Terrace Point Café

Wynn Las Vegas (last visit: April 2006).
Coffee Shop.

This is Wynn's 24 hour coffee shop.  I had breakfast there once, dreaming of The Perfect Pancake.  Well, they ain't at the Terrace Point Café.  The four pancakes were huge - thick and large diameter.  Sadly the quality was only fair; they were heavy.  However, the link sausage was good: crispy, chewy skin, and juicy meat.  The bill: $20.

I returned to the scene of the crime during another trip.  I
t was four in the morning, I hadn't had dinner yet (playing craps can do that to you), and I was hungry.  I settled for French Toast that was decent: four large, thick slices of eggy bread, fried until brown.  This still wouldn't be my first choice for a place to eat, but it will do in a pinch.

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