Megadog at the Deli
~~~~ R.I.P. ~~~~
November 17, 2005

Westward Ho (last visit: September 2005).
Killer Hot Dogs.

In a city of extremes, the Westward Ho Megadog was the biggest dog of them all.  Also known as the Ho Dog, this 12 ounce behemoth cost a mere $1.49; cheese, chili, or onions was $0.59 extra.  Based on reports I'd read on the web, I hesitated to list this as food.  Maybe Bears a strong resemblance to food would be a more appropriate classification?  I was even tempted to put it under Gambling.

I'm here to report that the poor Ho Dog has been libeled.  This culinary treat...well, OK, I'm getting a bit carried away - but it isn't all that bad.  Its size is intimidating, and its appearance is less than stellar, but it's merely a huge, bland-but-not-disgusting piece of meat.  I had skipped breakfast, was hungry, and managed to finish a good two thirds of the dog.

I walked out of the Westward Ho under my own power.  I never got sick.  I even had an appetite for a late dinner.

I can now say that I've eaten the legend.  This is especially poignant as I learned shortly thereafter that the Westward Ho would close its doors forever on November 17, 2005, to be replaced by a new resort and a giant, 600 foot tall, Ferris wheel [but see note, below].

I bet a ride on the Ferris wheel will cost more than $1.49.  And it won't come with cheese.

Ho Dog was cut in half to fit on plate; reconstructed for photo.
Westward Ho Megadog

[note: the plans for the 600 foot Ferris wheel have been scrapped - at least on this particular patch of land.]

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