Wynn Lunch Buffet

Wynn Las Vegas (last visit: September 2005).

There is a huge variety, and in general the quality is good.  Desserts were a bit of a letdown - only a moderate selection, and most were pretty good but not special.  Most foods were just warm; a few were very warm.  I had:
·     Prime rib.  This was not the traditional whole prime rib, cut into rare pieces by a carver.  It was already carved slices of meat, apparently cooked after being sliced.  That being said, it was a hit: slightly pink, with a little crispy fat, tender, flavorful.  Rating: very good+.
·     Jerk chicken.  Truly spicy, and not overcooked.  Very good.
·     Kobe meatballs.  Slightly spicy, good texture.  Good to very good.
·     Smoked sturgeon.  Good.
·     Tempura rock shrimp.  Good to very good.
·     Salmon and scallop ceviche.  Ok flavor and texture, but nothing special.  Good.
·     Red snapper.  Juicy, good flavor; not overcooked.  Very good.
·     Roll.  Average.
·     Madelaine.  Fair.
·     Lemon curd tart.  Good.  Would have been very good, but the lemon flavor was not sour/intense enough.
·     Creme brulee.  Surprisingly, the sugar was properly caramelized and crackly.  However, the cream was too soft.  Good to very good.
·     Chocolate mousse with brownie pieces and walnuts.  The mousse was not too sweet, with a rich, dark chocolate flavor.  The brownie chunks and walnuts were a good addition.  Very good.
·     Peanut butter cookie with candied peanuts.  Good.

Over all rating:  pretty good, but buffets aren't worth the money to me.  The bill: $23.

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