The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

In just a couple of years, Las Vegas has seen the opening of some of the best restaurants in the country.  I haven't come close to eating at every place in town, but I have managed to eat at many of the top spots.  Here are my choices for the top three.

The Winner:  Joël Robuchon
The Chef of the Century has set up shop in Las Vegas, and created a masterpiece.  The atmosphere is elegant without being stuffy, and the service is nearly flawless.  Of course, the most important thing is the food.  And what food it is!  The sixteen course tasting menu is a stunning representation of what Robuchon has to offer.  The food is not only excellent, but frequently surprising - "surprising" in the sense that I expected not to like a dish (e.g., "I don't eat that"), but found it to be delicious.  Presentation is also a strong point; each dish is displayed like a work of art, in a way that no other restaurant in Las Vegas comes close to matching.

Second:  Guy Savoy
Guy Savoy is another French legend who opened a restaurant in Las Vegas.  The atmosphere has a more modern feel than Robuchon, but the food is slightly more traditional.  The ten course Menu Prestige is an impressive display of the kitchen's talents.  However, to me it falls short of Robuchon.  The service at Robuchon is a little smoother and a little less obtrusive, and the food at Robuchon has more surprises (in the good sense of the word).  Still, Guy Savoy is a very fine restaurant indeed.

Third:  é by José Andrés
This restaurant within a restaurant (located inside Jaleo) has just eight seats, with four or five chefs in attendance. The 20+ course meal is a paean to molecular gastronomy. It's hard to know how to rank é. Perhaps it should be even higher; perhaps it shouldn't even be in the top 5. In any case, I had more fun here than in any currently open Las Vegas restaurant.

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