Tacos El Gordo

3049 Las Vegas Boulevard South (last visit: October 2012).
Mexican fast food.

This is a chain of Mexican fast food joints. There are at least two in Las Vegas, and god knows how many elsewhere. The one on the Strip is on the same side of the street as Wynn and Encore, and a little further north.

The Menu
You can order quesadillas, tostadas and such, but most of the menu is tacos: taco de asada (steak), adobada (spicy pork), tripa (tripe) and a host of others. Tacos are small (around 3 to 4 inches in diameter), with a heaping tablespoonful of meat, cilantro and other spices in the center. Two tacos make for a modest lunch; four would be a hearty dinner.

The Atmosphere
Pretty much like any other fast food restaurant. There are a few tables inside, and many more outside.

My Meal
I've only eaten one lunch here, so I can't comment on much of the menu. However, I am hopeful. I tried two tacos: taco de cabeza (beef head); taco de buche (pork stomach). The taco de cabeza wasn't as unusual as it sounds. In taste and texture it was pretty much like minced steak. I liked it, and think it would please most people. The taco de buche was by far my favorite: lots of flavor and good texture. To wash it down, I had a bright red, strawberry soda.

After one meal, I want to go back. The tortillas are good, the fillings are good, and there are lots more to try.

The Bill
The meal was $5.72, for two tacos, a soda, and tax.

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