree, plus drinks, tax and tip.  Add another $15 for an appetizer.
Breakfast costs
about $15 - $20 for an entree, plus drinks, tax and tip.

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