Wynn Las Vegas (last visit: November 2009).

If I weren't already at Wynn, I wouldn't eat at Zoozacrackers.  Wynn's delicatessen is small, the atmosphere is only fair (more like a sports bar than a deli), the selection is limited, and the prices are a bit high.

On the positive side, it's convenient, and they make a mean heart attack sandwich, also known as the Zoozaburger: one hamburger, large, thick, and tasty; a layer of warm pastrami; melted Swiss cheese; cole slaw; some sort of dressing; a good bun.  Tomato, pickles, and some other stuff are served on the side.  Price: $13 plus tax and tip.

On another visit, I had a warm pastrami sandwich.  The pastrami was warm and juicy, reminiscent of Canter's deli.  The bread was dense and chewy, also similar to Canter's.  A very good sandwich. 
On the other hand, their moderately large hot dog was bland and uninspiring, and their chicken salad had little flavor other than salt.

They also offer a ridiculously large, ridiculously rich, ridiculously fattening brownie.  This brownie gets around.  It's been seen at some of Wynn's other informal eateries as well.

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