Yokohama Kaigenro

4503 Paradise Rd (last visit: September 2007).

This is an unassuming little restaurant located in a small strip mall not far from The Hard Rock Hotel.

The Menu
Offerings go far beyond ramen bowls and sushi. I neglected to take notes, but remember seeing a number of dishes not found at your standard cookie cutter Japanese restaurant.

The Atmosphere
Very plain. There's an eight stool sushi bar, and about fifteen four-person tables. The restaurant is kept clean; medium soft music plays in the background. When I went for lunch, the clientele was largely Japanese speaking.

The Meal
Lunch, served on a lacquered tray, consisted of miso soup and an uni-ikura bowl. The miso was very good: full of crunchy scallion, some tofu and seaweed. I give it extra points for not being too salty.

The uni-ikura bowl was impressive. On top of a layer of rice was a generous amount of sea urchin, and the largest amount of salmon roe I've ever had at one time. The uni was firm and fresh. The ikura was also very fresh: bright, firm, bursting with briny flavor. I recommend this dish to everyone.

Based on a single lunch time visit, I was impressed. This seems like the kind of place to get good Japanese food that goes beyond the usual, at prices that won't leave you gasping.

The Bill
The meal was $15, plus tax and tip.

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